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    Cars , Motorbikes , German Shepherds .........
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    Bmw e39 530d SE Touring

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  1. Neil Madrat

    Spotted on M5 south 530i

    Spotted this 530i going down M5 south ....
  2. Neil Madrat

    525i touring Derby

    Spottied in Derby today Bit rusty on sill but looked ok besides that ......
  3. Neil Madrat

    530i sport in Peterborough this morning.

    Spotted this good condition 530i sport in Peterborough today ....
  4. Neil Madrat

    523i touring M40 by Banbury

    Spotted early this morning blue 523i It went well on the motorway Sorry pic a bit crap .....
  5. Neil Madrat

    525 touring and a 530i saloon

    Spotted the maroon touring on Sunday And the blue 530i this morning Both by blackpool. ...
  6. Neil Madrat

    530D Touring M6 north

    Spotted nice dark blue 530D touring Going up M6 towards Lancaster ..
  7. Neil Madrat

    Silver E39 sport A34 north bound

    Spotted a nice silver E39 heading north on A34
  8. Neil Madrat

    528i bury St Edmund

    Nice condition dark blue e39 ....
  9. Neil Madrat

    Spotted 525d M6 north

    Seen this 525 going north by sandbatch And another going soth by Stafford E39 very popular .
  10. Neil Madrat

    Dark green E39 in derby

    Green 520i in derby
  11. Neil Madrat

    Spotted glacier green e39

    Just spotted green 528 saloon turning off A17 Looked nice condition end of reg was MAP .....
  12. Neil Madrat

    Spotted 528 touring m6 today

    Spotted this blue 528 touring today on M6 north in fair condition Fella said he had it for 14 years . And spotted a silver e39 saloon going other way on M6 at same time
  13. Neil Madrat


    Thanks ....
  14. Neil Madrat


    Thanks I live up here but I'm a scouser Or a blackpudlian as some of my mates say now hahaha .... They will look better once polished ...
  15. Neil Madrat

    Spotted white e39 saloon Blackpool

    Spotted in Blackpool turning on to Bispham road. Looked in real good condition. ...