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  1. Not a DIYer at all but quite like the idea of getting my start /stop feature switched, if any one can help i would be grateful. thanks
  2. george72

    Current Sat Nav Map Version

    Used the below link and downloaded maps worked fine. 2020 version https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F283618606625
  3. george72


    Taken the car for a longish run today and hey presto the oil level on the screen appears to have caught up with what the dipstick has been saying! Thanks everybody for their contributions.
  4. george72


    Found the dipstick! Thank you ever so much folks. The oil level appears to be in between min and max so all is good. Will keep an eye on it though.
  5. george72


    Very useful advice. Will check tomorrow. Hopefully it's not over the max line by too much.
  6. george72


    This is going to sound really ignorant but where is the dipstick?
  7. george72


    We let all of the oil drain so assume that 6.5l + had been drained. I am not getting any warning lights ect. My car was last serviced by BMW in Sept 2018 and even then when i bought the car it Jan 2019 n of this year, it was reading as 'too high'. And given i have put in 6.5l i am baffled as to how there is too much oil? Logic tells me (and i might be wrong) that there could be a sensor issue? Wish it had a damm disptick!!
  8. Evening all, I have had my 2015 530d now since Jan and its been excellent. As per advice on this forum, i have treated the car to an Interim Oil change (service is due August 2020). Since i have had my car i have always know the oil indicator level indicator to show 'too high'. In all honesty, i have just ignored it as the car has been driving fine. Well, i have had the oil changed today and conscious of this, i made sure there was only 6.5l before i went to check level and when i did it was still showing as 'too high'. I have driven the car since, and its perfect and no warning lights- is this ok?
  9. george72

    F10 535i N55 Oil service DIY (Intermediate)

    great write up thanks Andrew!
  10. george72

    bmw connected

    8 months into BMW ownership and still finding out about the car. My friend and i both drive near identical 530D LUX (4 YEARS), he purchased his brand new and mine was obviously second hand. I noticed at the weekend that he has access to all of the BMW connected services and i dont have anything. My friend states that he has never paid an additional premium and has never subscribed to any of the services, yet somehow he gets access to pretty much all of the services! How does this work? i am Jealous!
  11. george72

    Service Inclusive Package

    My car (REG Sept 2015) which i bought in Jan of this year also has a 5 year service pack and has already had 2 services - one at 17k (Jan 2017) and another at 36.5k (August 2018)- The car is currently on 42k , do you think i would be able to get another service done through this pack? Any other advice relating to this would be very helpful to me. I am sorry if i have hijacked the thread. thanks
  12. george72

    creaking cup holder

    Hi folks, any pearls of wisdom on this annoying creak would be very welcome indeed. Only this week i have noticed an interim creak around the front upholder- when i lift the lid, the noise goes away. Once down, it starts again? any quick fixes?
  13. george72

    F10 530D oil change in between servicing

    Really appreciate the advice, thank you so much, really very hepful. Certainly not loaded might slip my old mechanic a few quid to do this as i am pretty useless at anything remotely DIY. The key thing is its not a big job or particularly technical which is a relief and means i dont need to go to BMW or even a specialist. thanks again
  14. Hi all I am 6 months into BMW ownership and generally very happy. My service according to i drive is due August 2020 so should i get an oil change done in the interim period? If so, what do you recommend? Any recommendations for potential garages in the Leicestershire area would also be very welcome. thanks
  15. george72

    BMW F11 530d 6-Month Review

    Thanks for the review. I too have had my f10 530d about 6 months and pleased with it. Incidentally, how do i know if i have the upgraded sound system?