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  1. Vauxfan

    Quick code check via inpa.

    Thanks guys. I will look into this. What symptoms would this cause?
  2. Vauxfan

    Quick code check via inpa.

    Wheres the solenoid located?
  3. Vauxfan

    Quick code check via inpa.

    I don't think mine has shutter blinds?
  4. I think inpa is working ok. But any way, I have these options for my e60 n52 2006 and these codes came up. Ing on only. Car not running. I reset and the top one came back immediately. Maybe because engine was not on? I will see what comes back.
  5. I have had a quick look and could not find any signs of the rocker gasket leaking. The oil seems to be on the block on the inlet side. Front side half and around the gasket area just below the inlet manifold. Cant see where it would be coming from though. There is a gasket there also. I have jet washed it now to see where it comes back if. If it does.
  6. My car seems to be missing the front 2.
  7. What is the idiots guide to the term fluctuations?
  8. Just getting the car into the best condition I can as this will be my long term car. I have noticed that the car has a slight fuel smell on start up ( obviously I have the heater vent fans on) it lasts about 5 seconds while moving off. Next is an oil smell. This is when the engine is hot and sat with the car running. It is mild but there. If I exit the car it smells a bit like burning oil smell. Again for a short while. My first instinct is rocket gasket, but a quick look and it's not obvious. I will have a look under the engine bottom covers tomorrow. Any ideas?
  9. Sunmp bolts for the engine or gearbox pan?
  10. Is that no bridge or solenoid seals because it didnt need it. Or was it that price with out them because it would have been a lot more with them?