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  1. 5mithy

    What to do..

    That's the trouble with running a cheap-ish car. You're quite liable to getting bills that are more than the monetary value of the car. So I prefer not to factor that in. I weigh how much I'm willing to spend on repairs against how much benefit I'm going to get out of it, in terms of both practicality and enjoyment. And I also consider the cost of a replacement, and the risk that the replacement might have it's own set of problems that require spending out on too.
  2. 5mithy

    Should my E39 have a telephone?

    Yes, it's above the cd changer. But if your card is short I definitely wouldn't put in there, you'd never get it back out. It's a very tight fit.
  3. 5mithy

    Should my E39 have a telephone?

    Hmm, if it's shorter then it might actually be a better fit for the card reader under the handset. My card fits in the handset reader, but I didn't like it sticking out so I put it in the boot module instead.
  4. 5mithy

    Should my E39 have a telephone?

    Yep, that's all it is. The contact patch of the SIM has never changed, just the physical size of the card that holds it. Good luck finding an adaptor though. I've had a look and didn't get far, so I was very lucky that the previous owner left their's behind.
  5. 5mithy

    Should my E39 have a telephone?

    No no, mine's too small too! It's called the "classic", I got it direct from O2, but it still comes in the new (small) size. Very annoying. But if you're getting yours from ebay you might be lucky and get an old full sized one. Luckily a previous owner had left their SIM adaptor in my car, so I was able to use that.
  6. 5mithy

    E39 audio upgrade.

    You can replace the cassette player part of your head unit with a CD player, it's very easy.
  7. 5mithy

    Should my E39 have a telephone?

    Is that the "classic"? That's the one I got. For some reason I wasn't able to top-up using the phone though, I had to do it online.
  8. 5mithy

    Winter Vehicle Storage.

    In my very limited experience- many moons ago I used a breathable car cover on a vehicle outdoors. I found it kept the moisture in more than it kept the rain off. A colleague used to tell me about his VW van that would still rust when kept in his concrete garage. Now I keep my second cars on the driveway uncovered, and never had any trouble. If you keep yours on the drive, you'll be more likely to take it for a spin when the weather's nice, which I think is better for the car than being stood still for six months.
  9. 5mithy

    Should my E39 have a telephone?

    My car phone works without the external aerial being screwed in, so definitely try it first. New SIM cards aren't in the 1FF format (credit card size) anymore, so keep the old card as you'll probably have to cobble the two together. The new size is smaller, so although the electronic part is still compatible, it's a question of physically getting it to the right location for the device (your phone) to use it. The smaller cards just rattle around in the holder.
  10. 5mithy

    What's going on with my headlights?

    Made the most of the bank holiday and fixed the lights. Got the metal set from ebay for £15. Pig of a job and took six hours, but I've saved myself £500 so I'm happy (lights are otherwise in too good condition to replace). Went down the "small tool" route as I wanted to use the least intrusive method. However, I think I've broken the mechanism that turns the lights for when driving on the right. Bummer. And a tip for anyone attempting this job using the metal replacements- you need some copper grease on the threads or they won't screw in at all Now all I need to do is line them up. Thanks a lot for all your help!
  11. 5mithy

    Vanos seals changed

    Changed my vanos seals a couple of weeks ago. The car had a really strange problem where the idle would dip at regular intervals after start-up. On one occasion it even conked out. Did some searching and found myself learning all about vanos problems. Great. Ordered the seal kit from Beisan, and the rest of the parts from BMW. Took me the whole day as I've not had the car long and this was my first job under the bonnet, so I wasn't familiar with the vehicle at all. In at the deep end! If I did it again it would take half the time. The bit I really didn't like- cutting out the old seals! The point of no return... But the new seals were actually really easy to fit. In fact it was the faff of getting to the vanos unit that was the hard part, once I'd removed it the seal change was straightforward enough. My "cold start idle dip" has now been fixed. To drive, I don't really feel any difference. I was hoping for an increase in mpg, was 32 before (real), 33 after. So the problem evidently wasn't so bad after all, but I'm glad I've got it sorted.
  12. 5mithy

    Spare Wheel

    Using a tyre size calculator, your front wheel diameter (including tyre) is 645mm Rear wheel is 643mm Spare wheel is 653mm So your spare wheel is further away in OD to both your front and back wheel than your front and back wheels are to each other. If it were me I'd get a front style 37 as a spare.
  13. 5mithy

    Spare Wheel

    Maybe he's got a welded diff
  14. 5mithy

    E39 Cluster False RPM

    Was going to suggest using a timing light to measure your rpm- but I don't know how you do with coil packs...
  15. 5mithy

    Built in Phone Not Working

    You'll have a module in the boot as well, that also accepts the SIM