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  1. Yuri84


    Maybe egr is sticky. Get it mapped out
  2. Yuri84

    535d High Mileage

    N2 engine is in the cars from 2006 i think. 35d has some poke,so chains are under a lot of strain. If it would be my car i would do it.
  3. Yuri84


    Hi. Glow plug fault will not come up with check.engine light. It will be your egr valve. Maybe you havent connected it back properly? Vacuum hose has cracks on it?
  4. Yuri84

    535d High Mileage

    You might be lucky and it will last forever. I personally saw 3 e60's 30d with snapped timing chains and all were lci and with m57n2 sadly. If the car is in good condition and you really like it,then why not invest and do the job?
  5. Yuri84

    535d High Mileage

    Hi. Personally i dont mind high mileage cars. When buying car that is over 10 years old i would look at it condition rather than mileage to be honest,but in your case this mileage means it will be needing dew things in near future. These lci 535d's need there injectors to work properly or you will get melted piston which is engine replacement/rebuild. There is example on here somewhere. Next thing is timing chain. M57n2 engine unlike its older brother with iron block cant do without chain replacement and will be a ticking bomb so at 240k it would be wise to cosider sorting it out. I think it can be done for 700 pounds including parts. I would go and have a look at it,check service paperwork,chat to owner,just see that car,feel how it drives etc.
  6. Hi. It might be IBS system that playing up. It will cut power supply to some modules when battery is low for example so poss its not working as should and turning off some modules? I am no electrician so might be wrong,but if it would be my car that what i would check/replace or delete if possible.
  7. Hi. Sorry to hear that you are being messed about. Been in similar situation myself. My advice would be is bite the bullet,give the car back and run. Looks like the that was not looked after and not great beginning of the relationship.if i can call it like it. I understand that brakes need doing,thats wear and tear and at that mileage i would expect that,but if it approved used from BMW it should have had this done,otherwise cant be sold as AUC. Dealers will be cutting corners now with prep work on the cars because cars prices are crazy at the moment and so they have to pay extra,plus not a lot to choose from for them out there. Anyways,i would say take the refund and try and find another one. I am sure there are plenty of 520d's out there in better condition.
  8. Yuri84

    Mods I've done in the last 2 weeks

    Looks a bit like Audi now
  9. Hi. Is it doing it only on first start or every time you starting it? Do you have a power drain somewhere? Pain in the a... to find,but can discharge battery. Maybe there is issue with flywheel? Missing teeth on the cog?
  10. Yuri84

    Puffing black smoke

    Hi. My advice would be to go somewhere where garage would print out a copy of codes that are present and then pop them here and possibly we can help out then.
  11. Yuri84

    Puffing black smoke

    You dont mention what the codes are? Maybe someone would have something more to say about the issue.
  12. Yuri84

    FYI E60 recall

    Hi. That was going on for couple years now. Need to book yours in with bmw and they will check or replace this cable free of charge
  13. Yuri84

    Puffing black smoke

    They are just trying to scare you. If ecu is bad then it can be cloned,then another one from a breaker flashed with your software. Block with E-prom chip usually can be cloned. Need to find a remap company that do it as their equipment is capable of doing it.
  14. Yuri84

    K-can resistance test

    Hi. I have no clue about electrics at all. But with pdc if one sensor out then it takes system down completely.