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  1. kepa416

    DPF/EGR/Swirl Flap Delete

    Swir Flaps and EGR is OK. DPF if u must
  2. kepa416

    E60 535d front brake pads

    EBC is ok but isnt cheap. I got Galfer is Ok for me better than green EBC but dont eat discs so much.
  3. kepa416

    535d Injector Upgrade Options???

    For what u need better Injector? CCM is ok to 400 km. U can put piezzo but this isnt P&P.
  4. kepa416

    Mystery Vacuum Hose

    This Hose in Bmwstore have sick price. Buy normal Hose 3.5x2 mm i use silicone and is ok after 1 year.