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  1. GaSelle

    Just bought a G31 520d MHt (mild hybrid)

    Courious to hear, if you can notice any difference from a "non hybrid". I´ve just traded my 2017 G30 520d for a 2018 G31 520d. The new car has two turbos, the old one had one. Don´t feel much difference so far.
  2. GaSelle

    Gesture Tailgate unreliability

    Only had a G31 with that feature for a few days, but it has worked every time (so far). Kick under the bumper, a directly back and forth movement straight below the BMW logo. Open and closes every time.
  3. GaSelle

    New Windscreen Time

    Because it says "Pilkington" and doesn´t have a BMW logo or the "Connected Drive" text just below the KAFAS cameras. My old G30 had that, and that was the factory fitted windscreen.
  4. GaSelle

    New Windscreen Time

    I´ve just replaced my G30 with a G31. The new (to me) just had it´s windscreen replaced. The car has Driver Assist Plus and HUD, so it uses all the beels and whistles in regards to the windscreen. It all works as expected including the HUD; so just to verify, that a "non-OEM" windscreen can do the job. If I owned the car at time of the replacement, I guess I would have asked for an OEM one though.
  5. GaSelle

    Retrofit folding rear seats

    There is no warning on a G30 when the seats are unlocked.
  6. GaSelle

    Latest dig dash format

    In Denmark the "all analogue" is standard, and both 6WA and 6WB are options - so yes, 6WA does exist in the G30
  7. I have a 2018 G30 without sat-nav. It has the correct screen and iDrive controller for Navigation Business though. My wife has a 2018 F20 with Navigation Business; a feature she doesn´t use. Can I swap headunits between the two cars, to get the sat-nav feature in the G30? Physically the HU´s looks identical, and the G30 has a GPS antenna fitted. I know, that it would involve unlocking and coding, but how do I approach this? Cheers.
  8. GaSelle

    Speaker upgrade

    The standard speakers are that cheap/bad, that I wouldn´t bother fitting an amp to them. I agree on, that fitting an amp to the current setup would improve things. The only amp I would consider fitting (if not going down the OEM route) was a Match, because you don´t have to cut any wires. The current setup sounds miles better, than the old setup. I spent less than £250. I´m happy with the way it sounds now, and that´s what´s important to me. The F20 Sound System might be cut down, but it has an amp - but does not play any louder or better than the G30 without the amp.
  9. GaSelle

    Speaker upgrade

    Please don´t talk to me, as if I were an idiot. I know what I´m doing, and your comparison is way off IMHO. To me it sounds like that you´ve never seen or heard the standard speakers, but trust me, an amp wouldn´t have improved the lack of tweeters - or the overall sound picture for that matter. The standard speakers are similar to the ones found in an Aygo. I tried the tweeters with the original speakers, and you´re wrong about that too. I don´t turn the bass up fully (why would I do that?) and the sound does not get flat when cranked up. You´re right, the system distorts when playing +90-95% of the volume, but so does the Hifi System in the F20. So to sum up: you´re right, that an amp would improve my current setup even more. And yes, the other systems has a more detailed EQ. But that´s the only thing you´re right about. For the money spent, I´m very satisfied with the result.
  10. GaSelle

    Speaker upgrade

    Don´t know if you´ve missed something - but the radio has a built in amp which handles the new speakers just fine. It plays loud enough for me and sounds great. The point with the retrofit were, to get some clearer and better sound, compared to the standard system, which only consists of four midranges and two subs under the seats. That produced a very "baffled/muddy" sound which made you only want to listen to speech radio. With the new setup it´s crisp and clear. The wife has a F20 with Hifi Soundsystem, and it´s not better or louder in any way. That system has an amp, to my knowledge.
  11. GaSelle

    Speaker upgrade

    Well, I don´t think it´s done any different in cars factory equipped with either Hifi og HK - and it works just fine.
  12. GaSelle

    Speaker upgrade

    Not sure what you mean by that; I just replaced the existing mid-ranges with the HK ones. They are fitted in a kind of enclosure in the door, as I remember it.
  13. GaSelle

    Speaker upgrade

    I´ve fitted OEM HarmanKardon speakers in my G30 instead of the standard speakers. Fitted to mids and tweeters in both the parcel shelf and the front doors. Sound is now crisp and clear. Total cost were around £250. (Second hand speakers from eBay, new tweeter houses for the front doors from local BMW dealer). It´s plug and play, only the wire going from the tweeter to the midrange in the front doors needs to be extended slightly. All plugs fit the new speakers.
  14. GaSelle

    Winter wheels/tyres

    Bought a user set on Werksraeder24.de - that was the best offer I could find. 18” with Michelin winters on them, around 6mm left on the tires. Was around €1000 delivered.
  15. I see. We pay annual car taxes based on the cars consumption and fuel type. For a G30 520d it´s around £400-450 per year. Fuelprices are roughly the same UK vs DK.