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  1. Mows79

    Airbag Srs light and ecu location help?

    Carl-e34 that’s what I keep reading, but as you can see from my picture, my car doesn’t have it there (and I can’t see any spare wiring/connection). Just wondering if there are other locations it might be?
  2. Mows79

    Airbag Srs light and ecu location help?

    Sorry, missed the age, is a 1994 e34.
  3. I need some help, On my 525tds touring I have an issue with the wheel mounted airbag light. Wjen inturn the ignition on the ligjt comes on and then goes out as it should. The light will then come on after almost exactly 1min 50secs. Has anyone got any ideas as to why? While trying to work out what was wrong, I also decided to see if it was a bad airbag ecu (was going to find the one fitted and get a 2nd hand one to slave in). I can't find the airbag ecu, everything I've read puts it under the rear seat. Mine isn't, but the wiring under tje seat is a birds nest!! (see pics) Any help would be much appreciated, as i just need it fixed for an mot.
  4. Hello to all, I am after some information on what gearbox & rear diff options I can fit to my e34 530i touring? It is currently a 530i with an auto box. I would like info on what rear diff and gearbox options there are for this car? I would like to end up with a car that will be a ok as a daily driver and not overly ‘revvy’ while at 70 on then motorway. I know there is a lot of information already written, but is the 5spd a good swap or should I be looking for the 6spd (which is harder/more expensive to find) Yours hopefully.............