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  1. Yuri84

    BMW zf 6hp26 transmission

    Hi. To be honest that what i wanted to do,but then i couldnt quite get info on how it works with fitting second hand box,not sure how to code it to the car and then also finding correct part number and plus tranny specialist was so against second hand one as if it can cause lots of issues. But i could have had 2 different boxes fitted for the price i paid.
  2. Yuri84

    BMW zf 6hp26 transmission

    Hi. I know that different companies make uprated kits for zf8hp trannies,but i am sure some uprated parts are made for 6 speed also. I am not sure you will find many specialist who are going to take on job like that,because its not as easy as just fitting upgraded parts in. I know that heavy duty kevlar clutch plates are bit thicker in diameter and might need some adjusting. I think that bushes should be made out of bronze of certain grade that allows higher loads. Valve body should be checked and repaired and sonnax zip kit installed. TC with heavy duty friction plates and poss something else. Software to suit uprated parts might be needed too. All in all it can be done,but by who and at what price? These day all these specialists are only specialist in stripping and fitting new parts,but if they get stuck,like in my case,they just dont know what to do and start comming up with some bull...it. P.s. I reset adaptations on my tranny using my delphi scanner. I know it did the job,because when i read adaptations with my other scanner,it showed zero on all clutch packs.
  3. Yuri84

    BMW zf 6hp26 transmission

    Hi. Yep,i think it my next bit of kit for the car that i will be buying and learning to use.
  4. Yuri84

    BMW zf 6hp26 transmission

    Hi. Thank you for your reply. Since full rebuild tranny done not more than 10k miles and that included 3.5k mile drive on the European motorways as i took car from UK to Lithuania,Belarus and then back to UK. Rebuild was done in Petrerborough at Planet Gears. They changed all clutch plates,bushes,o-rings,solenoids,dampers and also they replaced valve body(second hand though),but they said it was in great condition and also TC was repaired too. Heat exchanger replace also. What is nagging me is that i still have same issues after rebuild as before it. Planet Gears said that only thing that was not touched by or replace is TCM and they think that thats what might be causing my issues,they said that it gets shift timing wrong now and again,but to me it seem strange as there is clear pattern when bumps and kicks happen,so it get timing wrong every time under certain conditions that i described in my posts. After initial job was done,i was not happy and car went in again. They stripped tranny again,checked every single bit and if i can believe them,then they had ZF technicians checking software for issues and they did update on it too. Now i am stuck with transmission thats not working as it should,but Planet Gears kind of ignored me,as if it is in my head and not in transmission. I understand that its hard for them to work with people who understand how things should really work,but thats on them in the end of day and now i have to try and sort issue out myself. Like you mentioned i was planning to do Xhp flash stage 2 or 3,luckily there is a place near me that does it for 250 pounds and i can change from stage 1,2 or 3 as many times as i want as it kind of life time thing they do. I am hoping this might sort out the issue. Regarding relearn process,i agree with you,even though they say they try and do it,but i am not so sure. Reason is that when i car went for tranny fluid change after repair,they did reset adaptations again and nothing was done in terms of reteaching tranny,i just been sent on my way. Thanks again.
  5. Yuri84

    BMW zf 6hp26 transmission

    That place is quite far away,like 170 miles.
  6. Yuri84

    BMW zf 6hp26 transmission

    Hi. Mine was 490 on e clutch and no fault codes and being me and loving the car to bits went ahead and repaired transmission and now it pritty much same as it was before the job,just 2k lighter.
  7. Yuri84

    BMW zf 6hp26 transmission

    Thanks for your replies. I am in Herefordshire and i dont know anyone here,apart from bmw and mercedes specialists who have proper diagnostic to reset adaptations for me. They would charge 50 pounds just to plug it in. I will try to reset it myself with my scanner. See what happens.
  8. Yuri84

    BMW zf 6hp26 transmission

    What about clutch C rapid filling times? Look high at 12 ms? Also values changed a bit since last checked 2k miles ago. On some clutches wend up like 80mbar . Is that normal?
  9. Yuri84

    BMW zf 6hp26 transmission

    Hi. Thank you for your reply. Gearbox was rebuilt by place called Planet Gears in Peterborough. Transmission had all new clutch plates,bushes,dampers,solenoids,TC rebuild. Also they replaced valve body both times they stripped gearbox. Also it has new heat exchanger for the transmission fluid and all lines were flushed. Before gearbox went in for rebuilt it had few things that were obviously wrong. First was harsh shift 1 to 2 at very low revs,for example when in traffic and rolling with brakes off is not enough,give it about 1100 revs and it slams into second,as if it doing it at wrong time and second is forced in. Also when been moving in traffic for 10 or 15 mins, 1 to 2 shift happens with revs jumping up slightly and shift is quite noticeble. Second is that jolt in 3rd gear and sometimes in second. It happens after freewheeling for a bit and the apply throttle again,transmission does what i can call a slight slip for half a second and then suddenly locks up and that can be felt even by passengers. Third thing is when i select R,then most of the time it can be really felt,it give a kick,not always,but very often. Because of those things it went in for a rebuild,but still there and it drives me mad especially knowing i paid over 2k for the job. I been told that all adaptations were reset and thats standard procedure after any repairs and them being ZF specialist makes me think they should have a kit to do it. To be honest,for the first 3k miles after the second time it was redone,it felt really good and i thought that it all been sorted,but gradually it all came back to how it was before any work done to it and shits in some gears are not as nice as they should be. I would cope with that if it would never been rebuilt,then fair enough,its high miles,cant expect it to be as smooth as new. I even could close my eyes on some shifts not being soft every time,but this bloody jerks and kicks and bumps,they are horrible. I thought that maybe its how these 6hp are working,but tried few bmw's with this transmission and those are smooth as silk,no jolts,really nice to drive. Sorry for long write up. I scanned car last night and checked out adaptation values and attaching them to this post. Maybe you could have a look at them and maybe you can advice me something. Thank you for replying.
  10. Yuri84

    E60 - Possible Turbo/Actuator Noise

    Sorry to hijak your thread. Does anybody know if its possible to remove turbo without car lift on the 530d m57n2 engine? Would i need to remove exhaust manifold for the job? Is it possible to do on the drive? Thanks
  11. Yuri84

    BMW zf 6hp26 transmission

    Hi. All of this was done when rebuilding transmission. Had all solenoids,dampers,valve body replaced too and this is reason why people who done the repair said it might be tcm.
  12. Hi. Can anybody give me an advice or somebody has experiance on installing second hand transmissions to their bmw? I am having few issues with my transmission in 530d e60 2007 pre lci. What happens is i get a jolt when driving in 2nd or 3rd gear. It happens when car is in say 3rd gear,i drive it,then let my foot of gas,car rolls,but still in gear and then i press gas again,revs go up as if it is out of gear and then it gets drive again and i feel a jolt. Transmission was rebuilt,actualy it was stripped and put together twice,because of that issue. Guys from Planet Gears think it might be TCM. They think that it doesnt get shift timings correct all the time and possibly TC lock up timing too. There is an option to buy new TCM,but it comes with valve body as one unit and price is not cheap,so dont want to take my chance to pay 1500 plus for that. I am thinking to maybe try and use Xhp flash to hopefully to program TCM and maybe that will help,thats option one. Second option is buy second hand TCM and install it,but that is where i am stuck. Would it need to be programmed to my car? I was reading about fitting second hand transmission and some people say that it will need to be coded and some say it worked without coding,so where is the truth? Is there a different between swapping complete transmission or just TCM? Really hope for some help guys,because i am getting very frustrated now. I love the car and did not hesistate to pay over 2k for transmission rebuilt,but now with this jerks and jolts,it just becomes not very nice ride and i really hope to sort it out. Been trying to get in touch with Roy from Planet Gears,but he seems to ignore me. He thinks that i am making it up,but i drove a lot cars lately with same transmission and none do same as mine,. My friend just got 2007 e60 530d with 210k on the clock and i can tell that even shift quality is nicer in his car than in mine with rebuilt box les than 15k miles ago. Basically i paid over 2k and it shifts only a tad better than before. Thank you.
  13. Yuri84

    M57 LCI 3L swap

    On these 3.0 engines you cannot tell when chain is stretched unlike 2.0 and engine can run really well till the end. That video i sent here,there bloke shows that chain was touching front engine cover,he put timing jig on the cams and they were way out too,but he said that engine was running perfectly and he knows his stuff,very good bmw specialist he is. Dont know what else to say. Maybe worth putting it on different dyno? Is it possible that dyno is not calibrated?
  14. Yuri84

    M57 LCI 3L swap

    Hi. Are compression numbers are good? Are they in spec? Did you check if turbo blowing correct values? If it has correct compression and does not burn no oil,it means engine is healthy. What i might suggest,is possible timing chains stretched and that cuasing timing out and that also might bring. power down. On the m57 with aluminium block,chain needs to be changed at arround 250k km. This video shows strech of the chain on same engine as yours. Its in russian,but hopefully can put subtitles.
  15. Yuri84

    Auto box differences 530d Vs 535d

    Thanks. I got it now. Had a look on youtube and saw that people get adaptor lead from phone charging socket into usb.