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  1. Peggowski

    E60 dpf problem

    What he said! Probably the cable to the glow plug controller is knackered at the connector where it plugs into the glow plug controller. I'd whip them off again and take a look.
  2. Peggowski

    E60 dpf problem

    Have you read your fault codes? If so can you list them? Usually if it isn't regenerating then it's because something is throwing a fault (or it's the coolant temp but you've sorted that). Also how long are you driving for to try regeneration? I find mine only regenerates after about 20 mins of motorway cruising and then it takes up to 20 mins to regenerate.
  3. Not that I can help with the answer but people might want to know which pump you are referring to... power steering? Coolant? Oil? Something else? Might help someone in the know answer is all...
  4. Peggowski

    E60 530D Specs

    They updated all engines with the lci facelift which as in 06 or 07 I can never remember which
  5. Peggowski

    Identify Sat nav is HDD or DVD based

    Your car is the same age as mine... I have the same looking head unit too (ccc). When you open the drivers door do you have a shoe scuff plate that says edition on it? If you do then you have business edition navigation and you are just missing the DVD which should go in the centre console slot. What happens when you press the nav button on the idrive controller?
  6. Peggowski

    E60 CCC Android system upgrade

    8. I use the radioplayer app. Streams most radio stations off the internet. I only use it for 6 music though so can't guarantee it'll work for whatever station is on 102.2 in your area though...
  7. Peggowski

    E60 530d low MPG

    Glad you found the issue!
  8. Peggowski

    n47 turbo CHRA cartridge replacement

    Ok... so explain the hundreds or if not thousands of replaced turbo cane actuators under warranty? It was a common issue....
  9. Peggowski

    n47 turbo CHRA cartridge replacement

    That's literally perfect! Thank you so much @GoNz0 legend!
  10. Peggowski

    n47 turbo CHRA cartridge replacement

    Thanks mate. Good info!
  11. Peggowski

    n47 turbo CHRA cartridge replacement

    I am really looking for general advice on removal and do I need to change any gaskets or hoses while I'm there? You work on a bunch of people's cars so I was hopeful you may have some insights... no worries if not!
  12. Peggowski

    Angel eye tube replacement possible?

    Good plan!
  13. Peggowski

    n47 turbo CHRA cartridge replacement

    @GoNz0 haven't you had your turbos off a few times? Any tips?
  14. Peggowski

    Angel eye tube replacement possible?

    I think... and I could be wrong... it involves cutting open the existing enclosures and replacing then with aftermarket tubes. The end result looks great but imo not worth the effort.
  15. Peggowski

    n47 turbo CHRA cartridge replacement

    Good to know... one question though... bearing in mind that BMW have to replace the actuators a lot on this model (I have the receipt for mine being replaced under warranty) do you think they remove the whole turbo to do it or do they adjust it in situ? I just cant see them being that thorough on a warranty job....