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  1. Yuri84

    F10 door corrosion

    Thats shocking.
  2. Problem is that most so called remappers have got no clue of about the software they use to flash cars. Most of them simply take original file from the car and send it somewhere then.get modified file and install it back to the car. So usually they wont see if file is wrong,they cannot correct it,coz again have no clue how to etc. I think that before remap logs need to be taken,car has to go on dyno before,coz that will show if it healthy or not,scan for codes etc and if all checks out only then car can.be modified. Its not cheap,but i think its the way to go really.
  3. Yuri84

    535d Cabin Smoke at cold start

    Hi. Our e61 was smelly in the cabin on the cold start up. It ended up being ex.manifold gasket that was blowing. Ours is lci 530d so cast iron manifold. Job is a bit of the pig. All genuine parts were around 70 pound and i did it myself in my mates garage.
  4. Hi. If you just want actuator,then unless your garage has tools to calibrate it to work properly with your turbo its not going to work. Its not just straight swap and can give you drive train errors. Maybe worth getting second hand turbo unit.
  5. Yuri84

    INPA boost figures?

    Hi. Sadly i am not good at all with that stuff. It looks to me like your dpf is blocked and that can explain low power. Did you get any warning on your idrive screen?
  6. Yuri84

    INPA boost figures?

    Hi. Those in red are not boost values,those are dpf.
  7. Yuri84

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Hi.thats really good job. Could you please send some links if possible for the tube,connectors and o rings? Did you buy it from ebay? I am also looking to service our e61 transmission and want to do a full flush. Was thinking of buying same oil as you,because its so much cheaper and does great job. Thanks.
  8. Hi. Depending on where you located,you might be able to find somebody who does mobile wallnut blasting.
  9. Hi. Sure. What you get is compression and fuel is escaping through the seal and engine has loss of power. This is very common. When engine is running you can hear puffing sound and also smell of fuel.
  10. Hi. It looks like copper washer that seats between cyl.head and injector has failed. Not most difficult job to do.
  11. Yuri84

    XHP advice.

    Hi. No,i think its only them advertising another product. All should be done via hxp.
  12. Yuri84


    Plus one for that. I only replaced pulley and left tensioner in place. I purchased gates pulleys and when those arrived and i opened boxes in them i found ina pulleys,but way cheaper. Ina pulley are coming from factory on these cars.
  13. Hi. Did you try to jump start it or charge/change battery?
  14. Yuri84

    Used engine swap (injector coding)

    Hi. You probably will need to,same as you would when replacing injectors. Its straight forward job though if you a scanner.
  15. Yuri84

    Auto 'box fill plug???

    Hi. It cannot be 4 or 8,because fill plug is on the same side as 3. If you look at the box fron under the car,on rh side you will see it.