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  1. Brand new. Bought to do anti freeze on my 5 but have sold it now. £15. Bought for £30. Collection york.
  2. Markse60530i

    How do I upload pictures?

    I have allocated image mb left on here. What image site do you guys use?
  3. Markse60530i

    06 530i m sport Black 104k great condition

    So I have finally decided the time has come to sell the car. Its very reluctant bur right for me now. I need to sell her before I lose interest in her. She is a carbon black 06 530i m sport. 104k full service history. Oil change less than 2k ago. 19 inch spider alloys. Full black leather with professional wide screen nav. Auto n52 engine. Gearbox oil and pan changed around 90k. I have owned this car for about 3 years and have covered only 6k miles. It's not enough for this car. Mot due 10 December. It's had the rear brake lines replaced professionally and correctly over the tank. All discs and pads done around 3k miles ago. The car had a new battery fitted last year with a higher cca and ah. Fully registered. The only faults it has that I am aware of is the rear window black out film is rippled on the inside ( can't tell from the outside)) The 2 passenger front pdc sensors are not working. Never have . Might just be 1 throwing the other out. Balance out at 70. I clipped a curb and scuffed the side of the front passenger wheel. The balance was noticeable after this. All the wheels prior to this were refurbished and hold pressure. The car is in a great condition. It also has a luggage load guard on the rear bumper. The car runs and drives well. Shame I don't use it as it should be. Pm me for pictures as I can't seem to upload. The car is the one in my user picture. Looking for offers over £4k Located in york.
  4. Markse60530i

    The dreaded red steering wheel symbol

    Sorry mate, I thought I had clicked that button. It's done now.
  5. Markse60530i

    The dreaded red steering wheel symbol

    I think you remove the lock then fit the emulator? Correct me if I'm wrong. Ps. Is it a good idea to reset the counter even though I don't have the wheel on the dash at present?
  6. Mine is a manual column. It looks like the lock can be removed. Would I put the emulator on when the lock is open. But would that not need the ignition on for that job?
  7. Yeah. Got in OK this morning, no signs or anything. Was thinking of resetting the evl counter. This is the issue I believe? I have inpa, ncs expert, tool32. Can I reset it via these? If so how? Thanks in advance.
  8. Markse60530i

    The dreaded red steering wheel symbol

    I'm a little confused. Mine is build date 2006 but manual column. Does that mean I need the column and lock. Not just a lock? Would a counter reset help?
  9. I read about resetting a counter? I've also seen steering lock emulators? I presume you plug the lock plug into the emulator and remove the steering lock mechanism?
  10. Put key in, pressed start and all I heard was a lot of light clicking from behind the steering wheel. 5 seconds later the clicking stopped and the wheel slightly moved and then the car started. On the dash was an orange steering wheel and lock signal? It disappeared when the wheel moved before the car started.
  11. My friend has an e92 m3 that's snapped the rear subframe. He wants some torque settings for refitting parts. Any ideas where I can view tis free?
  12. Markse60530i

    How do I become a gold member?

    As per title.
  13. Markse60530i

    2006 530i float stick missing.

    There used to be one in there. The stick is missing now though.
  14. Markse60530i

    2006 530i float stick missing.

    Just went to check my coolant level and noticed the float stick is missing. Level was a little low so put some water in. White floaty bit came up with water addition. Just a hole where the stick appears to have been.
  15. Markse60530i

    Heater settings in opcom

    Any idea what the heater valve settings do in inpa? Iirc there is a test in opcom for heater flaps? I believe they are all at 0 and you can alter them from 0 to 100. I did 1 and tried 50 and heard like a solenoid noise. I could put it back yo 0 though. It kept reverting back to 50. What does this do? Also what setting on the pre lci puts heat through to the passenger rear through the centre console? I get a lot of heat at the window vent, I can get quite warm at the centre vent but not really as hot as the window vent. Heat full in idrive. But the rear passenger vents stay like warm at best. Ideas please. What's the inpa vent test do exactly. And why is the vent like warm