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  1. ih786

    Alternative seats for an e39.

    I am after a set of black E38 sport contours so if you sell please let me know
  2. ih786

    E39 Brake Pipes

    Sorry forgot to send my delivery details on PayPal so just emailed it to you using the address above.
  3. ih786

    E39 Brake Pipes

    Thanks - have just paid you by PayPal now
  4. ih786

    E39 Brake Pipes

    Hi Can I have a price inc postage for the 2 rear brake pipes for my E39 please? Believe the part numbers are: 34326755312 & 34326755316 Last 7 digits of my VIN are: CE69870 Thanks!
  5. ih786

    Stereo swap OEM

    Yes all do-able. Need a separate loom for the MID. Its still available from BMW, got mine from ebay. Fitted mine with a CD player as the top unit - bit if an upgrade from the cassette one! It does work with a low OBC cluster. I've just fitted a high OBC cluster to mine last week. Thats a massive hassle as the adapter loom is NLA.
  6. I like the retro look of the phone but think I will stick with the current armrest. Its so comfortable! Fair point about the tyre. Didn't want to have too much of a go at the tyre fitter (friend of mine) as he was really careful cutting the bead that was stuck all around both sides of the alloy after the blow out. He really struggled with the new tyre too - something about the m paras having a larger lip making it hard to mount. Yeah my main concern about the arch is loss of paint and rust. Constant battle keeping rust at bay on these cars!
  7. One small issue i forgot to mention was a small puncture on the motorway which had no hard shoulder - ended up like this: Thankfully no harm done - alloy was unscatched. Couldn't get hold of a part worn Hankook and Camskil cancelled my order of a new single tyre after waiting for nearly 2 weeks. So ended up with a nearly new Bridgestone as a replacement tyre: Can still see the damage caused by the tyre on the right side of the arch lip towards the bottom. Need to push it back into shape at some point. Had already fitted an E38 armrest to my car. Wanted to fit a phone to the middle bit and get it to illuminate. Bought a phone and despite trawling through a load of wiring diagrams I couldn't get it to work. Think i need the entire loom, modules etc, so parked that idea for a bit. Instead I picked up a full leather E38 armrest and fitted that instead. Old vs New: And fitted to the car: It is so much more comfortable - night and day difference. Really pleased with it Still haven't given up on the idea of making the phone work one day - watch this space lol Oh and as an added bonus the weather was good on Sunday so managed to get the car cleaned finally: Drove it once in the rain and it is dirty again :(
  8. Its not all fun shiny parts - also trying to keep on top of any mechanical issues. Had an engine light on for a bit. Scanned and came up with a few fault codes for B1S1 lambda. New sensor ordered this past week. Old one removed - access was tight and the sensor was tight too! When it was fully off I realised why: Damn - ordered a lambda thread chaser to fix the thread in the manifold (new sensor would not screw in properly). Tool in place: Did a great job cleaning up the manifold threads: New sensor in place: Seems to have fixed the engine light issue for now. Only driven the car a bit though. So that is me pretty much up to date! Hope it stays dry tomorrow - might be able to give the car a wash after about 2 months.........
  9. So after all that - things slowed down a lot. Mainly because I was started to run out of things to do, and also due to my having a few back issues making it hard for me to get much physical work done on the car. Still - doesn't stop me buying more shiny new parts: That's all the rear arms, bearings, drop links and handbrake cables. I also bought powerflex bushes for the rear arms and diff. Before my back got really bad I cleaned up my rear subframe and fitted new bushes - using a tool hired from forum member ttrw: Before pic: During: And all done: But then followed a period of time where nothing has happened at all. Have not even felt well enough to wash the car Only one thing I can do to make things better - buy more car parts! What do we have here: E38 front ashtray. Bough this to strip down to fit the little light on the ashtray lid - yes I am that sad! Stripped down: Button removed: Ashtray lid removed and trim cut out for the E38 button: And glued back into place - forget to mention this is new technical graphite trim I bought a few months back: Looks pretty good - no one will ever notice apart from me but its the little things that count Trim not fitted to car yet as I have a few other interior retrofits lined up first - probably won't get it all done until next year at this rate......
  10. On one of my earlier posts on page 1 you will see i had a set of E38 (bored to E39 spec) M Parrallels powder coated ready to fit on my car at the right time. Well with lockdown easing off, and the uprated suspension fitted - it was time to get them on the car! Bought some new tyres (Hankoook Ventus V12 Evo2's) - 265/35/18 on the rear and 235/40/18 on the front. Before that it was time to fit the new centre caps and M stickers - non-genuine items from eBay (yes I am tight!): And then time for tyres. I spent a while polishing them and adding sealant for a bit of protection: On to the car, a huge improvement over the turbines for sure!
  11. While the parcel shelf was off I also fitted something a little more significant. As part of my suspension overhaul project (started by changing all the front arms last year) I bought some Bilstein B8 shocks and paired them with Eibach Pro-Kit lowering springs - so made up the B12 Pro-Kit. Built up the rear shocks in advance, using a combination of some bits from the donor rear end - with new top mounts and bump stops: Rear shocks in place. Half the job was removing the rear parcel shelf - after that it is reasonably easy enough: I found the fronts a challenge - making sure the springs are in the correct orientation was something I have never had to worry about on other cars, and I ended up removing all the arms and hubs as one complete unit to remove and replace each corner. And then all bolted back up on the car: Also gave the calipers a fresh coat of paint while I was there - and gave the arches a clean up too. Here is how it stood after all the work was done: Sits a little lower than standard, but not too low. Initial impressions were positive. Despite changing the front arms and rebuilding all 4 calipers and new discs / pads last year I still experienced a slight vibration under braking. Replacing the shocks/spring/top mounts (and re-torquing the front arms) seems to have fixed the wobble permanently. From a handling point of view the car felt a lot more tighter. Still reasonably comfortable, which is good - more than likely due to the alloys and winter tyres that were fitted initially - that changed soon after though!
  12. Wow it seems that it has been 5 months since my last post - where has all the time gone?! Well in my case I have been busy with work and other projects - still managed to find some time to work on my car though So the next thing on the retrofit list was the electric rear blind. When I fitted the heated seats I fitted a switch pack with a button for the rear blind. Furthermore by fitting electric, heated seats also covers off a good chunk of the wiring needed for the rear blind - phew! So this should be a relatively simple retrofit - just 2 wires needed - from the blind direct to the plug behind the switch pack. However as ever I made it harder than it should have been..... Yes the rear parcel shelf I bought was the wrong colour! It was cheap so I couldn't turn it down. Thankfully not too hard to change the colour - stripped it down and gave it a few coats of black aerosol: Came up quite well. Not perfect - feels rough to the touch - but how often do you ever touch your rear shelf! Fitting the rear blind means removing the rear seats. Fitted in place and wired up (no pics of that) - then gave it a test to see if it worked: All good so interior back in and another job ticked off the list!
  13. Well the lockdown continues and what else can I do but work on my car?! I was able to do a job that I had been putting off for absolutely ages. Ever since I bought my car I really wanted to fit heated seats. And it would be nice if they were electrically adjustable too. I found it hard to find a set of heated and electric seats, or perhaps I was being impatient! In any case I decided to do things the hard way........ Bought a set of electrically adjustable sport seats, that have memory function last July. They were in good condition and very cheap (always a plus for me!). So what about the heated part? Well around the same time someone was giving away a set of grey heated front seats for free and he lived fairly close to me. The price was good so decided to grab them too! Ok so I now have a set of black sport seats that are electrically adjustable and a set of grey comfort seats that are heated - and when I picked them up I noticed they also had lumbar support All I had to do was join together the best bits of both and I have the seats I actually want! Well I never really had time to do all of this. So the seats sat in my shed/under the stairs for months. I eventually started to tear down the grey comforts before xmas last year. All I needed was the heated pads, and the lumbar support bits. Rest of the seats were binned. Not many pics of the tear down work. Took a few for reference for the lumbar support: Pump sits at the bottom in the middle surrounded by motors for the rest of the seat adjustment: Bag sits at base of the upper seat section: The hardest bit of the strip down was removing the heat pads. They are stitched into the leather. I had to un-stitch the pads from the leather - took me ages! Had to be really careful to ensure I didn't tear the pad and damage the elements. But managed it in the end. So onto the more recent past, time to tear down the sport seats to fit the heated pads and lumbar support. Used this thread as a reference: Easy enough to split: Lower base part stripped down - leather comes off by pulling off the cover from the metal hooks: When the covers are removed I had to cut off the foam lining that is attached to leather: And stick back to the main base using contact adhesive - a tedious task! The heated pad is then attached to the leather cover by cable ties (as an alternative to the metal hog rings - much easier to use): You will note that the comfort seat pads are bigger than the sport seats, mainly due to the sport seats having the thigh support. I had to trim the heated pad carefully (you can see this in the pic above) and tucked it under the bottom of the base rather than mess around with the thigh support section. Also the pad was wider than the sport seat cover so had to trim some excess off around the sides - same on the upper seat pads too. Onto the lumbar support. With the seats apart it was easy to fit the lumbar pad and valves in the upper section. Seats all back together and now its time to sort the wiring out. First had to dig out the wiring for the lumbar support. Was able to follow the wires I needed. Some wires needed to be soldered together and then I taped it all up to make a loom: The wiring is actually quite simple, just needs a positive and negative. Spliced it into one of the plugs for the motors in the base: Then the heated pads. That was even easier as the seats already had the wires and connectors for the heated pads. One issue was the connectors on my pads were off a pre-facelift car, the plugs were a slightly different shape. Was easy to sort though, just trimmed off the excess bit and the plugs clipped in fine: And now the seats are ready to go in the car - finally! But first I need to sort out the wiring. Since my car had manual non-heated seats, I had no existing wiring in the car at all. The wiring for the electrical adjustment is easy. Just need to wire in a positive and negative into the connectors. There are earth points under the carpet where all the seats are. A fuse board sits under the drivers seat which supplies the power source. With the seats and other interior trim removed it is easy to access: Then onto the wiring for the heated seats. This is much more difficult! BMW did sell a retrofit wiring loom. But this is NLA. You can make one up, but this was beyond my skill set! Found a seller from Portugal on eBay who sell the loom, they make it themselves: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-E39-SEAT-HEATING-WIRING-LOOM-seat-heating-retrofit-cable-NEW-52110002132-/303344962814?hash=item46a0c4ccfe%3Ag%3A2tgAAOSwQRla14zI&nma=true&si=ycM6Z7kZTOrPevJOsM%2FnV%2FIr03c%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 Cost me more for the loom than I paid for the seats! But still worth it IMO. The loom was good quality, you can tell it was made from original connectors in some places, soldered and spliced into new wires and all taped up properly with cloth tape so looks OEM. If anything it was too long in most places. And annoyingly one wire (the positive feed for the fusebox) was too short - but this may be due to how I routed the wires. Part of the loom goes into the connector for the switch centre: The rest goes to the connector box under the glovebox, into the fusebox in the glovebox and then to the seat connectors and a single wire to the fusebox under the drivers seat. All in all a lot of wires so took my time making sure I did it right. The thread linked above is a godsend. The official BMW guide misses out one half of the loom! So all wired up and and seats fitted in place and connected. The moment of truth............ I fully expected something not to work. I hadn't tested any of the motors in any of the seats, the heated pads had essentially been torn out of another set of old seats and were also untested and then fitted to another set of seats. Same with the lumbar support too. And that's before you get to the wiring - which always confuses me - and having to rely on my shonky soldering skills! Despite all that I am happy to report everything worked I couldn't quite believe it to be honest! Here is the switch centre - spot the button for the next retrofit on my list....... Gave the seats a clean and condition today. They came up looking great. Bolsters and bases are in good condition: Little video of the electric functions: https://i.imgur.com/OmyfRLD.mp4 And one of the lumbar support: https://i.imgur.com/dwhbwwc.mp4 Very happy with how they have turned out. I still need to wire up the memory function (have the drivers door loom and switch to do this) - a job for another day! Oh and the lumbar support for the passenger side stopped working not long after being fitted. It is still inflated, will take a look at it soon - just need to find the time............
  14. ih786

    My 2002 E39 525i Sport Saloon in Titanium Silver

    Awesome work - seems like you have a really clean example with very little / no rust. Love the Poplar Wood trim too - need to find some for mine