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  1. Townley

    Bmw e60 2005 525i Angel eye problem

    if the bulbs are fine and both side lights not working possible fuse? is there a error on the idrive stating side lights not working?
  2. Townley

    Bmw e60 2005 525i Angel eye problem

    might sound daft but turn the bulb around because 501 bulbs need to be connected the right way.
  3. Townley

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Fitted bottom right missing grille piece, Private plate and fitted HID kit-purchased a spoiler. Just booked her in for front/back/rear wings and wing mirrors/wheels to be painted also paint my spoiler and fit.
  4. Townley

    Lets see your BMWs that you have owned

    My First 320CD Msport My Second 320CD-MSport 118D-Msport 330CI - Msport My latest 525D - Msport
  5. Townley

    Airbag / restraint warning - Fixed

    Yes - The car always thinks the passenger seat is occupied.
  6. Townley

    Please I need immediate help

    Any Luck?
  7. Townley

    Airbag / restraint warning - Fixed

    Well fitted the bypass(Link Below) which took 10 mins and cleared the error - been fine for over a week https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bypass-For-BMW-5-Series-E60-Passenger-Seat-Occupancy-Mat-Airbag-Sensor-Emulator/161357843343?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649
  8. Townley

    Please I need immediate help

    Yeah let us know how you get on - Nothing worst then buying a car and this happens -
  9. Townley

    Please I need immediate help

    Hi Mate, when the battery start dying on bmw's they cause cars to play up like this - Please try to get another car just jump start your car and see if it starts.
  10. Townley

    Please I need immediate help

    Hi Mate, My 1 series did this - 11 second into the video suggest battery is being drained. Try Jump start using the connections under the bonnet - if starts then everything points at the battery. Hope you get it sorted.
  11. Townley

    Hello to all

    Welcome to the forum.
  12. Washer bottle low warning light - intermittent that the light comes on -but my front washer system works fine and topped up. Any ideas what it could be? Thanks
  13. Townley

    Airbag / restraint warning - Fixed

    Cheers Spandex, Was looking on Ebay at the bypass device and just wanted to make sure that was the problem - Will order one today and hopefully we have it fixed ASAP Cheers
  14. Hi Guys, Bought the car last week with the airbag light on - After resetting the light come back on 2 days later with the below codes - Anyone point me in the right direction to fix it? Thanks
  15. Townley

    Newbie From Manchester

    Hi Guys, Just thought id say hello and introduce myself. my names mark 32 from Manchester but known has Townley, I have used many forums for years now and currently just purchased a E60 525d M sport which is a nice car.Just some old cars i have owned are below from hot hatches to dirty diesels which always started off standard and "modified" to my taste. My 255Bhp N/a Ep3 Clio 197 F1 sport Seat Leon 2L Tdi FR Stage 2 Bmw 320cd Stage 2 Bmw 118D Mercedes C320CDI Bmw 330ci My new 525d