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  1. Another topic where advise would be helpful -
  2. Does anybody can help and advise how to remove BMW f10 rear air vent with climatronic and DVD palyer USB socket? Could it be somewhat similar to this video or do I need to remove first DVD player and climatronic module? Thanks in advance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-OFEfghnCA
  3. No, haven't so far. I think, firstly I will try to disconnect just blue wire behind rear air grille as described in this post https://f30.bimmerpost.com/forums/showpost.php?p=18737915&postcount=31 and then connect USB socket to this blue wire socket without disconnecting the other two wires. I just made the order of the USB socket - part No 84109237656 and have to wait now for several days to receive.
  4. Could you please give some hint how it looks like and where can I buy this one? Or are you meaning that this one would suit to the blue cable socket
  5. Something like this... https://f30.bimmerpost.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1444631 But most probably there is a need fopr some USB adaptor (green one)?!
  6. Ok, but are you sure that one of the connectors from snapin adapter will suit to the new USB socket? I tthink these connectors have some special plugs to the snapin adapter?
  7. Do you mean to fit here (red arrow) an ordinary USB socket? What kind of USB socket adapter that is?
  8. This is what I have in the central armrest. I can quit easy tear out the cradle of the snapin adapter and there are 3 wires pludged-in... Do I need to disconnect them?
  9. Thanks, that would be useful!
  10. Thanks for advice. I have snap-in adapter in the central armrest in which I can insert SIM card. But I think this is useless thing. In the central armrest I have already USB socket. There is another USB port behind and under the rear ventilation as the car has TV function and screens for real passengers. Why it would be necessary to have an additional USB port from the back of the NBT?! Or am I mistaken?! Maybe you can share some pictures of your's instalation?
  11. Unfortunately no success. Tested 3 Android phones with some 5 different Samsung and non Samsung USB cables - non of them can be recognized by iDrive Multimedia. On the other hand tested iPhone as well and voila - connecting and playing songs from iPhone storage as well as Spotify like charm.
  12. Thanks for advise, but already did that. Having now message - Your vehicle is up to date
  13. You mean Aux? Yes I have, but via USB port the quality of the sound would be much better
  14. In my car there is only one USB port in the central armrest. Most probably Android is not "a friend" to BMW... as far as Samsung Galaxy A5 neither A8 is not recognizable by iDrive.