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  1. ih786

    More E39 parts

    Hi Can you please give me a price inc postage for the following parts: Spring: 11411706809 x 1 Washer: 07119963418 x 1 Washer: 32411093596 x 4 Plug: 11361433513 x 2 Cap: 11611437560 x 2 Cap: 11611727176 x 1 Thanks!
  2. ih786

    E39 Seals

    Morning - I have send you the money via PayPal just now Thanks
  3. ih786

    E39 Seals

    Hi Need to order a few O-rings please: 11431717666 x 2 11431740045 x 1 32411128333 x 1 Please let me know the total price and I'll send you the money across. Cheers!
  4. ih786

    E39 brake pipe & other parts

    Damn I am £2.13 short! Will send you the difference now - sorry about that And thanks for confirming the timescales. Works perfect for me as need by the weekend
  5. ih786

    E39 brake pipe & other parts

    Hi Thanks for the reply. I will leave the part "Screw: 34111164022 x2 - £ 3.71" as it is not in stock. I believe that results in a total of £112.22? I'll send you the money across via PayPal in the next 5 minutes. What will be the ETA for delivery please? Thanks
  6. ih786

    E39 brake pipe & other parts

    Oops forgot can i also have a price (separate to above) for: 25mm ARB bush: 31352229421 x2
  7. HI Need a couple of parts please: Brake pipe: 34326755308 Clip: 34341163565 Screw: 34111164022 x2 Washer: 34111164008 x2 Clamp: 51718176503 x5 Screw: 51718218323 x5 Circlip: 51718195383 x5 Vanos solenoid: 11367560298 Thanks!
  8. ih786

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Yeah it's an awesome colour. As soon as I saw it for sale I had to have it and the colour was a big factor. Mine looks the same as that - except it has M5 alloys (reps) and the black door trim plastics are faded and my paint is not as shiny lol
  9. Been following this thread for a while. Lovely touring you have there Planning a rebuild of my rear suspension next year. Are these bushes the same on the saloon version too?
  10. ih786

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Yeah was a load of work - still got lots more to do like new CCV, vanos oil hose and new pas pipes and bottle and the ARB bushes too. Not all of it is necessary but I want the car to be running as good as new. Then it's onto the retrofits I have lined up like E38 door handles, door blinds (rear and parcel shelf), heated and electric and memory seats with lumbar support and if I am brave enough a high obc cluster too No pics - well I have a few but my phone camera is rubbish. Going to start a build thread soon so will post some up on that
  11. ih786

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Fitted all these parts to my 530i this weekend (Sat - Mon). Front arms tied rods and drop links Front bearings Engine mounts Sump gasket New discs and pads all round Rebuild all 4 calipers Braided hoses Was meant to do front ARB bushes but ECP let me down with wrong part.... Took my time as never done any of this before on an E39 but ended up panicking as brakes would not bleed. Had car up in the air in the rain totally drenched and getting the wife to pump the brakes for me! All sorted in the end thank god as had work today Sump was a pig. Even with the subframe off try Pas rack was in the way (should have removed it) as was the auto cooler pipes. Then hardly any space to lift sump back on without the gasket falling off Doing all this work in my garden has its drawbacks... Car feels much better to drive now. Had a horrible vibration under braking which is totally gone - as expected after replacing all those parts
  12. ih786

    E39 Quarter Blind

    Hi Can I have a price for part number 51167110206 please? I believe this is the correct number for an E39 drivers quarter blind. Thanks
  13. ih786

    E39 Black Sport Electric Seats

    Wanted: A pair of front door black electric leather sport seats for an E39. Must be in good condition. Prefer heated but must be electric and black leather. Am in Sutton Coldfield B75 but happy to travel to collect.