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  1. Ray112

    Alarm disable.

    Are you sure keys are paired with car and have working batteries inside? About alarm maybe it was going off randomly, and someone disconnected it, it's behind rear driver's side wheel arch lining ( at least on touring)
  2. Ray112

    Idle vibration

    Something wrong there, first thing, rocker cover is leaking mostly when running, because when sat, oil is in sump, and second thing - valve cover will never get that hot to burn oil off. Then oil would be burning everywhere in engine and around it if leaking. Only area where oil truly burns off is on exhaust manifold.
  3. Ray112

    Bleeding air from webasto

    Never bleed it separately, always just started engine and all air was out. Webasto is nearly lowest point of cooling system, so all air will go up the pipes anyway. You can run car up to temperature and turn of ignition, push max air-conditioning button or rest button (depends if your car is facelift or pre facelift) and webasto will activate electric water pump and interior blower, if you keep getting warm air, it means pump is working and there's no air loc in webasto.
  4. Ray112

    Idle vibration

    Easy way to detect air leaks on naturally aspirated engine is with spraying brake cleaner or similar stuff everywhere around pipes, hoses intake manifold etc, if there will be a air leak, you will hear engine speed change (rpm to increase).
  5. Ray112

    Idle vibration

    Has it been plugged in and checked for faults stored? Maybe misfire. When sparkplugs have been changed last? Inspect all intake pipes and hoses for air leaks. If engine is sucking extra air somewhere, it will badly affect idling and overall performance.
  6. Ray112

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I adjusted mine back in July 2019 before MOT, it was still holding on downhill before this year's MOT (but needed to be pulled really hard to hold car from rolling), thought I still adjusted it little bit. It didn't lock the wheels on rollers but forse measures were good enough to get through test. By the way mine is automatic, but I'm using handbrake every time when parking, just so it doesn't get stuck. For this year I believe new brake shoes will be need, because old one looks quite tired and i do have any idea when they been changed last time.
  7. Maybe originals don't hold coffee cup perfectly, at the same time, for example, McDonald coffee cups feel quite ok in them. But I know for sure they hold cans of beer very well. tried that last year while returning from mate's wedding. Of course I was enjoying passenger's seat.
  8. Ray112

    Windscreen options

    Interesting to know what's the explanation to this.
  9. Ray112

    Windscreen options

    Is there a thing you don't know about these cars? Always giving top answers, all well explained. Good to have members with your knowledge around there
  10. Ray112

    Rear sill welding

    And if it's not gonna any further up than on these pictures on inside wall, no need for fuel tank removal, so good 8 hours or what so ever of labour can be saved. You can clearly see that in those pictures.
  11. Ray112

    Rear sill welding

    Why would you want to strip interior for welding sills? I might understand need to remove fuel tank, but as well only if rust has gone too far up on sill inside walls, so you can't reach, otherwise underside of sills and roughly first inch or even more from side wall can be perfectly reach without removing anything mentioned above.
  12. Ray112

    Auxiliaru water pump

  13. Ray112

    Auxiliaru water pump

    Why you would like to do that? There already is electric water pump for auxiliary heater. Unless you want it to run all the time, but I can't see any benefit of it, belt driven water pump is more than capable of producing decent flow all time, of course if it's in good condition, without broken impeller etc.
  14. Ray112

    Touring Tailgate hatch opens randomly

    Inspect micro switch in handle.
  15. Ray112

    96,528i overheating when turning heaters on

    Thermostat only stops coolant from circulating through front radiator, it doesn't have ability to stop coolant flow to heater matrix. And like you said, turning heater on increases coolant capacity, so logically engine temperature will even drop at beginning, when increasing cabin temperature. That's actually what I can see on my e39, when hidden temperature screen is selected and I turn up heat from let's say 20° to 26°. Definitely a little strange issue, but good it's sorted.