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  1. Yuri84

    Shaking transmission E60 525 -

    Hi. Sorry to hear about your problem. Unfortunatly its risks we take when changing oil in our transmissions,especially if its never done before and milege is high. I dont know milage of your car,but if its high ish,then its better to do part change,i.e only drain what comes out when oil pan removed. Reason for that is all particals are shaken.up and then they clog up valve body etc. You might be lucky and place that done service will take resposobility and sort out your tranny if it more than.low oil level. I have topic here and i mentioned that main dealer dont want to service automatic trannys and one of reasons is your situation. Also,its possible that transmission still learning,because after service usually adaptations are reset and also tranny oil service is reset. I hope it all goes well for you.
  2. Yuri84

    BMW 530d automatic gearbox rebuild

    Thats a lot of money considering they dont recon your mechatronic. iheard that Mackies rebuilding torque converters for zf,so they must be good,although i read some reviews that their quality has gone down a bit.
  3. Yuri84

    BMW 530d automatic gearbox rebuild

    What did they quote you for that?
  4. Yuri84

    BMW 530d automatic gearbox rebuild

    I dont think that bmw would bother with recon boxes,they would stick new one
  5. Yuri84

    BMW 530d automatic gearbox rebuild

    Hi. BMWnever built automatic transmissions,they used GM and ZF gearboxes,same as VAG,they use Aisin,ZF,BorgWarner and someone else. If i would take my car to BMWthey would take my old one out and fit a new one at price of 4 or 5k pounds. They dont like to do anything to automatic transmissions. As an example,my mate has BMW f11 520d 2013 with 60k miles,car with one prev. owner and full BMW service history. He took it to BMW in our city,Hereford and he wanted transmission to be serviced,because it was time now to replace oil,especially because this car is driven by his wife and 90% of time just around town and Hereford is terrible with traffic,so gearbox is not having a happy life,it has to shift gear 1,2,3 and down a lot of time and it was good idea to service it. When at BMW,they told him that yes,they can do the job,but only it my mates risk,if tranny will go bad after oil chage,they would not be held resposible and that gearbox does not need to serviced. I think that BMW is just dont want to take risks and service gearboxes as ZF suggests 40k miles if i am not mistaken. BMW understand that they might be getting some gearboxes that would fail after service carried out and then they would be responsible for that and they have to put new transmission in,which is not cheap. I totally disagree with this,because if transmission is serviced regulary,then there should not be many problem with that especially with transmission service machines out there,machines that pump clean oil in and dirty out,allmost like blood transfusion. Offcourse there is a chance that they will get odd tranny that was run hard on performance car,but not many.
  6. Yuri84

    BMW 530d automatic gearbox rebuild

    Planet Gears have fixed price for their work which is 350 pounds and then parts go on top. I heard lots of bad things about rebuilt torque converters,but Roy said that even ZF rebuild some torque converters,so i think its worth doing it,because price for rebuild is 250 plus vat and new one is over 600 pounds,so worth the hassle,because on saved money i could buy set of new solenoid for gearbox. Pritty much all transmission repair shops should know zf6hp gearboxes,because it was mass produced transmission that was put in lots of different car makes,but it only depends on quality standarts garage is working to.
  7. Yuri84

    BMW 530d automatic gearbox rebuild

    That place i took too does not only full rebuilds and they change what is needed,but there is minimum what they change and it is all soft parts,like friction plates,then metal frictions,then bushings and always torque converter rebuild and that cost about 1000 including tax,which is really good i think and then it will depend what else they find and price goes up depending on what they find. They give 1 year or 12000 mile warranty on all rebuilds,so to me it means that they confident that so called part rebuild will be as good as full.
  8. Hi to all. Took my car in to Planet Gears in Peterborough today(May 17th 2019). Car was there a month or so ago,but at that point i was advised to leave as it was,because adaptation values were not too bad,but it looked not too bad because it had oil change and adaptations reset. After that i only drove 500 miles or so and was clearly not enough for tranny to build up its adaptations and after another 300 miles adaptations on clutch E went from 174mb to 224mb,then after another 500,maybe 600 miles,when it was plugged in and checked adaptations went to 470mb and Roy from Planet Gears agreed that at this stage there is clearly a problem and clutch E is out of spec,so i left car with them. I am starting this topic to share this process with other guys on this forum and maybe it will be helpful to somebody in future. I will be posting on here once i will get news from Planet Gears. I am hoping to pick my car up Tuesday,week after next,after bank holiday weekend. Was chatting to Roy for almost and hour,he explained what is going to be done,how its done and i am confident that all should be ok. I am planning a trip to Lithuania in August,so this was main reason for taking car in before transmission started to go into limp modes and come up with faults and possibly getting more damage.
  9. Yuri84

    Bmw 530d starting issue

    Hi. Thanks for replies. It was doing this before filter change,but not before i moved that cap. Is there a way to bleed fuel system? I have delphi diagnostic and it has fuel system bleeding function,but i am not sure what should be done mechanically before i start bleeding it. Do i need to disconect any fuel lines etc? Can it be fuel pump in tank?
  10. Hi guys. Have a question about my cars starting. Car starts every time,touch wood,but sometimes starter will crank longer than usuall,say instead of 3 to 5 turns it does 10 and it deffenetly sounds like its not quite as it should be. It is not often and i cannot see the pattern to it happening. For example this morning it was cranking more than normal to start and it was +9 degrees outside,but fuel light came on,wife didnt fill it up last night. I dont think that is the problem,because it happens sometimes with half tank of disel. Yesterday morning it starting bang on and it was +6 so again no pattern. When it starts its not lumpy,runs good. Battery is new and regestered. I know that glow plug module needs to be replaced as there are faults with 4 glow plugs activation in ecu. I have replaced crankcase breather valve for vortex one and to fit it in i disconected one of the fuel return plastic clip,such grey thingy,because when putting breather in it was bit tight and and i was affraid to snap it when pushing it back. After i done that job,engine was cranking for a bit before it started,but i thought it because some air got in the system. Also couple hundred miles ago car had new fuel filter. There are no faults in ecu apart from glow plugs. Did anyone had something like that? Thank you.
  11. Mabe you want to sell gearbox? If its been rebuilt,i would buy it as i need tranny repair in my 530d
  12. Yuri84

    Which engine to choose when buying

    My sister is looking for a car and she will be trying to get a 2.0,just coz its more economical and 3 series is ok'ish with 2.0 i guess. Bmw with 6 pot motor,especially newer cars they perform absolutely brilliant and driving experiance becomes even better. I think lots of people affraid of buying say f10 with 3.0d thinking that it will be really bad on fuel,but n reality 3.0 and 2.0d is not that huge difference,well unless you need car for work and every liter of fuel counts,but driving 3.0d is fantastic.
  13. Yuri84

    Which engine to choose when buying

    Hi. Thanks for your input everybody. I have been reading a lot lately and before sister decided to buy a car i heard that n47 on early f10,11 bmw had lots of problems and i know two people who had snapped chain without any signs of it being stretch,there was no chain rattle in the morning,but they used to change their oil 15k miles and i think that it was biggest problem,plus heavy car that motor has to pull,plus heavy foot and hence those tiny chains just gave up. Personaly i would not even look at 2.0 diesel in f10 or f30,just because of me thinking that real bmw starts with 6 cylinder engine,but thats me. I am not a taxi driver and if car burns 2 or 3 ltrs more,but driving pleasure is 10 time more,then i would buy 3.0 every time. With my sister,i cannot make her buy nothing,i can only say my opinion and she will have to decide for herself. I am fro Lithuania,so i speak Russian and couple more languages and i was reading different forums. Apparently timing chain on 2.0 and 3.0d will need replacing at about 230000 to 260000 km which is 140 to 160k miles,but thats only what i read.
  14. Yuri84

    Which engine to choose when buying

    Hi. Thanks for reply. Heard about chain snapping without any notice prior it happening,just not sure what year it was allegedly sorted. What about petrol?
  15. Hi to all of you. I am after some advice here. My sister is looking for a car and so happens it has to be BMW and and one she wants the most is f30,but f10 would work too. Engines are same for both series so i will try my luck in this section because had now replies in my other topic. Question is what engine should we go for? She does not mind either diesel or petrol. We thinking that 2.0 litre engine is plenty,but might consider 3.0 ltr if something nice pops up. As i understand year of production might mean that two exactly same engine might have better or revised parts and thats what i would like to find out. She likes car to have some power when needed and we were thinking of 328i? A lot of people say that 320i and 328i only different in software, but i dont think its only that,might be wrong though. What year should we look for and what problems those engine have and what should we look for when inspecting and test driving a car? She only wants automatic and it fair enough as i would only buy auto myself,considering zf8hp is great transmission. Do this bm's suffer with electric issues Any advice and info would be great to hear. Thanks.