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  1. Bigcarman79

    F11 Tailgate light

    I think they are LED. I had this when i bought mine and they had to replace the unit.
  2. Bigcarman79

    Outside Mirror Heater Fault

    Ahhh. So i pressume both mirrors are heated on all f10/f11's. My left mirror doesnt heat up so i wonder if its faulty as well.
  3. Bigcarman79

    Pre LCI halogen headlights

    It might, but plenty of people seem to get through the mot with no issues. Im certainly going to take the chance.
  4. Bigcarman79

    Pre LCI halogen headlights

    The halogens are rubbish. Im going to get a aftermarket hid kit fitted when i get the chance. Dont bother with a genuine retrofit as its far too expensive in my opinion.
  5. Bigcarman79

    Oil offer

    Just a heads up.... Halfrauds are doing Castrol at half price at the moment. £17.50 for 4 litres. :D
  6. Bigcarman79

    Seat issue

    I noticed my front passanger seat rattling today, i hate rattles so i pulled over to try and sort it. It would seem that the seat is only locking into position on one track, causing it to move slightly when driving and creating a rattling noise. (I have the partial electric setup so back and forth movement is done manually). Has anybody else experienced this? And does the whole seat need to come out, or can i just remove the base? Thanks in advance
  7. Bigcarman79

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    21500 is what ive done since the last test. Proper mileage
  8. Bigcarman79

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    After some thought of getting shut over christmas, and a test drive of a possible replacement that didnt end well, i had to get the old girl MOT'd today. Passed with no advisories....yaaay!
  9. Bigcarman79

    Who makes the front foglights ?

    I replaced mine with after market. They are halogen and a very easy swap.
  10. Bigcarman79

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    I took mine to a garage for the work as i just didnt have time to do it myself. A quick look on youtube shows its easily do-able jacked up on a driveway.
  11. Bigcarman79

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Few things done today. New gearbox oil. New engine and gearbox mountings. New Fuel filter. Car feels much better.
  12. Bigcarman79

    EGR and inlet question n47

    I will be booking in with these guys after christmas. My EGR is now throwing up a fault code so will het them to try and clean that as well.
  13. Bigcarman79

    F10 LEDs or HID Kit

    Same here
  14. Bigcarman79

    F10 LEDs or HID Kit

    Where did you put the ballast unit?
  15. Bigcarman79

    244800 and 244900 codes

    Yes ive had this. Took it to a local specialist who checked the back pressure etc. before he told the car it had a new dpf. 8,000 miles on and still ok. 167,000 miles now.