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  1. Ray112

    E39 Headlamp Projector Alternatives

    When I flash with dipped lights off, it's just original high beam which flashes. With dipped beam on it's both of them flashing. So I understand that you added feed from high beam to ballast with some kind of diode to make power go just one way?
  2. Ray112


    You might be correct about them being different exhausts between 523 and 525.
  3. Ray112

    AWD oil pan for M57 Engine

    You can get the same 40+ mpg on a run with m57, no need to make a step backwards into history. My e39 automatic with m57d25 is getting average 36mpg, that's with some city traffic as well. On a trip through Europe average was 45.5mpg with average speed 63mph and that's just stock engine, no remap, no modifications apart from EGR delete. M51 definitely don't have the best feedback, if you will offer between m51 and m57, then 95% will choose m57. Of course it's your car and your choice, but I think that fitting M51 in E60 is just wrong.
  4. Ray112

    E39 Headlamp Projector Alternatives

    I'm interested about bi-xenon at MOT, is there any problems because of bi-xenon function which might be pointing to modification? Of course matter of how competent about actual car is guy in test. I have done exactly the same modification, just different projectors were used, my car's MOT is due next month, so I'm just wondering what to expect.
  5. Ray112


    Spotted 525i OEM exhaust on Facebook sales page today for £60. Rear and middle silencer part, I believe everything from that's coming after cats. Single pipe. Not sure if any good and location, but might be worth to check.
  6. But even without gas healthy fan will work when tested with INPA. I would say that fan is dead.
  7. Ray112


    Ok, now your plans are clear. But I don't think m51 ever was fitted in AWD cars. Anyway, why to fit so ancient engine in E60? They have m57 engines from factory, which are better option than m51.
  8. Ray112

    AWD oil pan for M57 Engine

    But BMW never made E39 as AWD model, so why you need AWD oil pan for rwd E39. Is it E39 or something else, in which you want to fit that engine?
  9. Ray112

    AWD oil pan for M57 Engine

    But there is not such a thing as AWD E39, at least never existed in Europe.
  10. Ray112

    Swirl flap removal

    About vacuum, you can delete vacuum line for flaps right on vacuum rail, don't need to run hose to solenoid, I have EGR delete as well, so I just bridged two spare vacuum pots over with piece of hose, simple as that.
  11. Ray112

    Swirl flap removal

    Leave solenoid valve for flaps connected to wiring, and you won't have any faults about swirl flaps. All you need is correct size plugs, E39 it's 22mm by memory or follow advice above and modify swirl bases to use them as plugs. Nothing else is needed. If your mechanic don't agree with this, change your mechanic.
  12. Ray112

    e39 Crank case oil breather

    What service intervals are suggested for that loo roll filter? And when replacing, it's ok to replace just filter, not whole breather unit?
  13. Ray112

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    But easy doable mistake, if you don't check carefully what's on tin. Nearly did it myself once, because someone before me must put it back in wrong place. Just picked one from lot and went to pay, noticed that it's not what I need only while waiting at till.
  14. Ray112

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Some Halfords high gloss lacquer. Didn't bought anything special, some spray tin was just standing spare in shed, so decided to give a try. Didn't count, but I think I sprayed like 5 coats over each. I believe any clear coat spray will work, just make sure it's gloss finish not mat.
  15. Ray112

    PDC noise on door opening

    That's a funny one. Does it happen with just turning interior lights on and off? Try to inspect wiring, maybe some damage somewhere, but still strange that it's triggered by door opening.