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  1. Vauxfan

    What psi you guys running on 19" spiders?

    Are we talking all round? The rears are usually higher on the tag aren't they?
  2. Looking at a few different pressures. Mainly me in the car and sometimes the kids and misses.
  3. Vauxfan

    Suspension refresh query

    I found the best improvement I ever made to my e46 couple was poly brushing the anti roll bar. Made the car feel planted. The eibachs lower the front a little over the m sport, but the springs are progressive so absorb bumps but stiffen in the twisties. By far the best spring. Definitely better than sport springs.
  4. Vauxfan

    What's this in the glove box?

    My e46 had one. Candle light springs to mind. The e60 is missing though!
  5. Vauxfan

    SOS Call System Failure Warning

    I have it too. I just live with it.
  6. Vauxfan

    Suspension refresh query

    Have you done the anti roll bar bushes too? A set of eibach springs will vastly improve the ride. Absorb bumps like no other.
  7. Looking at real oem I can not see my antenna listed. Mine is as in the first picture. The ones on real oem are different. Superseded. But my old one is not on the old list?
  8. Vauxfan

    Urgent help needed please

    I had an issue with a vauxhall doing this once. Problems arise when the revs climbed. You can put a volt meter across the battery and rev the car. Mine was perfect idling but rev it and it went to 19v + my dash lit up like a xmas tree. I also got a bit of smoke from behind the dash and an electrical burning smell. Was my alternator resistor. New alternator fixed that issue.
  9. Vauxfan

    Front suspension wear

    No to the sway bar issue. I still think its tyre or alloy wheel related.
  10. Vauxfan

    2006 530i n52. Which engine oil

    The only issue I have with the thicker oil is the engine works a little harder and the pin hole oil ways can sometimes clog stopping lubrication. I will get a litre of petronis 5w 30l from europarts. Or castral from tesco.
  11. Car has 98k on it. I have seen 0w 30 and 5w 30 as recommended oil. But which 1 do I need? I know it will be fully synthetic.
  12. https://forums.m3cutters.co.uk/threads/bilstein-b4-shocks-eibachs-review.163691/ a good bit of information if you want.
  13. I always remember a guy on bimmerforums that uprated his b4s to b6s on his e46 m3. My terminology for harsh is the same as if I said firmer. Harder is harsh to me. He said the b6 shocks were suited to track days. B4s are an oem spec shock I believe. Very similar to oem m sport rates.
  14. If it was my money. Eibachs as they are a progressive spring that improves ride quality over the m sport while being nice and tight in the twisted. Bilstein b4s. I would avoid b6s and b8s as they are harsher. More for race tracks and m3 / m5s. But that's where my money would go. Some on here also swear by koni active shocks.
  15. Vauxfan

    Front suspension wear

    E46 used to be weighted too. But 4 wheel hunter alignment has always been £200 up here.