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  1. Ray112

    m67d40 vs n57d30

    Sorry, even E60 FL models still have m57 engines.
  2. Ray112

    m67d40 vs n57d30

    Beginning of E60 definitely was m57 not n57, and your mechanic sounds a bit of cowboy/story teller.
  3. Ray112

    M54b30 ticking noise when idling.

    Alternator or power steering pump maybe.
  4. Where the hell you get price £132 for a pair? They definitely are not that pricey.
  5. Ray112

    Air suspension

    If there's a leak, at least on startup it anyway should sit on level, because compressor will kick in and get pressure up to reach correct level. If you are all time one side lower, it will be something else.
  6. They are already gone from ecp website. Must be sold out or they realised mistake. Sadly they didn't sell fronts so cheap, will need a pair soon.
  7. 32 auxiliary heater- most likely water damage to mother board of auxiliary webasto heater. Unfortunately comon thing, replaced whole unit on my car. Took one from X5 e53, they are nearly identical, only X5 has it located in a lot better place. Sometimes it can cause all kind of weird faults on other things.
  8. Ray112

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    £22 for a pair sounds cheap, I think they each are about that price now after discount code added.
  9. Ray112

    Air suspension

    Maybe sensor is faulty on one side and reading wrong hight?
  10. Get fresh MOT on it, 3 months MOT won't help you sell it.
  11. How long MOT? Minus is bodywork and interior. Leather seats are looking much better in my opinion, plus if you have heated ones that's another plus. Aftermarket single din doesn't look great as well. I would say 1.5 -2k would be max you can get with decent MOT. About manual transmission that's another thing which is based on personal taste, some like these big cruisers to be as comfortable as possible, so they prefer automatic transmission. Can't really say it's that big plus. M sport package is playing bigger role I would say.
  12. Ray112

    lpg or diesel

    Well there are just two options: 1. You won't be able to run it on diesel never again 2. You are running mix of both fuels, but it gives only about 25% of diesel economy, bare in mind that LPG costs add on top, so to earn back costs of kit+installation will take longer than car will last. It's totally different story than with petrol engines, where you get cost of kit+installation back in less than a year if driving much, after that you start to save. http://www.go-lpg.co.uk/diesel.html
  13. Ray112

    lpg or diesel

    Can't see point of that. I know it's possible, but never heard or seen any cars who have actually done it. LPG is half the price of diesel, but it will consume twice more than diesel, so there's no economy really. Plus with diesel you can make about 400-600+ miles from tank, while with LPG you will do 200-250 only (off course depends on size of tank). I had couple LPG converted cars in past, and I liked option to run cheaper on fuel costs, but converting diesel seems pointless to me.
  14. Ray112

    Another headlight question - sorry!

    Going with OEM ballasts first of all it will look OEM and good for MOT, second thing is cold checks, aftermarket ballasts are known to flicker on startup and then every 90 seconds if lights are not on. And some of them has quite poor power output, especially cheapest ones. Better quality ones will be in the same price range as OEM Hella second hand ballasts. So I would spend few quid more to make it look OEM and to escape from possibility of flickering etc.
  15. Ray112

    Another headlight question - sorry!

    Tourings have SLS on back, so that's enough for self levelling legality, but even without that it will pass. About headlight washers, I know a lot people think they are pointless, but I have collected all bits for retrofitting them, and will get them done some time soon. I did the same thing to my previous car, and on some long trips lights stay cleaner for a lot longer with washers then without, and far less baked on bugs on summertime.