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  1. Yuri84

    F10 door corrosion

    Car was at Sytner Cardiff and they replaced trim on top of doors. I thought that it was sorted now,but last week spotted that drivers side doors twitter trim has popped up somehow and there was a bit of a gap betwin twitter trim and door trim. Had a closer look and found that trim that goes on the window frame inside the car has a crack in it. Took couple pictures and contacted Cardiff Sytner again. Got reply yesterday that they a very sorry and that trim is ordered and should be there this week. Am i unlucky or people who work in these big dealerships are useless? Offcourse there are a lot of good mechanics,body repairers,but mainly info out there that skills are poor.
  2. Yuri84

    F10 door corrosion

    Hi. Body of the car has nothing to do with service history. Only thing that can make BMW refuse corrosion repair if doors or another body panel that is under question was resprayed or had other repairs done to it. So no favours done here by Bmw and they fixing their mistakes.
  3. Thats very good price. Might do mine at some point.
  4. Hi Marko. Was it brand new?
  5. Yuri84

    Bmw x5 e70 35d dpf removal

    Hi all. Maybe somebody can shed some light or share their experiance. Couple weeks ago we removed dpf and fitted down pipe to my mates x5 e70 35d with m57n2 engine and maped it. After all went back together and we started it we were a bit dissapointed with how it sounds. We were expecting a bit more afressive sound and more turbo whistle. Did we do something wrong or what else should we do? Any advice welcome. Thank you
  6. Yuri84

    Best oil for high mileage

    Just had mine serviced bmw and they use Shell engine oil.
  7. Yuri84

    Engine swap

    I would like to know brand for parts used? Parts like timing chains should realy be genuine,but i think that some non genuine parts are same as bmw,just different package as we all know,car manufacturers do not make parts,they develop and bolt together if i may say so. If those people do sell a lot of these engine they probably will know what parts are good or bad so probably you be ok. I would be very tempted to go for low mileage engine,but then it will need to be checked. If it was serviced properly and not had oil changes every 18k miles then should be ok. Talk to them see whet they say. If they know these cars then rebuilt engine is way to go. You would need few gaskets,new engine breather,glow plugs etc for rebuilt unit,but its a good thing. You will get fantastic result in the end.
  8. Hope you will like how it feels after you done the flash.
  9. When i had my 530d e60 pre lci i way toying with idea of swaping box from lci 6hp28 and even purchased e61 530d lci ex police for 500 pounds. Never done the swap because could not find any info and people i spoke had no clue if it would work or not so in the end sold my e60 got and audi a6 instead( what a shame on me but its gone and i am back in proper car club),sorted out e61 a bit and it still drives and is used as work horse. Would be very interesting to hear if swap was done and all worked.
  10. Yuri84

    Engine swap

    Looks like good deal. They also going to give u some money back for your engine as i understand. Ask if chains were done as m57tu2 can suffer with timing chain snapping so good idea to get them done once engine out. Get turbos refurbed if and injectors.
  11. You will get gear info in stage 2. I prefered stage 2,bit smoother chages,but mine was pre lci 530d. I now own f10 535d with zf8hp and gearbox feels more direct,bit more like manual gearbox feeling where pre lci zf6hp is a bit lazy and does slip a lot. After xhp flash it is more like 8 speed feeling.
  12. My mate does remaps and stuff so he also did that for me,but if i to do it now then i would do it myself and have control over it and change things when i want.
  13. Yuri84

    Engine swap

    I agree 100% that block is gone. Probably best to look for complete second hand engine,but be sure to check cylinder with endoscope before buying. I saw refurbished engines on ebay too,but i would rather buy one that was never messed around with. Reason for that is not a lot of people know how to do these engines,not genuine parts used etc. While engine is in bits probably good idea to rebuild both turbo's,check/replace injectors,get new timing chain kit. I think that lci e60 535d is worth that. Real beasts those cars.
  14. Hi. If you are paying for a full licence then you can change between stage 1,2 or 3 at any time. Thats how it was for me. I would contact place where i done xhp flash and book car in and they would do it free of charge. I also had pre lci e60 530d and i tried both stage 2 and 3. After driving for a bit with each map i stuck with stage 2 as i liked it better for town driving.