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  1. The wheel wobbles under braking - you don't feel anything through the pedal. Happens usually between 40-60mph. All tyres have been replaced, so it's not that. Wouldn't it be too late to bed them in now?
  2. I have a lot of opinions on it now from various forums and garages with the majority suggesting I replace the discs/pads again. I really want to solve it, I'm just loathe to keep replacing parts on the off chance it'll fix it.
  3. I've had the tie rod and track ends replaced on both sides (both were knackered) 2 x new struts, 2 x refurbished front wheels (both were buckled), 2 x top mounts. Not sure about the lower arms...although, if there was play in these I think (hope) the garage would have noticed.
  4. So did I and then the brake wobble started after less than 2k miles!
  5. RanchoGrande

    New e61 owner

    is there a version of INPA that works inside windows 10? I currently have it setup using a windows xp emulator. It's not a particularly smooth way to do it!
  6. My list is as follows: Brake wobble Glass tailgate hatch doesn't work Gearbox is a little sluggish (could do with being reset) Fairly short really! Only thing that needs sorting is the annoying brake wobble - the other bits I can live with.
  7. RanchoGrande

    New e61 owner

    A mate of mine took on the wiring challenge on his e61 and it took him a full day! I haven't had the time or patience to take it on so have been thinking about buying the loom and giving it to the garage to do.
  8. RanchoGrande

    New e61 owner

    Where did you order the harness from? Still need to sort mine - not sure it's easy to do when the glass hatch has stopped working as I recall you need that open to get to the rest of it? Mine doesn't work and I also have a few lights out on the 3rd brake light.
  9. RanchoGrande

    Info wanted...

    The aux socket on mine is above the air vents for the rear passengers, behind the centre arm rest. Not sure if you can code the buttons on the keys, not at home anyway, maybe a main dealer could it though.
  10. RanchoGrande

    Parts and suspension advice

    Will carry on the thread on PH seeing as you have replied there... thanks
  11. RanchoGrande

    Parts and suspension advice

    Ha! yes, you did, thanks. Thought I'd post in here as well for some extra advice!
  12. RanchoGrande

    Parts and suspension advice

    Don't think they are gas filled - they have leaked so assume there is hydraulic fluid in there? As for the coils, one was replaced last year. The other is fine apparently. I'm planning to replace both shocks as I think it's the safest thing to do.
  13. RanchoGrande

    Parts and suspension advice

    Good Evening Some advice pleaseIn my quest to sort out the knocking suspension and brake judder, I've taken it to a new garage that has advised me that one of my struts has leaked all its fluid and that the tie rod arm and track rod end also need replacing. I've had the tie rod arm and track rod end replaced on the passenger side 6 months ago, so this makes sense, the question is, which bits do I buy?This maybe? https://www.autopartspro.co.uk/meyle-2121534Also, is it wise to replace both struts and top mounts at the same time? I've heard conflicting advice about this...the garage seems to think it will be OK just to replace the knackered one. I'm planning to go with some Sachs struts.Thanks in advance!
  14. RanchoGrande

    530i LCI - Low MPG

    They are, but the rear tyres which are non run flat are mega budget and feel a little twitchy! Shame to ditch the fronts as they are decent with a lot of tread left.
  15. RanchoGrande

    530i LCI - Low MPG

    Was in the garage last week, apparently the sparks are fine. Having the tyres changed to matching non run flats this weekend. They are currently a mix of run flats and non! Possibly an o2 sensor?