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  1. Davidwood

    E39 M5: 'The Next Big Thing' on YouTube

    I've never seen so few for sale.
  2. Davidwood

    Approved Used e39 M5

    Nope, been dealing with auctions for 30 years. If you think you've missed out by one bid you're kidding yourself. Who knows what the other people were willing to pay. (plus I already have one in my collection)
  3. Davidwood

    Approved Used e39 M5

    I was one of the under bidders at £25k
  4. Davidwood

    2002 M5 with 53k miles

    Not a bad result for Sytner then. Sold to the trade for not far off what they were asking and they don't have to deal with the public
  5. Davidwood

    2002 M5 with 53k miles

    Sytner auction. Nice looking car. Had a coolant leak but looked nice and original' I've got a screenshot of it if I can get it off my phone
  6. Davidwood

    2002 M5 with 53k miles

    Sold for £26,050 to a trade buyer. Very nice car too.
  7. Davidwood

    2002 M5 with 53k miles

    £23,550, 5 minutes left
  8. Currently watching a 2002 le Man Blue M5 with 53k miles on a trade site. Looks like it came in swap at a main dealer. I'm tempted
  9. Davidwood

    Recognize this car 540i Japan

    I guess the opposite situation is selling it at a price below what you really wanted to someone you know was going to sell it on.
  10. Davidwood

    E39, M5's still appreciating in value?

    I know lads paying 10 grand for Novas now. Prices will rise on certain cars, just like they always have done. They won't be 5k again! As said above, the country is flooded with cheap money. Even van prices have gone through the roof and are now worth thousands more than they were last year. The pandemic has also had no impact on the waiting time for a Rolex either
  11. Davidwood

    Cheers for the help/info

    Best colour in my opinion. Stunning
  12. Davidwood

    Main Dealer Frustration

    Very true. The general public don't realise that this is the case. The profit on a new 1 series wouldn't pay for a round of drinks on a night out. They sell on numbers and get a kick back from BMW......the wrong way of doing business because all it does is cheapen the brand. 30 years ago buying a new (or used) BMW was a bit special. Now they are basically in the same ring as Ford and Vauxhall
  13. Davidwood

    Is this M5 really worth the money?

    hahaha, The scary thing is, I had a dozen calls in the first hour of listing it. Prices are crazy out there. I collect old honda bikes too and bikes that I was paying £1000 for before lockdown are now double that