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    Hi, No I don’t require the multiple phone functionality, it was just the Apple Carplay I was after. It appears that Carplay can’t be remotely activated for the 2019 iDrive, so I will need to find someone in Scotland who can do this. The company I was talking to is a 1000 mile round trip.
  2. Richywiseman

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    Hi, I coded most of the list you posted, apart from 2 I couldn't see. I couldn't see REMINDER_TRIGGERS_EIN_AUS, or OFFICE_MENU_ENABLE (but there was a OFFICE_MENU_ACTIVE) which I set to active. It all appears to be working, I get the option on iphone to enable notifications, and messages appear on the iDrive, and Siri activates with long press of the steering wheel. Is there any functionality that I am missing with the menus item I cant find? I did notice that my ECU name in Bimmercode is HU_NBT_EVO, is that why the parameters are different? Thanks,
  3. Richywiseman

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    Hello everyone, first time poster. I have a similar issue to the original poster. I collected my new 5 series last week and I have now after some research and looking online discovered that in order to activate Apple Carplay, I require to have Enhanced Bluetooth, which I do not have. This is misleading as I was under the impression from the way it is written in the literature that enhanced is wireless charging. So what are my option for adding this, Can I get Enhanced Bluetooth added officially, without the charging hardware from BMW? Or if I add via coding, as described in this thread, how will the Connected system know via my VIN number that Enhanced Bluetooth has been added, and allow me to purchase Apple Carplay? Or is this not possible if enhanced is coded? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance. Richard…..first time BMW owner……………………..