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  1. Yuri84

    Bmw 535d 56 smoking issues

    Hi. Welcome on forum. When car is smoking? Is it all the time or only on pull off? Poss that turbo seals are leaking a bit. Did you change oil recently? If you did,then you didnt by chance put thinner oil? To be honest,it probably best to change all 6 injectors,because i know of situations when people done one or two injectors and still was no good and in the end all needed to be done.
  2. Yuri84

    Urgent help needed please

    Hi. I would check ground wires,positive wire connection and also check fittings on the battery too. These cars are very delicate when it comes to electrics. Also good idea to plug diagnostic and read codes. Hope you get it sorted.
  3. Well,i was thinking to go that route,but i done my calculatations and counted chances and decided that rebuild is a bit more money,but you then get warranty and know that if anything goes bad you take car to the garage and they sort it out. With second hand zf6hp26 its 600 pounds for the box,then tc rebuild around 250,oil,filter,bridge seal and 4 sleeves about 300 quid. Remove and refit 150 quid. Most of those boxes are high miles and never serviced so chance to get bad one is high. My wife drives mercedes with auto box. Mercedes tranny has to be serviced every 40k miles i think and most of them are serviced and actual box is bullet proof,so its best bet to go second hand box route. With zf6hp its a bit different and usually if it can go wrong,then it will. Also with bmw and maybe other cars with same tranny,i dont think its straight forward job to put second hand box as it might need coding or be with same serial number and not everybody could do the job.
  4. That is possible. I know that garage done about 200 miles in my car after gearbox rebuild. They wont let car go untill they see its learning as it should. I am hoping they will be able to sort it out for me.
  5. Hi. 1 to 2 is not allwas nice. It shits great while at normal acceleration,but if it changes at around 1100rpm,then i can feel it and its not nice at all
  6. Car is with them now and they doing it as a warranty job now. I think that they are pritty good to be honest. Roy,the guy who is owner of the Planet Gears in Peterborough is decent bloke. They could have got me to do repair a while ago,but he explained that box is not great,but i better of driving till it starts throwing fault codes. They only did the job because i am planning a 4 of 5k mile trip in August. It is a pain to be without a car,but it will be nice to have gearbox thats working great. I think that recon job they did is pritty much standart. I asked to replace anything that causing doubts,because in.the long run it will bite me back. I probably could have done without solenoid set and kept mine and thats like 350 pounds. Oil pump had few marks and that is because those boxes are not servised as per ZF specs and car had 142k when.it had first oil servise,so i think that 99% of these gearboxes will have same oil pumps.
  7. Hi. Car is in the place where gearbox was done and they are ZF specialists,so i hope they know what are they doing. Parts changed in box: All clutches,bushings,solenoids,oil pump(not brand new but in great condition as mine had some damage),valve body again second hand,but garage keeps stock of these parts,dampeners,TC rebuild,valve body bridge seal and 4 sleeves. As i understand all parts were changed on rebuild. Box is shifting nicely and i sure can feel difference,but that jolt in 3rd gear is very odd and seems to be problem with lock up timings,but only in 3rd and maybe in second,but only when box is cold and i think that tranny can behave different on warm up cycle.
  8. Hi. There was a jerk in 3rd,same as in the video and its still present. To be honest i am little,well really disapointed rather,because could have driven car for a very long time like it was and spend money on holiday,but i love the bloody thing and things like transmission makes or breaks it. It should be silky smooth and no jerk,then i am going to be happy. Well,i thought that i might be just catching it at the wrong moment,but 2 weeks ago i drove 2 e60 3.0d with same trannys and one was in fact 2007 pre lci like mine and i just couldnt get it to do what mine was doing,no jerks when coming to roundabout and driving without stoping,in 3rd gear coz no cars coming over. 2007 e60 has 168k on the clock and the other one is 2004 with 217k on the clock,so i assume mine is not working as it should. Now you mentioned throttle pedal and i remember playing with diagnostic and found function that shows how much throttle applied and it seemed fine to me. I would bet my money that something to do with software. Been told by garage they will update gearbox software after putting box back together.
  9. Yep,only zf lifeguard 6 goes in them boxes and thats what went in it.
  10. Hi. It only happens in one gear and only now and again for some reason. I can drive same road,same speed and same situation 10 times and it will not do it and bee smooth as silk,but then it can do it every single time. If it would problems with pressure,then wouldnt it be happening every single time? I think software might need to be checked and updated,that what garage is doing and they are stripping a box again to check everything once more. I hope it gets sorted.
  11. Hi. I avent got adaptation data,but on friday i saw readings and adaptations seemed good and torque converter was rebuilt same time as the gearbox. I suspect that software is an issue. When i purchased car i had oil service done,plus valvebody adaptor seal and 4 sleaves. After that car started doing that jolt. I think that garage that did oil change in tranny messed something when reset adaptations or something
  12. Hi all. A little update on the transmission rebuild. Car done 2500k miles and tranny shifts great,huge difference before work done. Before gearbox was stripped,guys from Planet Gears Roy and Ignas tried to stop me from going ahead with rebuild because there were no fault codes and adaptions on clutch were 450,which is over the limit,but could have been used for ages yet,but me being me i hate to let thing go and like getting it sorted asap. Reason for advice on not doing rebuild just yet was because it is not always possible to find some faults and which happened to me. Shift quality got better,but to be honest if you havent got a clue how smooth it should be and not be mechanically minded like my wife for example,you wouldnt feel massive difference opposed if tranny would be going in limp modes,hard shifting etc. What is happening to my box is a jolt after deccelaration. For example after driving in 4th gear,letting foot off throttle,free rolling for a bit before approaching round about,then car shifts in to 3rd gear,but still free rolling and after i press throttle,sometimes tranny does a jolt,feels as if after revs went up,but gear wasnt engaged and all of a sudden it bumps in gear and i get bump,not great feeling at all and especially if under heavier load. To me it seems that lock up times are not correct and sometimes all is perfect and sometimes not,even in same spot. To me it is more software. Car went in yesterday for sorting this out. Now i wish i would listen to the guys and waited till tranny starts going to limp modes or something like this,but on the other hand we are planning a 5k mile trip in August,so i wanted to get it sorted before we set off. I have 2 video clips which i filmed for Roy from Planet gears before i took car in yesteday. Links to my youtube channel are below In first clip i managed to catch that jolt and it is happening at around 11mins30sec. There you can see how revs bounce and in that moment i can feel a kick from tranny Second clip 1min45sec,3.45, 4.23 can be seen how revs bump up and down. Should start slipping a little bit and gradually lock up,but sometimes not doing but just kicks in with a jolt. Will update on results.
  13. I had it done in Peterborough,place called Planet Gears
  14. Hi. Just had my zf6hp26 done and i paid 2200 for the job. That included tc,all clutch plates,solenoids etc.
  15. Thank you guys for your input