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  1. I'll take them! Edit- just tried to PM you regarding payment and delivery but get a message saying "tims cannot receive messages", I presume your inbox is full?
  2. Any chance of getting both anti-roll bars? Dread to think how much it would cost to post them. I'm on the South coast (I've bought fog lights and a wing mirror from you before)
  3. 5mithy

    E39 530i touring in Tonbridge

    Admin fee? Sounds like sharp practise to me
  4. 5mithy

    E39 530 Touring - new wheels

    Think of it this way- your outside diameter is always going to be the same, because if you've got bigger wheels you need thinner tyres. So to fill your arches, you need to make your arches smaller, i.e. lower the car!
  5. 5mithy

    E39 530 Touring - new wheels

    Is your car at standard height then? If so maybe look at the suspension before the wheels, as bigger wheels won't fill the arches due to the thinner tyres. Take a look at this car- it's in SE trim (so no Sport bumpers), but with factory Sport suspension, and on Turbines. Compare this car to yours and see what you want to do first https://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/bmw/e39-5-series-96-04/bmw-528i-touring-e39-se--1-professor-owner-to-2018-main-dealer-history-m-sport-spec--6-000-of-options/9874624
  6. 5mithy

    E34 hartge 535i

    Yet he explains the fact that the shut lines don't look right on the bonnet because he didn't close it properly after taking photos of the engine...
  7. 5mithy

    What a disaster...

    I can never work out what the logic is behind stuff like this. It won't have been cheap, but looks flippin awful
  8. 5mithy

    HID dim beam aim too low

    I used this video as a starting point- Spent £15 on metal adjusters instead of £500 on new lights (that'll come with plastic adjusters). Awfully fiddly, but if you work with model kits you're off to a head start.
  9. 5mithy

    Number plate bulb not working

    Cool, thank you
  10. 5mithy

    Number plate bulb not working

    The good news is that I found the problem quicker than I expected; the bad news is that it's a bigger problem than I thought - what a state! My main concern now is the boot release mechanism. Does it rely on an electrical supply to operate? I don't want to get stuck with a boot I can't open... *update* apparently the boot can be opened mechanically by turning the key further. Panic over, I can fix it at my leisure now
  11. 5mithy

    Number plate bulb not working

    Ah crap, that doesn't sound like an easy fix! Thanks for the pointer
  12. A strange one- had a number plate bulb burn out, but now that I've changed it the new one doesn't light up. Tried two bulbs, no joy. The other one still illuminates. Connector seems all okay, no wires pulled out or anything. I'm a little bit stumped!
  13. 5mithy

    Is Audi overtaking BMW?

    I'm glad I'm not the only person who thinks that. It's only the badge that gives it away, you certainly wouldn't guess it's a BMW by the styling (or lack of)
  14. 5mithy

    Is Audi overtaking BMW?

    ^ A friend of mine's recently bought a Skoda Kodiaq. Went for that over it's VAG counterparts as it actually had the nicest interior!
  15. Sport suspension on an SE, the classiest combination https://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/bmw/e39-5-series-96-04/bmw-528i-touring-e39-se--1-professor-owner-to-2018-main-dealer-history-m-sport-spec--6-000-of-options/9874624 And it's even making me wonder if I should trade my Style 5s for a set of turbines!