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  1. Shelfside

    ABS warning light on - no codes

    Got the codes read at my local indie. The results were brake light switch error and pressure line error. Had them replaced but it seems the ecu isn't playing ball so rather than paying out to get it tested, could I swap the ecu from my 728 e39?
  2. Shelfside

    ABS warning light on - no codes

    Had the Abs light along with handbrake and triangle come on today. (all Amber) car is driving fine. Light comes on after about 5 min. Sometimes stays on, sometimes comes and goes. Any ideas?
  3. Shelfside

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Took mine on a wild goose chase through the deeper depths of the East Herts countryside. All thanks to the A120 being closed at the junction with the A10 and also at the approach to Bishops Stortford on my way to Stansted. Some very narrow lanes that I never new existed and won't be rushing back to visit anytime soon.
  4. Shelfside

    DIY Help needed

    Thanks for the replies, gives me some options now. The handrails will have to wait until the kitchen ceiling drys out after a school boy error with some plumbing.
  5. Shelfside

    DIY Help needed

    Well, I will try to explain as best as I can. My house is basically an NSB (prefab). It was built in the early 50s to house people bombed out in London during WW2. The outer walls are poured concrete and flint, which are a nightmare to drill into. The interior walls are slightly easier to work with though. They are high density heavy breeze block. This is what I need to fix the handrails to. They are approximately 100mm deep. I was thinking of using 70mm screws, of which, 25mm would be embedded in the handrails, the remaining 45mm would be in the wall. Any thoughts ?
  6. Shelfside

    DIY Help needed

    Are there any budding diy'ers on here that can help me with a query ? I'm going to attempt to install a "Pigs Ear" handrail to my stairs wall. The problem is I can't find any YouTube vids or forum advice of any help. I just need to know what size screws and rawlplugs would be suitable, that sort of thing. Thanks in advance.
  7. Shelfside

    My other Motor.

    Would love to get this back on the road.
  8. Shelfside

    2003 M5 Touring Alloys.

  9. Shelfside

    2003 M5 Touring Alloys.

    Say no more. Think the seller meant Msport.
  10. Shelfside

    2003 M5 Touring Alloys.

    Would 2003 M5 Touring alloys fit a bog standard 2002 e39 Touring ?
  11. Shelfside

    Uploading Pics

    I for one, appreciate that fact.
  12. Shelfside

    New to me 2002 e39 Touring.

    Upgraded Halos, not that bright in real life, lol.
  13. Test. Bare with me whilst I try an work if out.
  14. Shelfside

    Uploading Pics

    Again, thank you. Jesus, D_a_n1979. Is there anything you don't know ? Thank you so much.
  15. Shelfside

    Uploading Pics

    Hi, does everyone just use Photo bucket to show their pics ? I've noticed that they charge now, its been years since I've used it. Can't even remember my log in details. Or are there other options. Looked in the FAQ section but it just shows how to use Photoshop. Regards, Col.