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    F10 535D/E92 M3
  1. If it has ‘comfort’ on the toggle switch down by the gear knob it may have it most that don’t have normal and sport. mine has VDC and Active drive with eco pro and I have comfort and sport toggle switch
  2. So get this... cooper cobham,arranged to drop the car off today for the egr asked them for a car and said can we have something similar to what we have. arrived they were moaning about giving a car to us,saying that our 48,000 mile f10 535D with 10+ grands worth of options was worth nothing so they can’t give us anything good to use because it’s based on car value...what a joke!! the lack of respect is unreal,it’s irrelevent if the car was 15 years old if it’s a recall it’s your issue not ours.so I’ve told them they are not keeping my car and I’m having it back till the parts are in. they have wound me up so much with how rude they are.clearly bmw has no customer service any more thsy can do one im keeping my car and will use it till the parts come. Rant over
  3. Lee1986

    Meets around Surrey?

    I would be up for sorting a meet and seeing how we go. will also travel,be good to meet some of you.
  4. Haven’t done anything today but tomorrow I’ve got to wash the car and get a claim started as I’ve the dreaded corrosion on the doors. ive only had mine 3-4 weeks but missed it when I bought the car due to it being quite dusty when I looked over it. so dreading the outcome,I want it sorted either way weather bmw do it or be garage I bought it from nearly 17 G’s for a car I don’t expect that. so we will see! Looking forward to getting out in it this weekend after using my van all week.
  5. Lee1986

    Meets around Surrey?

    I’m 5 mins from the fair mile pub as I live in fetcham.. kents a bit of a mission but depending when I may tag along one day
  6. Lee1986

    F10 535D intercooler options

    Yeah that’s a joke lol,it’s a bloody intercooler nothing crazy that warrants the price!
  7. Lee1986

    F10 535D intercooler options

    It’s disappointing that there are plenty of options for the e60 but the f10 very limited!
  8. Lee1986

    Meets around Surrey?

    Would people be interested if I host one,I know a few good locations and they are car friendly? be good to meet some other like minded owners,a lot of you have other bmw’s Other then your 5’s too which people could bring. cheers lee
  9. Lee1986

    Meets around Surrey?

    Hey is there any local meets around Surrey? cheers lee
  10. Lee1986

    Hey! Newbie f10 535d owner

    Thanks loadmaster, im nearer Dorking so not far at all,ive stuck a post up and shall wait
  11. Hey all Im going to map my 535d,curious what options we have for intercoolers. i know we got wanger but 700 notes for an intercooler is madness..I’ve seen one that looks similar to a wanger on eBay for £300. mtec don’t stock them yet for our car which would be the option choice as they are proven and a half decent price. do we know if intercooler across the range are the same I.e 520d/525d/530d/535d/535i etc thanks
  12. Lee1986

    Hey! Newbie f10 535d owner

    Hey all I bought a 2011 f10 535d a few weeks back,it’s a pretty decent spec auto high beam/adaptive xenons/black heated leather/vdc/adaptive drive/pro nav/676a stereo/m sport/auto dimming and folding side mirrors/high gloss trim/privacy glass/auto sport box with paddles to name a few bits. it don’t have dab weirdly and reverse cam which I plan to retrofit both. its only done 48k with 1 owner. absolutely love it,I have an e92 M3 too which is modified.ive chucked a few pics up it’s currently stage 2 and heading for a Super charger next year fingers crossed my question is what do people do for intercoolers? Wagner tuning and I’ve seen one that looks similar on ebay? i want to map the car but want an intercooler fitted for cooling. been on here a few days and had a look through looks a great uk forum! any local owners near Cobham? cheers lee