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  1. Ray112

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Probably one those times when things just don't happen as they should. Well at least £30 doesn't sound too bad to get it working again.
  2. Ray112

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Thought it will just log a fault if airbag is disconnected, and it can be simply cleared with INPA or similar diagnostic software when airbag is connected back to rest of system. Never thought something need to be sent away from resetting.
  3. Ray112

    Clutch Pedal Obsessions

    And in the end of the day, it's only clutch pedal, not brake pedal, so might not matter as much.
  4. Ray112

    Clutch Pedal Obsessions

    I'm not sure if I would like pedals to be plastic welded in my car. Doesn't sound like safe idea. But your car - your choice.
  5. Ray112

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Handbrake shoes replaced today, so looking to get MOT next week.
  6. Ray112

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    That's great mpg. I have made 45.5mpg average on a 3k roundtrip. Was showing 47mpg before German autobahns started Is your manual or automatic?
  7. So you just agreed that it might not work well always. For example air-conditioning goes low on refrigerant gas pressure because of leak, and due to air-conditioning not working, fan won't turn on any more and engine is running at a lot higher temperatures than supposed to. So I wouldn't call it a 100% tested modification that works for everyone and always. Just a thought...
  8. Winter usually has colder ambient temperature, and forced air flow is less needed through radiator. So comparing what happened in winter and summer are two totally different things. Turn air-conditioning off and leave it idle for half an hour when engine is hot, if temperature won't rise, it's all good.
  9. Ray112

    Headlight adjuster saga and thanks to a member

    This is one of things I truly like about car forums. There's always members who can repair things for others, and there's always members who can advise others (or both usually) . That's what keeps car people connected and oldish beemers alive best of luck with your headlight restoration!
  10. Ray112

    540i -> 740d thermostat?

    Not 540i owner myself, but there's definitely few members with 740d thermostat fitted to their V8, mostly just good feedbacks. One thing to always remember, main radiator cooling on these cars is done with viscous fan (belt driven fan), so if thermal coupler working as should, everything should be fine, electric fan mainly is used for air-conditioning. Probably someone who has done actual modification to their 540i will give their feedback soon as well.
  11. Ray112

    Progressive LED side indicator repeaters

    I have seen some of that style side repeaters on other cars. Due to being quite small in size thay doesn't look good, more like kids toys, which doesn't look serious. I wouldn't fit them on my car.
  12. Ray112

    Pads and discs recommendations

    I have mintex discs on front over a year, centres has been painted with zinc paint and so far still rust free. On braking surface they sometimes have some rust spots, but definitely nothing major and it goes away after few times brakes been applied. No warping issues, not wearing any faster than other brake discs. On rear I have mintex discs for about 4 months, they were some silver colour coated from factory, as well no rust issues on centre bell, all surface rust goes away after brakes been used few times. Doing 20-25k miles a year, can't say anything bad so far. Maybe it depends where car is located, more rust issues could be around coast line, due salt water.
  13. Don't look at temperature with air-conditioning on. Like I said before, electric fan while air-conditioning is on will cool engine, QUESTION IS, WILL ENGINE TEMPERATURE STAY AROUND 90° WITH AIR-CONDITIONING OFF AND ELECTRIC FAN NOT RUNNING.
  14. Ray112

    Whine from Aircon

    Any chance it's electric pusher fan making that sound? Try to see if fan operation and noise is matching.
  15. Ray112

    PDC question - do modules go bad?

    If sensor has failed, it must show on INPA fault scan. And if one sensor don't work, it disables all system, so if rear don't work, front shouldn't work as well. You will still hear them clicking, but they won't measured distance and give any notification through buzzer. By the way not all aftermarket sensors make clicking sound. So I wouldn't trust just ear when searching for issue, only fault scan will confirm what's happening. I have myself aftermarket sensor in front corner, which doesn't make any sound since very first day, but works perfectly for already two years.