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  1. Chowser

    F11 rear brake quote

    Afternoon Could I please have a quote for rear pads and sensor for 2014 F11 520D vin D788318 Thanks Chris
  2. Chowser

    Newtis issue

    Thanks for confirming, saves me messing around on my PC for ages.
  3. Chowser

    Newtis issue

    Hi Is anyone having issues accessing Newtis? Not had any problems before but today I'm getting a message "Can't Connect securely to this site, This might be because the site uses outdated or unsafe TLS security settings. If this keeps happening, try contacting the website’s owner." Before I start messing around with PC settings just want to check if it's Newtis or my PC. Thanks
  4. Just had a look and my Sept 2014 520D F11 added to DVLA site today
  5. Chowser

    F11 Front brake quote

    Hi Reg is EU64 XAX Thanks
  6. Chowser

    F11 Front brake quote

    Morning Can you please let me have a quote for the following parts for a F11 520D 2014. Front pads with sensor front disks Clips for caliper brake pad paste 500mls brake fluid Thanks
  7. Chowser


    Morning Long time lurker here who has finally signed up. BMW history of E34 525i, company cars E46 320D, E60 520Dx2 and F11 520D. Now own the 2014 F11 so looking forward to getting the spanners out and using some of the great technical information on here to keep it in tip top condition. Thanks