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  1. ive ordered the lead and program from Jimmy. Fingers crossed..i’ll Let you know how I get on. Is there a virgin’s bmw programming guide for this software...I’ve done some plc programming so I hope I’ll work it out but any info would appreciated.
  2. I live just inside the top left of the m25, between Harrow and Watford. Thanks
  3. Mmm thanks, I thought Carly may not help. Do you know where I can get hold of what is needed?
  4. That’s the plan. Thanks. Any input about the sos assistance? That’s my main hurdle currently.
  5. Hi, trouble with my trip computer and time/date data being lost occasionally when I start my 2008 520 lci diesel that I've owned 3 weeks. I have purchased a 110Ah battery and intend to replace the current 80Ah (don't think this is a standard capacity) battery. I will register the battery and change the capacity with Carly. I also have a fault that bongs every time i start the car stating that 'SOS assistance is unavailable'. After some internet trawling it seems that the 2G technology that the system uses was turned off 2 years ago (correct me if any of this is wrong). Would I be able to use Carly to inhibit this alert? Thanks
  6. e30e46e61

    Wiring diagram?

    purchased a Carly obd2 dongle the connects to my iPhone, will download the (£50/yr) app..
  7. e30e46e61

    Wiring diagram?

    Cheers chaps However I reset the clock before a motorway journey (didn’t replace any fuses) and it’s been fine since. I’m now thinking the battery is a bit flakey. Previously I had put the key in and didn’t start the engine immediately and a battery image flashed up on the display. I thought the car was just telling me the battery is at risk if I use equipment with the engine off but now I’m thinking it may be a duff battery. I had a look at the battery and noticed an inch of water in the battery tray (blocked drain bad / seal on rear light?)... what a minefield changing a battery is.. I have to code it!! My ibs may be water damaged? Can anyone point me in the direction of communication software for a Mac. Thanks again.
  8. e30e46e61

    Wiring diagram?

    cheers buddy
  9. e30e46e61

    Wiring diagram?

    Searching for a wiring diagram and stumbled on this old discussion... I have a 2008 520 touring lci. I’ve had tailgate wiring issues which are now sorted but the time in the clock keeps resetting. Im guessing the permanent live fuse that supplies the feed to maintain the time in the radio but am not sure if its a separate battery for the idrive or something. Trip computer average speed/mpg etc also resets overnight. Any help? Thanks