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  1. Ray112

    Issues with upgraded 530d engine

    Has MAP sensor been changed? Original on E39 diesels can read only to 2400mbar I think, that's 1.4 bar of boost, when remove atmospheric pressure.
  2. Ray112

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I reused pistons, because there was no damage to them, but technically it's the same job, you push out piston, remove seals and slide pin guides, clean everything, instal seal, push back piston, instal outer dust seal. Job done. Bleeding brakes was absolutely easy. Nearly self bleeding - just open nipple and let fluid come out. I used vacuum to speed up process. At the end asked wife to push pedal for final check, but no air was coming out, only brake fluid. Shouldn't really be any difference after this, but pedal feels little more solid than before, maybe because of fresh brake fluid. If it would be summer time, I might spend few more hours painting calipers in some fancy colour, but can't be bothered to do that at this outside temperature. Overall I was thinking for last two weeks what to do this year, shall I keep E39 or shall I let it go when MOT expires on August. It's at high mileage, but interior is pretty much faultless, it run faultless, only some surface rust has showed up through winter ( E39 loves to cooperate with rust) and there's some rattle on front suspension, which start to look like shock absorber or top mount, because everything else is checked. But few hundred pounds should sort all this, so why to gamble with unknown e61, which is in my mind as replacement for E39, instead of that I will try to keep old girl running for another year, because so far can't complain about it much.
  3. Ray112

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Front calipers rebuilt. Never did it myself before so thought I will give it a try, just to learn something new. All pretty much straight forward, without any surprises like seized hoses or bleeding nipples. Honestly I was even enjoying process.
  4. If you don't want to put car down on wheels, before you start, measure distance from wheel hub center to top of wheel arch. When tightening bolts through bushings, make sure you are around that number. No rocket science there, just some common sense. By the way, some garages don't do this, because of two reasons: it's easier (or some apprentice student simply forgot to do that), and second reason - customer will return sooner, so they keep themselves busy. Make sure they have good reputation, before you give them your car to fix.
  5. If nothing is seized, basically it's 2 bolts to remove and two ball joints to get out. Did mines back in 2019 November, did it myself on driveway, car on jack stands, took little less than two hours, that's with wheel height preloading to make bushings sit correctly. Thought nothing was seized and those were original arms still on car after 17 years. It proves that not always they are seized. I believe garage with right tools should be able to do it in an hour. About wheel alignment, that's another good question. Theoretically you should do it every time you replace something from suspension parts. At the same time on E39 front wheels you can adjust only track rod ends (toe in or toe out), there are no eccentric bolts or anything else, that can be set wrong, so in theory after replacing thrust arms there shouldn't be any changes, BUT, there can be slight difference between length of thrust arms, due to different manufacturers, and that might affect toe in/out position, so opinions split there about wheel alignment, but you can always ask garage for suggestion. I didn't do alignment after replaced them, car is running perfectly straight. Set of front tyres is now on for 28k miles and will need changing soon, but 28k sounds fair lifespan to me, rears last about 20k.
  6. Ray112

    Self-correcting power...er...problem?

    To me it sounds like failing MAF sensor. Don't think that higher octane fuel sorted issue suddenly.
  7. Ray112

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    With that mileage 7k price tag would be little too high I think, 5k more realistic. It all depends on condition (visual like rust, scratches, dents, interior ect and technical). The more history you have, the better. If car has some rare items, like contour seats, double glazing, automatic tailgate etc, that's a good price booster. It's always hard to find right price, some people get lucky on auctions catching good interest and of course good final price. If not in too big rush to sell, start with higher price and try dropping slowly, if not getting much interest on beginning.
  8. Ray112

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Heat shields and that stuff is all good. Sound only is where driving straight and on road with little rough surface. If car is turning, sound disappears/reduces significantly, which leads me to think it's still anti roll bar related, because on turns anti roll bar is getting more tension, so not that much free movement happening. Checked everything with beaker bar while car was driven on ramps, everything looks/feels solid. Another possibility is failing dampers, but current ones are about 3 years old Monroe dampers fitted by previous owner shortly before sale, and I think damper should rattle all time, I mean on turns as well, not only when driving straight, so leaving this plan for the end, if nothing else is left to blame.
  9. Ray112

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    What mileage does it have?
  10. Ray112

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Today after work did a quick oil and filter change, which was overdue already, replaced front anti roll bar links while under car and had one headlight washer jet as well replaced. Old one was leaking from somewhere behind, making screen wash fluid to run out a lot sooner. But for sad news, something is still rattling as hell even with new roll bar links. Still have anti roll bar bushings to change, so hopefully that's the issue. All control arms are solid and no noise from top mounts when trying to shake front end, so I'm running out of ideas if rattling won't come from anti roll bar bushings.
  11. Ray112

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    That must be a good specification car, I'm sure it will be gone fast.
  12. Ray112

    Braking issues

    Has anyone actually checked what condition calipers are? All this can be caused by sticking caliper piston or slide pins. You can replace another set of top quality discs and pads, but if calipers are sticking, they will be at the same state as are current brakes in a month. It's multiple things that can cause brake vibration: stuck calipers/slide pins, worn out control arms/track rod ends, wheel bearings having little free play, poor quality discs or pads themselves, poor installation of discs (dirty wheel hub, greas used in-between disc and hub), driving habits and so on. All this need to be checked over to find actual issue. About only front brakes being in use when driving normally, it's totally wrong. Car is using all four brakes always, it's just load difference between front and rear wheels. So vibration can be caused by rear brakes as well, but if steering wheel is shaking when braking, I would say it's front brakes causing the problem.
  13. Ray112

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Suspension height was meant about springs ( rear airbags for touring) and shocks. Also could be interior trim(of course not all of them but quite a lot), because silver trim I have only seen on sport models, never seen on SE models, unless someone changed it later. Of course all these options we both mentioned above may be or may not be on each model, it depends on any optional extras chosen by first owner. Like SE model with sport suspension or sport model with comfort seats, which usually are in SE models.
  14. Ray112

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Different front seats, bumpers, suspension height, steering wheel, kick plates possibly missed something.
  15. Ray112

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    There's special process to reset brake pad warning light. Have a look on Google how to do it, I used YouTube video for education, when needed light resetting two years ago.