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  1. BMW.Aficionado

    F10 vibration

    Vibration that changes or disapears with change of speed is mostly always an imbalanced wheel, regardless of quality of the tyre mounted. Get them balanced and se if problem persists.
  2. BMW.Aficionado

    Daylight running lights

    Have you done any coding for the lights? If so remove change and see if they behave as it should.
  3. BMW.Aficionado

    Removing handbrake "auto-release" feature

    If it feels “uncomfortable” I would say there is something g mechanically unsound about your hand brake. This things wear off and can get sticky, so I would check the system is good before disabling it. Coding wise is very straight forward if you want to remove it though...
  4. BMW.Aficionado

    Approved Used BMW - Catalogue of Errors!

    Regards the loader, I have an anecdote. I had my car towed using a flat bed under warranty and when the guy went to check for scratches and so on, I pointed to a scratch on the rear bumper, typical scratch for reversing into a bollard (who put the dam thing there!?) OK, so the guy went straight to check underneath the bumper and he said it had loads of scratches, all the way through... I did not think much about it was late and I was tired, but then I saw him loading the car on the truck, and it got real close to scratch all that area... so my 5p is this things happen when loading the car in flat beds, and the loaders know about it...
  5. BMW.Aficionado

    Rough idle 520D

    I had problems with rough starts that went away after a ERG replacement, it had a leak and was under warranty but in the meanwhile it made a hole in the manifold (one of the rare cases they said) after fix is very smooth. Definitely you have reasons to worry, engine should run smooth.
  6. BMW.Aficionado

    Drivechain - Drive Moderately

    Take it back, be firm. Is your car, you paid loads of money for it, you want answers.
  7. BMW.Aficionado

    How hot?

    Check radiator levels, is very difficult with the f10 engines, although there should be an alert if it goes down.