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    Windscreen reservoir removal

    Thanks all for the helpful advice. I managed to extract the washer bottle by removing the top neck which is under the trim panels under the bonnet (thanks Matthew - it had me stumped for a bit) The spout simply pulls out. Next was to remove the wheel arch liner (lots of bolts) which then allows access to the bolt holding the tank in place. I also removed the air duct at the back of the wheel arch thinking this was an obstruction but don’t think this was necessary. The tank tilts forward and then up to release the dog leg at the bottom of the tank. The pump is pulled out of the tank and you can clean the end filter. Mine was completely gunked (see picture) so a good clean with the wife’s toothbrush (kidding) sorted it out. Tank can be disconnected to wash it to remove the rest of the gunk. Refitted and filled with BMW screen wash. All working as it should now. Thanks to all for the advice, hope this helps others if they have a similar issue.
  2. Gabelratchet

    Windscreen reservoir removal

    My washer jets have a low flow rate and suspect there may be some gunk blocking the system. Motor sounds fine, rear washer works. Reading about other models it seems that the best remedy is to remove and clean the washer reservoir. I have removed the wheel arch liner but could do with some pointers on next steps from anyone who has done this before.
  3. Gabelratchet

    Charging display key

    Hi first post. Just acquired a very nice estate. My car came with a display key but the car does not have the wireless charging pad. Does anyone know if the display key can be charged using a regular mains mobile phone wireless charger? The usb slot on the key is a bit of a pain to use because the rubber cover needs to be prised off.
  4. Gabelratchet

    Charging display key

    Fantastic. Thanks for your help.