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  1. Bigcarman79

    B47 f10 2014 fuel economy

    I completely agree with what you are saying. Theirs a big push for lower capacity engines to be fitted to cars with the promise of better mpg. In a lab that maybe the case but in reality its wrong. The n47 or b47 is a small unit for such a big car and must work harder. The harder they work the more fuel they use, its not rocket science but thanks to the stupid green movement, it appears to be the future (dont get me started on EV's). I stick to my guns though. Sod the MPG and try to enjoy it. It can become all too consuming otherwise. BTW i will be looking at a 6 pot next time. Just better
  2. Bigcarman79

    B47 f10 2014 fuel economy

    Too many people obsess over fuel econony these days... its a heavy car and does pretty well for a small unit pushing it along. Just enjoy the car
  3. Bigcarman79

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Finally got around to changing the air filter. I couldnt see anything in its history to say its ever been replaced. Anyway job done.
  4. I have a 2011 520d F11 (touring) with the N47 engine. Its just gone past 140,000 miles and has no timing chain rattle. And looking at the history it never has had so they can't all be bad. The 530d was on my list but like you, just a bit over my budget. They ride well most of the time, even with rft's with only the odd bumps causing a jolt. But its not as bad as alot of other cars. The seats are very comfy even in standard form, but you dont get lumbar adjustment which is odd. Im quite happy with mine so far but it is going to be used as a work horse very soon as im setting up my own company. Only time will tell...
  5. Bigcarman79

    F10 525d brake pads and discs

    Discs, pads and back plates replaced last night. Turned out to be a bit of a nightmare as the disc retaining screws had siezed solid on both sides. Im glad we did this on a proper ramp with access to lots of equipment. Took about 3 hours in total but didnt manage to do a fluid change. Thats the next job. The Mtec and Pagid set up seem to work well. Im obviously still bedding the brakes in but they have a satisfying feel to them, happy so far.
  6. Bigcarman79

    F10 525d brake pads and discs

  7. Bigcarman79

    F10 525d brake pads and discs

    Yes i could have done with that a few weeks ago when measuring mi discs on the driveway. I'm going to my brothers work to do the work on a proper ramp though...makes all the difference.
  8. Bigcarman79

    F10 525d brake pads and discs

    Good to hear. Im hoping to change mine tomorrow. Ive opted for Mtec discs and Pagid pads. Will also do a fluid change.
  9. Bigcarman79

    N47 remap advice

    Im also considering it. My 520d has done 140k and told by a reputable remap company that 220bhp is easily achieved and safely. The four pot isnt bad in standard form but could benefit from a bit more shove (imo).
  10. Bigcarman79

    Parking brake switch

    I used the method in the video. It is a tight fit but it works. I paid the extra £2 and got it from the UK.
  11. Bigcarman79

    Parking brake switch

    Switch cover replaced this morning. Easy 1 minute job. Well worth doing.
  12. As im going to be replacing my discs and pads in the next couple of weeks i may as well renew the fluid for piece of mind. Great write up. Is there any way of purging the system using software?
  13. Bigcarman79

    Zimmerman or MTEC

    Thanks for your input guys. Any thoughts on the Zimmermans?
  14. Bigcarman79

    Zimmerman or MTEC

    I would agree normally but at nearly £400 it just hurts a bit too much. That coupled with an extra £88 for back plates (yes £44 each for a bit of pressed steel) is pushing me to look at aftermarket.
  15. Bigcarman79

    Zimmerman or MTEC

    After deciding against buying genuine discs and pads (due to the expense of the damned things) i'm going to go aftermarket. I've seen these on eBay and would like to know your thoughts/experiences. Do they squeal like most uprated pads or are they ok for normal day to day usage? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2X-ZIMMERMANN-SPORT-BRAKE-DISC-330-PADS-FRONT-BMW-5-SERIES-F10-F11-518-530/381594965651 I have also been in touch with MTEC, they are cheaper at around £130 for discs (grooved) and their pads. Does anyone use there products on here? Just looking for feedback None have the option of a pad wear sensor as far as I can see.