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  1. PJAY

    Radio signal.

    PS As double check, i will remove the adpater and see what happens
  2. PJAY

    Radio signal.

    I have a dual 12v socket for dash cam and cam scanner, and it has a USB socket, but not using the USB, if that makes a difference. Similar to the photo below , but only one USB, but mine has a cord on it so i can place the adapter in the foot well. Its not just poor reception. On the ALL STATIONS option, there's virtually no stations , just one, Heart Radio. Every other station is missing
  3. PJAY

    Radio signal.

    I opened the whole tailgate , so you say access is from only opening the rear window ? Oh man, what a faux pas ! I'll try agin, thanks Pegg
  4. PJAY

    Radio signal.

    Well, i read on here that poor radio signal mostly comes with poor distance remote unlocking, but my fob works from at least 21 metres, i checked. Fuses also checked, but nothing blown I checked out tutorials , but i dont seem to have the same model where access to the Div Amp seems quite easy on most video tutorials. Prize out 4 rubber bungs, then undo the 4 Torx bolts, carefully lift spoiler, and there there's the amp. Mine looks like the photos below, and there doesnt appear to be a way in , using the above method. That black metal surround which runs across the top and up both sides appears to have no bolt access ..unless i'm missing them, but i dont see any way to get behind it
  5. PJAY

    Radio signal.

    No joy for me either - it wasnt the scanner.
  6. PJAY

    17" Space saver + tyre

    For E61 - 17" space saver + 125/ 80 or 125/90 or 135/80. Even the space saver jack would be handy
  7. PJAY

    Radio signal.

    I'm also getting poor reception on FM , but only since i fitted a cam scanner. Easy to check i suppose. I'll turn it off and see if the reception improves
  8. PJAY

    Tailgate plastic trim removal

    Just out of interest, this is the glass micro switch, and it looks slightly different to the one still attached. Was it an upgrade , does anyone know ?
  9. PJAY

    Tailgate plastic trim removal

    OK, will do
  10. PJAY

    Tailgate plastic trim removal

    Well, it's always possible, but i only have a phone, so probably wont look any better than the above. Might be worth a try though
  11. PJAY

    Tailgate plastic trim removal

    Thanks chap Funny enough, i saw that in my search, but the video is so small and a bit dark, i found hard to see what he was doing, but maybe i ought to give it another go.
  12. PJAY

    Tailgate plastic trim removal

    You mean maybe this cable + software hoojamaflip ? https://www.bcables.com/ I;d probably mess something up
  13. PJAY

    Tailgate plastic trim removal

    What is ISTA mr G ?
  14. PJAY

    Tailgate plastic trim removal

    Thanks stew ... i think i saw on here how to open the tailgate glass when the switch is knackered