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  1. The one I purchased doesn't have it, but the ride is great for me anyway. Thanks for all the replies.
  2. BMW5 Sleight

    How can I register new tyre pressure sensors 2016

    Keep forgetting about the tech section, sorry. Sorted now anyway, garage said they'd done the tyre pressures but after checking they were all wrong and all different. Working fine now.
  3. Hi All, how can I register different tyre pressure sensors. Took wheels and tyres off a different car as they were better condition at the car sellers garage, they did a reset but still getting an orange triangle on dash.
  4. Ok, thanks for the replies. I know what I'm looking for now.
  5. BMW5 Sleight

    Hoping to buy a BMW 520D shortly

    Ok. Thanks.
  6. Hi All, Is there a way to visually see if a 520D M Sport has the active suspension system please ?
  7. BMW5 Sleight

    Hoping to buy a BMW 520D shortly

    Thanks Ethan, it will still have 6 months manufacturers warranty as it's a 66 plate. I didn't buy the one I was hoping to on Saturday, it had a few problems. I am looking at another one this Saturday hopefully. I think 66 plates are ok on any recalls, I have already paid for my car check to get as much info as possible, now just to check it over and test drive. Thanks for your pointers.
  8. BMW5 Sleight

    Hoping to buy a BMW 520D shortly

    Hi All, If all goes to plan I may own a BMW 520D M Sport soon. My previous two cars were Jaguars. I've never owned a BMW and I hadn't driven one until last Saturday, but I liked it enough to want to buy one, the 530D was more fun but I want the cheaper tax and fuel bill. Are there any pointers for me please, it's a used 2016 model.