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  1. Ray112

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Definitely no, because heater matrix will be inside housing, so air from blower motor goes through matrix. And it's higher up behind dashboard. I believe you can see condenser housing, which is just above centre tunnel.
  2. Ray112

    E39 Touring Psssssssssssssssssssst

    Remove air suspension fuse. There are two of them in right side of boot, check fuse diagram, to know which ones to remove, or disconnect battery. Then slowly undo blue or red air line( depends which side air bag you want to release from air) from valve body next to battery in spare wheel well. It's a 10 mm plastic nut holding air line to valve body. You will hear air starting to slowly come out.
  3. Ray112

    LED headlight bulbs

    I know from my experience that number plate lights do flicker as well if replaced with led bulbs, and of course front halo rings do the same.
  4. Ray112

    E39 Imola Red & Numbers Produced

    Im just landing you back to reality. All time you mentioned ACS parts on car, that it's 1 of 22 only , that it's special m pack model and so on. But currently it's a non runner, with rotten sills. So words can say a lot, sometimes right sometimes wrong, but facts speak for themselves. 7 years old pictures of it's glory times doesn't really match current condition does it?
  5. Ray112

    E39 Imola Red & Numbers Produced

    Well maybe it's time to start with your own attitude. Some how you all time manage to ask questions, but then right after start to fight against the answers, because you don't like them. They might be correct, but just because you don't like them you try to make them fail. And in the end when you realise that actually you can't prove opposite, because you are wrong, you start to act Mr abused one. Not the best way how to expect good reputation from other members. Even if you're an owner of rotten sill AC shnitzer.
  6. Ray112

    E39 Imola Red & Numbers Produced

    Have you finally started engine, or still thinking and overthinking how best to do it?
  7. Ray112

    LED headlight bulbs

    On some last years built E39 it's possible to code out bulb cold checks.
  8. Maybe that second issue you described is actually because of lack of use lately. Someone on here has selector switch issues, car was left alone for long time, which most likely caused some electric contacts to oxidase over time. Last report of him I remember was that switching gear lever through gears loads of times significantly reduced how often fault returned. Can't remember which member it was, but might be worth a try. Another thing to check is battery condition and alternator change voltage. These both things are known to cause random gearbox issues.
  9. Ray112

    E39 Imola Red & Numbers Produced

    Mostly looks like your knowledge is lacking a bit more than mine. So I would hold these comments about homework to yourself. And again you can only provide eBay links, where people can name their cars what ever they want, give us some more official source about E39 trim types then. Do your homework first.
  10. Ray112

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Just a gamble I would say. I have £5 Chinese eBay sensor working perfectly in my front bumper since summer 2019, and car been driven a lot. First eBay sensor was defective, seller sent replacement sensor, and it's working faultless even after being painted and now having fair few stone chips all over it.
  11. Ray112

    E39 Imola Red & Numbers Produced

    Since when eBay is been taken as gospel??? Most of them listed are just sport models.
  12. Ray112

    E39 Imola Red & Numbers Produced

    What is sport with M pack? Always thought there's SE, sport and M5.
  13. Temperature in hidden menu comes from ECU. If you have sensor with 4 wires, then it has two separate circuits, and most likely either sensor is bad or there is damage to wiring. Temperature shown in hidden menu is from ECU. It has nothing to do with temperature gauge.
  14. Ray112

    e39 front struts

    And I checked realOEM, mine is 525d, and it confirms that the same part number dampers are used from 520i to 530i and 530d, but not on any V8 models like 535i or 540i. Which just confirms there must be a difference between both.
  15. Ray112

    e39 front struts

    V8 and 6 cylinder engined cars have different front struts. Don't know if diameter is different, hubs for sure are different in between them due to totally different front control arm setup. And there was some difference in top mounts as well. Make sure you check for which engine they are before buying.