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  1. Hi. Thats great job mate. Did you have acces to a car lift? Once you had oil pan off,was it good idea to do timing chains? I know that you would need to do more work at top of the engine,but perhaps once you at it,and some bits are removed to get it done? Is your engine m57n2? If so timing chains need doing at around 250 to 300k km,whats that in miles,140 to 180k miles? Who repaired your turbo? Thanks
  2. Yuri84

    E60 545I Red Gear Syncro warning ?!?!?

    To be honest it is bit weird that you was not told what actually gone wrong with it. It is possible it still can be saved. It is quite possible it had suffered E clutch failure and that means it needs rebuild,but that will cost you at least 2k or more if you need all solenoids,so get answers of actual problem and go from there.
  3. Cant hear nothing abnormal. Have a poke a turbo shaft,see if has a lot of play,maybe its catching on the housing. Possible one of injectors is dead and what you get is diesel knock.
  4. Yuri84

    E60 545I Red Gear Syncro warning ?!?!?

    Hi. Have you checked fault codes? Need to do that first of all and also check clutch pack adaptations. Thats the start.
  5. Hi all. Can someone tell me what is different on those 2 engines. Do they have different injectors? My e60 530d 07 reg pre lci is 170kw and my e61 57 reg lci is 173kw. Thanks
  6. Yuri84

    Bmw 535d f10 or f07

    Yep,i been there too,not good at all.
  7. Yuri84

    Bmw 535d f10 or f07

    I hope too. Life will show.
  8. I would be looking at a turbo.
  9. Yuri84

    Bmw 535d f10 or f07

    I think that car purchase is postponed for now,because yesterday at work redundances were announced,so will wait and see.
  10. Yuri84

    Bmw 535d f10 or f07

    That would be great,but promissed her that after my e60 next car is for her,but very tempted to just get f10 lol
  11. Yuri84

    Bmw 535d f10 or f07

    Hi. My wife wants something that is a bit higher than regular saloon. As i understand that sitting position in f07 is almost like in the people carrier.
  12. Yuri84

    Bmw 535d f10 or f07

    Hi. Yep,these cars born to eat motorway miles. I took my e60 530d to Lithuania,around 1600 miles one way and its been great. Car can sit at 100 mph and feels as if you doing 50. I reckon f10/07 would be even better.
  13. Yuri84

    535d LCI Low Rail pressure (4560 & 4570)

    Hi. Glad to hear you sorted. Hopefully it will be now only making you happy
  14. Yuri84

    Bmw 535d f10 or f07

    Yep,the 535 has twin exhaust at the back.
  15. Yuri84

    Bmw 535d f10 or f07

    Ouch,not cheap,but i bet the car is worth it.