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  1. I am in Leicestershire and could do with this feature being turned off, let me know if anyone nearby can help
  2. george72

    318d to 535d wise move?

    Great buy, enjoy!
  3. george72

    Display gone funny?

    Karma on my side. Bmw have offered to pay for the full cost of the replacement! Soooo relived I tell you. Hats off to Bmw boston for fighting my case!
  4. george72

    Display gone funny?

    Quick update as promised folks. You were all correct, the main instrumental cluster has suffered electrical failure. The dealer has contacted bmw UK with a view to getting some. Goodwill. I am not hopeful at all and can't justify the 2k cost for the cluster unit. There are a number of places tht repair so that will be the option that I now pursue.
  5. george72

    525d, 3l or 2l?

    I have no experience of the 525d but I drove both the 520 and 530d before I settled on the 530d. The driving characteristics are very different indeed, the 530 behaves and drives like what a luxury saloon should. The creamy 6 cylinder engine is an absolute peach and when it comes to MPg the real world difference is actually negligible.
  6. george72

    Display gone funny?

    On the way to bmw quite a long run and then the screen comes to life and does come on even though clearly corrupted. Have left it with them to diagnose.
  7. george72

    Display gone funny?

    Booked in for Monday so will get an update. But this is interesting indeed- whilst the display was blank this morning, i did notice a bit of life (flickering) when i drove home back from work with the heating on- i could just about make out the faint lines of the speedo- so perhaps there is something that is heat related? hmmm
  8. george72

    Display gone funny?

    Thanks for your responses. Will have to book into BMW to get diagnosis and will take it from there. Spoke to a dealership this afternoon who stated that they had never come across this before? Will keep you posted
  9. george72

    Display gone funny?

    This is all I need! Car is just 4 years old and no warranty. What shall I do? Can I purchase warranty and then claim after after set period? Stressed now!
  10. george72

    Display gone funny?

    Just tried it again and now no screen at all! Completely blank!
  11. george72

    Display gone funny?

    Got in the car this money and I see this?. Please help. I have switched car off and on but no change. Discolouration across all driving modes. Thanks
  12. Not a DIYer at all but quite like the idea of getting my start /stop feature switched, if any one can help i would be grateful. thanks
  13. george72

    Current Sat Nav Map Version

    Used the below link and downloaded maps worked fine. 2020 version https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F283618606625
  14. george72


    Taken the car for a longish run today and hey presto the oil level on the screen appears to have caught up with what the dipstick has been saying! Thanks everybody for their contributions.
  15. george72


    Found the dipstick! Thank you ever so much folks. The oil level appears to be in between min and max so all is good. Will keep an eye on it though.