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  1. Bigcarman79

    Glowplugs- replacement cost

    Thanks for the replies, i will probably tackle it myself. I thought £220 sounded a bit steep but wasnt sure. Can coding them only be done via ISTA?
  2. Bigcarman79

    Glowplugs- replacement cost

    lumpy running on startup for a few seconds and an fault code (2AB900).
  3. Bigcarman79

    Glowplugs- replacement cost

    What did you do about telling the car it had new ones fitted?
  4. Does £220 sound about right for the glowplugs to be replaced on a 520d? I got this quote from a indy bmw specialist.
  5. Bigcarman79

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Indeed, 11400 miles in that time. Hopefully i wont be doing that again un a hurry, though the car performed brilliantly.
  6. Bigcarman79

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Oil and filter change for the second time in about 12 weeks. And also did my dads car (a stupid Chrysler 300c) whilst the ramps were out. 1hr 30mins to do both on the drive. Not too bad in my opinion.
  7. Bigcarman79

    Gearbox whine / slight noise

    I get the same noise (grumble) which you could mistake for a chain rattle (sort of). Mine is not the chain but if you move the gear stick you can make it disapear. Its something that is worse some days than others. Mine tends to do it under acceleration. I am, someday going to get it investigated.
  8. Bigcarman79

    F11 Roof Bars

    I have genuine BMW roof bars. The quality is excellent as you would expect and not too noisy when driving. I think i paid around £140ish. I looked at Thule but decided to go genuine, purley down to cost. And if i remember correctly, the BMW F11 roof bars are the same part as the G31..
  9. Bigcarman79

    Tyre pressure for non-RFT

    +1 on this. My tyres are showing wear on the inner and outer edges on the front and the car didnt feel right when at the pressures shown on the B pillar. Ive just increased them by 0.2 bar and its transformed the way it behaves. I honestly thought i had worn suspension at one point.
  10. Bigcarman79

    EGR cooler 2nd Recall

    Mine, a 2011 model has also flagged up but was never part of the original recall programme. Im assuming they have found issues with alot more of the coolers...
  11. Bigcarman79

    F11 Front Discs

    No, few aftermarket ones will offer the aluminium centre. In my opinion, unless you are regulary driving the car hard around the twisties, i wouldnt be too bothered about it. Just get decent parts, people will argue that you should only buy genuine for the likes of brakes, but i opted for aftermarket and they are just as good, if not slightly better than the originals.
  12. Bigcarman79


    I will try when i get time. You could try shaking or moving the silencer by hand to determine whether or not its the baffles. You will hear the debris move about.
  13. Bigcarman79


    The silencer alone from BMW is £850, then you need the fixing kit (as you need to cut the existing silencer from the original pipe). I never got a price but you can get them off ebay from a place in Poland for about £75 (says genuine BMW). They also do silencers for about half the price but would you risk it?
  14. Bigcarman79


    I priced up the silencer last year and my jaw hit the deck. I might get one from a breakers and take a chance. Theirs a few on fleabay at the moment.
  15. Bigcarman79


    I checked. The bolt is tight. Its definately the baffles as i can hear them, or pieces of them shuffling about when i move the back box.