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  1. Yuri84

    Bmw x5 e53 3.0d 5 speed manual

    Hi everyone. Hope maybe somebody can give me advice. Basically we have X5 e53 with manual tranny. Car came in with slipping clutch and also release fork was catching on the preassure plate. Owner brought parts with him. New dual mass flywheel Luk clutch kit New realese fork and pivot New slave cylinder Took gearbox out. Flywheel on,clutch on. It must be SAc clutch? But came without the thing that keeps it locked. Only realising it now though. Put everything together and still fork catching preassure plate and clutch slipping. All parts match the car and look same as original ones. Can it be doing it because self adjusting plate is in wron posotion and stopping clutch from being released fully and causing slippage? Also the car has seen some abuse and is it possible that there is some bump stop for clutch pedal is missing and allowing it to be pressed dipper than it should causing fork to catch preassure plate? Many thanks
  2. Hi. That clunk usually happens because pads move in the bracket or possibly the spring plate needs to be replaced.
  3. Yuri84

    Remote Key Not Found warning

    Hi. Had same issue with my 2013 f10. When car is running and any door opend there was a gong on dash and warning key not found popped up on the screen. Our car has warranty and so went to bmw for a fix. They had to change/plug in antenna under centre console. That was the fix.
  4. Yuri84

    Turbo problem? Maybe?

    Hi. You can only do logs using diagnostic tool. So there is fault with egr when you scan it for codes? Mind you egr can cause lots of different running issues and its known part to cause problems with the car. You need to get it scanned by someone who know how to diagnose car properly,not just for fault codes.
  5. Yuri84

    What do you like about you 5 series.

    Bmw 535d pre Lci 1. Love the engine 2. Sports memory seats( would love comfort,but hard to find) 3. HUD very nice,very used to it now 4. Adaptive drive. Very nice feature,but need to get rid of those run flats 5. Adaptive headlights with high beam assist. 6. Hi Fi sound system 7. Sport auto,i only give it 4 out 5,not so impressed with it after owning audi a6 c7 3.0tdi quattro with s tronic dct box in it. Would like to try lci f11 and see how box works in those. 8. Space grey paint.
  6. Unfortunately most fully synthetic oils are not 100 man made like you say,most oils are made using sludging and i read a lot about it. I this country we dont see many oil related issues with engines because we live in quite a soft climate,so no extreme temperature changes,like -20C degrees starts where oil is thick and you want it to be as fresh as possible. Anyway,i think that oil change needs to be done at 6-7k if car is in town traffic most of time and 10k miles if it more motorway driving. New engines run hot and that degrades oil faster,plus start stop system is not helping too,but everyone has right to do as they want.
  7. It degrades buddy. Maybe there is slight difference in how fast it derades,but still 19k is to much. I bet they know what they are doing. All this long life noncence is there for the first owner of the car. Because usually people calculate how much they will spend on servicing their car and so 2year or 19k miles seems quite good,meaning that in a usual 4 year pcp term car will have only 2 services which sounds nice when car has full warranty. Its only my opinion though.
  8. Yuri84

    Strange RPM surge

    Need to scan for fault codes first. Can be anything. Need to do proper diagnostic first. It is possible that fuel mix is lean due to air leak somewhere.
  9. Unfortunately most of them are on streched oil service. I would buy one as AUC with 12 month warranty hoping that most if any problem would pop out within that time. On the other hand it probably been sitting on motorway quite a bit and that helps to keep oil good for longer. Its a tricky one. Personally i had couple cars with high mileage and never had any issues so not spooked by it.
  10. Hi. I am too thinking of swapping my f10 535d for 540i g30,but i would be looling for cars with less miles. Also that service history shows that it was serviced every 19k miles and that is not very good. Oil needs to be done at least twice as often. Maybe owner did do ot in between visits to main dealer.
  11. Yuri84

    Turbo problem? Maybe?

    Hi. Well,usually it will have fault code,but never know. Does it do it on high gear only or it will do it allways? Myabe clutch is slipping slightly? That would cause sething like that. If you have means of reading data logs and if you could cause car to replicate the problem then you should see whats happening with parameters once problem ocures.
  12. Yuri84

    Turbo problem? Maybe?

    Hi. Its automatic right? If it is,then it looks more like gearbox issue or torque converter. I really dont think it turbo related. Another thing is egr valve. Can it be sticking or opening wrong time,that needs to be looked at.
  13. Yuri84

    Oil presure low

    Hi. You need oil preassure gauge screwed instead of oil pressure switch. Have a look on youtube and you will understand what i mean right away. About injector seals. It can,but in the long term and i think you would hear or saw that something is no ok. I dont think that 97 degree temp should cause oil preassure warning. My e60 and e61 30d used to get up to same temps in traffic and never low preassure warning.
  14. Yuri84

    Oil presure low

    Hi. 97 is ok. My mates x5 with 35d m57n2 engine gets that hot too. As to low preassure warning you have to be careful with that buddy. Try and measeure it using gauge and that will tell you exact figure. Was it a recon engine or from breaker car? Poss worn oil pump. But you need to read preassure numbers with the gauge first. Do it when cold and hot,poss check what it reads when warning comes up. I think that its possible to do oil pump with engine in the car. Injector seals good? Any dameged kinked oil feed pipes(cannor rememeber if there are any on the ouside of the engine block). Hope you can get it sorted
  15. Yuri84

    E60 530D Stalling While Driving :(

    You need to check wiring maybe bad connection that causing it to warm up
  16. Yuri84

    F10 door corrosion

    Thats shocking.
  17. Problem is that most so called remappers have got no clue of about the software they use to flash cars. Most of them simply take original file from the car and send it somewhere then.get modified file and install it back to the car. So usually they wont see if file is wrong,they cannot correct it,coz again have no clue how to etc. I think that before remap logs need to be taken,car has to go on dyno before,coz that will show if it healthy or not,scan for codes etc and if all checks out only then car can.be modified. Its not cheap,but i think its the way to go really.
  18. Yuri84

    535d Cabin Smoke at cold start

    Hi. Our e61 was smelly in the cabin on the cold start up. It ended up being ex.manifold gasket that was blowing. Ours is lci 530d so cast iron manifold. Job is a bit of the pig. All genuine parts were around 70 pound and i did it myself in my mates garage.
  19. Hi. If you just want actuator,then unless your garage has tools to calibrate it to work properly with your turbo its not going to work. Its not just straight swap and can give you drive train errors. Maybe worth getting second hand turbo unit.
  20. Yuri84

    INPA boost figures?

    Hi. Sadly i am not good at all with that stuff. It looks to me like your dpf is blocked and that can explain low power. Did you get any warning on your idrive screen?
  21. Yuri84

    INPA boost figures?

    Hi. Those in red are not boost values,those are dpf.
  22. Yuri84

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Hi.thats really good job. Could you please send some links if possible for the tube,connectors and o rings? Did you buy it from ebay? I am also looking to service our e61 transmission and want to do a full flush. Was thinking of buying same oil as you,because its so much cheaper and does great job. Thanks.
  23. Hi everybody. My question is as stated above? My f10 has nbt with large screen and i wonder if i could play a movie or a clip from my phone on the cars display? My mate is buying Bmw x5 f15 2014 in he also asked me if it will be possible to watch movies on the cars display. Do i need to code this function in or what do i do for it to work? Thank you.
  24. Hi. Depending on where you located,you might be able to find somebody who does mobile wallnut blasting.
  25. Hi. Sure. What you get is compression and fuel is escaping through the seal and engine has loss of power. This is very common. When engine is running you can hear puffing sound and also smell of fuel.