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  1. Jony35

    535d mpg problem

    Ok thank you so much 4 your help
  2. Jony35

    535d mpg problem

    No m8 theres no lights on r warnings on lights on
  3. Any1 no why my 535d is heavy on diesel 20mpg and its had new thermostats my last one done 27mpg and 42 on motorway

    1. Loadmaster


      That is heavy, I agree. Never owned a diesel so I can offer no assistance there. Have you posted this in the appropriate tech section of the forum?

  4. Jony35

    535d mpg problem

    Im only getting 20mpg and i dont no why my last 1 did 27mpg 42 on a motorway and its had new thermostats please can any1 help