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  1. GaSelle

    Help choosing a G30

    I have the standard lights, and they’re brilliant. They’re more powerfull than the xenons on my previous Superb (2018).
  2. GaSelle

    Help choosing a G30

    Good luck choosing - and I’m glad you got the point about putting things into perspective Yes, the price is (unfortunately) in GBP.
  3. GaSelle

    Help choosing a G30

    I do. G30´s are even more basic here in DK. No sat-nav, no ambient light, no M-package. Just 17" alloys, LED lights (non-ICON), park sensors front and rear, cloth seats (electical, no lumbar support), analogue dash. I came from a fully loaded Skoda Superb (my second, both suffered from faulty clutches (DQ200)) so I could trade the Skoda in for my current 520d for a very little amount of money. It was driven my a person from the dealership; 3 months old, 8000 km on the clock. Would I like more gadgets? Yes, who wouldn´t. But that would mean ordering a new car and speccing it the way I want. And I can´t afford that (read: will not pay that much). A standard 520d costs £74800. Navigation Business is £4675. Navigation Professional is £6450. Active Cruise is £2900 M-Sport pack is £12670 Comfort seats is £5500 Lumbar support is £650 Ambient light around the same as above ICON lights is £3600 HUD is £2850 DAB is £900 Harman/Kardon: £2620 Hifi: £1180 Leatherette (plastic leather): £1400 Leather Dakota: £5200 And I could keep´em coming. So maybe that explains a little better, why our cars in general are lesser equipped. I love my base-520d for the feel, the power, the way it drives. And yes, I can live without sat-nav, adaptive cruise, lane assist, blind spot, full electrical seats with memory etc. which I was used to in the Skoda. The BMW is in another league. It has more details (i.e. the color of the dials changes from white to orange at night time), better design, better drivetrain and a better driving experience. The only necessary change I´ve done to my car is, that I´ve replaced the horrible standard speakers with some OEM HarmanKardon (four mid-tones, four tweeters - standard was only four mid-tones + the subs under the seats). Oh, almost forgot. Metallic paint is £2650...
  4. GaSelle

    Losing DAB radio presets and other issues.

    Does your headlight washers not operate at all? Mine does, also when with the lights on "Auto", but only when the mains are on, and the windscreen washer has been activated some times (5?). They do not operate when it´s only the DRL´s, that´s activated (still in "Auto", but in daylight).
  5. I know - have had a few G30’s as rentals in the UK.
  6. It looks like this, just ‘fyi’
  7. That might be. But somebody further up asked how it looked - and the screen and controller is identical to Nav. Business.
  8. It looks the same as cars with Navigation Business.
  9. There’s sadly no option to mirror anything, at the moment.
  10. The only place with THAT stupid taxes on cars - Denmark
  11. Not over here. Our taxes on cars are to blame. The question is, if the hardware is the same (I know that the iDrive controller and the antenna is), and if the navigation needs activation using FSC codes.
  12. Is it still so, that CarPlay can only work on the navigation systems? My car is not equipped with sat-nav, but it has the same display as Navigation Business, the iDrive controller has "map" and "nav" buttons and the car has a GPS antenna (for Connected Drive and "location services"). Do I have to swap out the heatunit itself to get Navigation Business, or can FSC codes (and a map, of course) be generated to make navigation work? Or CarPlay? Cheers,
  13. GaSelle

    Things I hate about my 5 series

    Yes, and that’s why I’m happy with the cloth/fabric my car has :)
  14. GaSelle

    Things I hate about my 5 series

    I have the standard seats - they are great. Just drove 900 km to Prague and back, and I felt completely unstressed and relaxed the whole trip. It´s all about adjustments Had a new E-class as a rental on my last trip to the UK. That was possibly the worst seats I´ve ever tried; worst thing was the fake (plastic) "leather" which gave you a sweaty "back" after just a few minutes of driving.