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  1. Bigcarman79

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Not done today but on Friday. I had my car detailed by a pro (or at least someone who does it for a living).. The difference is huge, now mine looks as good as sll the rest of the beemers around here.....paint-wise i mean.
  2. Bigcarman79


    The Halos on your car should be the side lights. You can programme them to be daytime running lights by coding them with software (as i have with mine). What happens when you put your light switch to the side light setting?
  3. Bigcarman79

    5w40 ll04 castrol

    You can get the 5w 30 from the same seller for an extra few quid as well. Item: 392132640393
  4. Bigcarman79

    Part Number for DPF

  5. Bigcarman79

    Part Number for DPF

    Sorry it doesnt say that, it was my interpretation of the fault code and blurted it out here. Here's what it said:
  6. Bigcarman79

    Part Number for DPF

    I had a Terraclean done last month and the results are marginal imo. Ive seen about a 2mpg difference, no power gains or better throttle response. They do a specific DPF Terraclean so intend to enquire about it. Im also going to do a forced regen to 1/ make sure it does regen and 2/measure the soot mass etc afterwards. If all fails it looks like a new dpf soon
  7. Bigcarman79

    Part Number for DPF

    Mine is also reading "nearing end of life". Although when looking at the live readings on "soot mass" and comparing it with recommended replacement figures i'd say it has a good while left in it yet. Im considering a DPF terraclean. Its got to be worth a punt for about a hundred quid.
  8. Bigcarman79

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Yes. Warnings on dash so i charged it off the car, wouldnt charge above 12.4v, changed it before it let me down.
  9. Bigcarman79

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Replaced car battery and registered it. All good apart from Carly did an update to the adaptor and now it fails to code.
  10. Did you ever get to the bottom of this? Im showing the same fault on carly. Did you know which plug it was or did you just replace the lot?
  11. Bigcarman79

    Auto box on MY 2011 520d

    Mine was one of the last 24v senators sold to the normal public. They even had electronically adjustable suspension as standard (comfort or sea sick mode, normal and sport). The flexplate is as said like a flywheel. I wonder how many are left?
  12. Bigcarman79

    Auto box on MY 2011 520d

    The only thing i ever had to replace on the Senator was the flex-plate. A pain to source one but found one in Germany. It was mint but sold it on for a profit after 4 years of owning it. The next VX had to have an expensive autobox rebuild. A Vectra 3.2 v6. At 45k miles it decided to chew itself up. Its put me off autos a bit now.
  13. Bigcarman79

    Auto box on MY 2011 520d

    Ahh, I loved my Senator and regret to this day selling it!
  14. Bigcarman79

    Carly or BimmerCode

    Ive just ordered the Carly adaptor. Im sure it could pay for itself in no time. Thanks for your input.
  15. Bigcarman79

    Reversing Light Failure

    Yes you are correct. It was the fog light bulb i was thinking of.