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  1. Still seaching for some information
  2. Hello everyone Can someone help me here please The connection cable to the multifunction on the M-sport steering wheel has 4 wires, and i need to know what each individual wires purpose are. The big brown one i guess is Ground really hope someone can answer this Greetings
  3. Lars J

    E39/E46 Multifunction cable Layout/diagram

    Thx so much your the man Greetings
  4. Hello everyone. im new here and i have a question. i am looking for a layout or a diagram of the connecting cable for the multifunction buttons for E39/E46 3spoke M-sport steering wheel, because i have a little project going in my E39, and i really need to know what the individual wires are for If its not the cable, a pinout of the connector on the slip ring could also help me ill put pictures, so you know exactly what cable and connector im talking about.. i really hope someone can help me with this Greetings