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  1. If the kw stood for kilowatts then the number would precede it not come after it... and it would be kW not Kw at least that's how I learnt it...
  2. Peggowski

    Connectivity to DVD player

    I'm more than likely wrong... but isn't the "DVD player" in fact a DVD drive just for the sat nav disc? I have an se business edition and that's the case in mine... or perhaps you have an extra option that I dont. Mine only has one slot in the dash. Mine is an 09 too but has the old ccc idrive and not the later cic
  3. Looks good mate. I have been looking at these units for a while now... have always decided to save my money for inevitable repair bills though. Good work!
  4. Peggowski

    Oil Catch Can Installation

    I would run it off the manifold breather pipe at the front of the engine but not sure how you'd feed it back in... photo is of an n47 engine. Which do you have?
  5. Peggowski

    Need help with tracking ABS / DSC issue

    Hope that solves it for you! Or at least some of your issues!
  6. Peggowski

    Radio signal.

    Ah gutted... I'm not 100% that the aerial is in the screen but I did read it somewhere... hopefully either someone here or a bit of googling can confirm it for you!
  7. Peggowski

    Radio signal.

    Did you take the amplifier out and take the case off it? You need to check the circuit board inside for water ingress and corrosion. Mine looked ok from the outside but was heavily corroded internally. May not be the issue but easy to rule out. Another thought is that actual antenna is part of the heated rear screen so if that has breaks in it that could be your issue but I'm fishing a bit with that one!
  8. Peggowski

    Need help with tracking ABS / DSC issue

    The 299D error would be where I would start. Check the battery voltage, then check the ground connection sensor is connected. Also clear down the messages and drive it for a bit and check them again to see if any are old not relevant issues. They stay logged until cleared. Issues with the battery and or IBS can cause all manner of other codes to be thrown up when in fact it is down to one of them. 27C3 seems to be a common issue from some googling. General consensus seems to be try cleaning it and if that fails replace it. As I said though sort the battery one first and then see what you are left with.
  9. Peggowski

    Any help with possible causes?

    Ah gutted for you... hope it gets sorted
  10. Peggowski

    Radio signal.

    Yeah its through just the glass. Good luck!
  11. Peggowski

    Radio signal.

    I cant see very well in the sun but have you just opened the boot glass or have you opened the full tailgate? You only want to open the glass on it's own.
  12. Peggowski

    Any help with possible causes?

    Glad you got it sorted!
  13. Peggowski

    Strong petrol smell on cold starts.

    I think his petrol smell is from actual petrol... as in his car runs on petrol...
  14. Peggowski

    Should I gamble €125 on an OEM part?

    Ah cool. I might have to look into that!
  15. Peggowski

    Should I gamble €125 on an OEM part?

    interesting! how are you logging the distance between DPF regens?