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  1. turnipandchips

    Breaking E39 530 Individual, 2002, Sport, M54B30

    What condition are the M parallel wheels and tires in and how much you looking for? I'm Peterborough so can collect.
  2. turnipandchips

    Style 37 Parallels Wanted E39

    Cheers matey, but have 17" on mine already.
  3. turnipandchips

    Style 37 Parallels Wanted E39

    Bump, Still looking.
  4. turnipandchips

    E39 Parcel shelf Colour

    Cheers, oh yes maybe its actually gone purple now you mention it.
  5. turnipandchips

    E39 Parcel shelf Colour

    Newb question no.1 I have a 2001 E39 sport saloon (In metallic black if it matters) with full black leather interior, can anyone advise what colour the parcel shelf should be? The one that is in it is very light grey, and just seems wrong with all the black. The car has had an amp at some point so wondering if the original was butchered to fit speakers.
  6. turnipandchips

    Style 37 Parallels Wanted E39

    I'm still on the hunt if anyone has some wheels for sale.
  7. turnipandchips

    Style 37 Parallels Wanted E39

    Hi, anyone have any M parallels for sale, must be genuine....any condition considered as long as they are non welded and no cracks. I have some style 66 with average tyres if anyone wants an exchange. I'm in Peterborough so local ish would be great but not essential.
  8. turnipandchips

    Newbie from Peterborough

    Thanks postmaster for the link.
  9. turnipandchips

    Newbie from Peterborough

    Hi thought i'd say a quick hello...A petrolhead from the day I got my first matchbox car in the early 80's. Currently an owner of a 2017 Ford Focus RS and a 1998 E36 BMW 323i Coupe, previous bmw history is a couple of years ownership of a BMW 2002Tii not too long ago. Love the E36 to bits, just feels a little bit small for me, so on the look out for a reasonably low mileage, tidy E39 530 sport to replace it with, must be petrol so if anyone knows of anything available outside the usual selling sites would be interested to hear from you.