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  1. Peggowski

    n47 turbo CHRA cartridge replacement

    just got around to ordering the gaskets, bolts washers etc. from bmwautoparts says they will arrive in 12 business days... then i can finally get around to doing this!
  2. Peggowski

    Multiple Errors - All ideas welcome!

    Hi! Sorry I'm not sure I can help really... I never got to the bottom of it... I just grind my teeth every time I load ista and see the error...
  3. Peggowski

    Oxygen/Lambda sensor

    Yeah your logic is sound. Dodgy sensor
  4. Peggowski

    Oxygen/Lambda sensor

    Was it a 2nd hand one off Ebay? I had that same error with the first one I ordered off Ebay. 2nd one they sent me was fine.
  5. Peggowski

    Oxygen/Lambda sensor

    Try cleaning the oxygen sensor connector with electrical cleaner... if that doesnt work then you may have a duff sensor.
  6. Peggowski

    Blowers A/C speeds up and down.

    Blower up and down could be due to the sensor in the front of the dash being bungled up with dust etc. Theres a small grill near the controls... try getting a brush vacuum attachment on it. Worth a try!
  7. Peggowski

    PDC issue

  8. Peggowski

    How to remove this pipe

    Thanks for the info!
  9. Peggowski

    E60 520d exhaust

    I would guess the previous owner had the dpf removed and cleaned the exhaust before they sold it to you... how long have you had it?
  10. Peggowski

    How to remove this pipe

    What's the cost of the walnut blasting if you dont mind me asking?
  11. Peggowski

    E60 2006 M Sport - Advice on LED Rear lights

    This thread might be your best bet! It looks like a fair bit of work and possible expensive!
  12. Peggowski

    Help please - Angel Eye Bulbs

    Glad you got what you wanted!
  13. Peggowski

    E60 dpf problem

    What he said! Probably the cable to the glow plug controller is knackered at the connector where it plugs into the glow plug controller. I'd whip them off again and take a look.
  14. Peggowski

    E60 dpf problem

    Have you read your fault codes? If so can you list them? Usually if it isn't regenerating then it's because something is throwing a fault (or it's the coolant temp but you've sorted that). Also how long are you driving for to try regeneration? I find mine only regenerates after about 20 mins of motorway cruising and then it takes up to 20 mins to regenerate.