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  1. Ray112

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Probably not easy, especially on petrol engines, since they are a lot rarer to find. Usually petrol cars made for colder climates like Scandinavian countries are having auxiliary heaters . For UK market every diesel E39 should have auxiliary heater, at least those with m57 engine. Not sure about early tds models with m51 engine.
  2. Ray112

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Indeed it is smart. Of course to have these options car must have automatic climate control. But there are only very few E39 which had manual heater controls. For those I believe it's only preheating engine without option to blow air inside cabin while parked. There's actually another thing which is done party by auxiliary heater. Once you been driving some time and engine is up to temperature you can push air-conditioning *max button, when engine is off, it will activate blower motor and electric water pump, so basically hot coolant is pushed around system so you can get warm air inside without running engine. That usually lasts around 15-20 minutes before coolant temperature is getting too low or battery voltage is detected too low. First year when I bought my touring, webasto was totally dead, circuit board all covered in green stuff from water getting on it. Second year I already had webasto working before winter, and it definitely does make a difference with all these little things it can make.
  3. Ray112

    Bumper damage - write off?

    French border control is a joke since COVID. I had some issues getting over as well because of COVID tests, in the end when I had them, no one was asking for them. On returning I took a ferry from Netherlands to UK, more money to pay, but get to port, get on ferry and enjoy a pint. Simple as that. About green card, yes it was scrapped on a week I return. Still need it when I left UK.
  4. Ray112

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Pretty much what's been mentioned earlier. Basically it's an auxiliary heater, usually using diesel, but there are petrol ones as well, just not as common. On E39 basic function is to help warm up coolant when ambient temperature is below +6° ( or maybe+7° like Dan mentioned), as coolant reaches 60° temperature, auxiliary heater goes off. Another option is setting up timer, this can be done via OEM radio, then heater is working as parking heater, the same functionality can be done with telestart, which is quite pricey, basically you turn it on with remote control. I just made my custom remote control for it, relay with remote control, added timer set on approximately 15 minutes and low voltage protection, so webasto getting disconnected when battery voltage drops below ~12.0v. Now about functionality as parking heater. Webasto comes with it's own electric water pump. As heater start heating, electric pump comes on to push coolant around engine and heater matrix. After couple minutes interior blower turns on at medium speed and direct air flow to windscreen ( it happens automatically every time, doesn't matter what settings been left on climatronic unit. Once you start engine everything goes back to how you left it when driving). So after about 10 minutes of heater running you get front windscreen defrosted, which makes a lot of neighbors jealous while using scraper, interior is already little warmer as well, the same as engine, so on startup even at ambient temperature -7°c you don't see glow plug warming period, light goes instantly off, because engine has it's 30-40° temperature.
  5. Ray112

    Bumper damage - write off?

    Well good to hear that it was booked for repair already, at least it's not insurance write off then, which actually is quite surprising. Little bit off topic now, just curious what paperwork is involved now to travel to/from Europe? I was driving last year end of July and returning on beginning of August and only thing I needed was insurance green card, COVID tests and to fill online locator forms just in case you get pulled over to check those.
  6. Ray112

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    So back to webasto auxiliary heater issues today. Spare burner came out quite clean after left to soak with Mr muscle owen cleaner over night. Next was to remove heater from car, all straight forward, no issues at all. Took it apart, inside it was dirty at least, but what can you expect when it's been fitted in used condition back in August 2019, then I never bothered to taking it apart and cleaning, and it's been used a lot through cold months. That's how it looked after cleaning Next I checked both glow plugs, both - spare and the one inside glowing nicely when attached to battery, so that's all good, the same with combustion fan. So everything goes back together, installed in place and time for first start. First time it was still loads of smoke and ended with the same error as before. Cleared error and tried again, second time everything was running as should, very little smoke, no more errors. So happy days, it's running again. At the end covered top with kitchen foil to protect from water and leafs coming down from plenum drains. Previous foil was there since 2019 and seemed to be stopping any water getting inside heater.
  7. Ray112

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Cleaned rear wiper spindle today, wasn't too bad, but dry o rings were giving quite a bit of resistance. After all dirt cleaned out, fresh grease applied and install back in place, viper arm is moving twice as fast. And now some lemons. In last week noticed that webasto doesn't work anymore. Neither on remote, neither when engine started. Checked fault codes, and of course two were stored. 11 and 13, something about flame failed and flame failed on second attempt to ignite. And least that's what comes up translating from German. Cleared faults and tried to start it, loads of smoke from webasto and cut out after some time, first fault returned. So basically webasto auxiliary heater is asking for service. Have a spare one for parts in shed, took it apart tonight, removed burner camera of it. There's fine steel mesh inside burner, which usually gets clogged full with carbon deposits over time. Ideally you want to replace steel mesh which can be bought on eBay, but postage from China will bring it when winter will be over, so it's not an option. Whole burner assembly can be replaced, which isn't cheap at all. So my plan is to try something else. Carbon deposits can be removed with oven cleaner like Mr muscle foam spray, so I will try this option. Will leave it to soak over night and see what it looks in the morning. Hopefully good enough to get auxiliary heater running again.
  8. Ray112

    Front Strut Removal

    You will be pushing them down for a minute or even less, if that can damage rubber bushings, they are already failed long before. Imagine what weight are on them when driving, so I wouldn't worry about it. If you have short spring compressors, you can put those on and compress spring little bit, that will make it easier to get strut out of arch.
  9. Ray112

    1997, 528i overheating.

  10. Ray112

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Can you please describe more about rear viper spindle cleaning? I have noticed that mine is really slow first few times, then start to improve little bit. I believe some cleaning and lubing would improve things.
  11. Ray112

    1997, 528i overheating.

    Water pump impeller snapped?
  12. Ray112

    530i auto. No reverse.

    Up in value will be going only low mileage and/or rare models, like individual's, v8's, Alpina's, M5's and some rare paint models like imola red. All others will be getting just old cars, which sooner or later going to get scrapped. No way using old car as a daily drive and adding annually 10k miles or more to it's mileage will increase it's value. I'm just looking realistic to these facts, not dreaming about every 20 years old as a future retro car. Sorry if I broke some dreams.
  13. Ray112

    530i auto. No reverse.

    Changing fluid is definitely a waste of money. But I would still check fluid level, and if it is low, top up, just to be sure it's nothing to do with this. It doesn't cost much to get fluid level checked, and if it needs topping up, I would just add cheapest dex3 specification ATF to see if it makes difference. You will spend less than tenner for 1l ATF if needed.
  14. Ray112

    Xenon Light Bulb Replacement

    Yeaky 6500k bulbs arrived today, so swapped them over after work. First just one side to see difference with old Philips d2s bulbs. Yes, yeaky's were brighter. Then swapped over other side and went for quick test drive. I would say on dry roads light output would be even more impressive, but still not bad at all and I recommend these bulbs to everyone.
  15. Ray112

    530D e39 fuel pump removal and replacement

    Try to fill up full tank, if you manage to get in around 70l, it really was empty and there's issue with instrument cluster, ignition switch, fuel level sender in tank etc. If you fill up and manage to get in only 60L or even less, in-tank fuel pump didn't pick up fuel for some reason, either it's failed/not getting power or something is wrong with pipes inside tank.