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  1. george72

    slight creak when reversing

    Same noise whilst stationary and pressing the brake pedal VID20210423164728.mp4
  2. Morning all All sorted. Clean and grease
  3. george72

    BMW 530D 65 PLATE 3.5K OPTIONAL EXTRAS - £15,495

    added pictures- once i have them inserted into the post, how do i save the changes?
  4. I have reluctantly putting my car for sale,- full details in the classified section. Apologies in advance if this is not allowed in this section many thanks
  5. 65 plate BMW 530d LUX. With over £3500 worth of Factory fitted options. Mediterranean Blue Full venetian beige Dakota leather with exclusive stitching. BMW advanced loudspeaker system. BMW professional navigation system BMW advanced parking package BMW advanced digital cockpit Full widescreen rear view parking camera Electronic folding mirrors and boot release Hill start assist Full BMW Service History, last serviced August 29 2020 so next service due 2022. Brake fluid change August 2020 18inch Alloys all in Excellent condition 2 Previous owners Only premium fuel used and interim oil changes (over and above BMW requirements) Split fold rear seats
  6. george72

    Used F10 - M sport - high or low mileage??

    I own a 65 plate 530d luxury with quite a lot of extras that I will be looking to sell soon. Pm if that is something that you might be interested in. Cheers
  7. Had my f10 f30d serviced, MOT and EGR cooler replaced today at BMW Boston. I drove from Leicester as BMW boston did an excellent job last year lobbying BMW for the full cost of replacing an instrument cluster. They saved me thousands so felt i owed them, hence the journey. No real complaints really apart from not hoovering my car and not cleaning sills when washing the car!
  8. george72

    rubber mats advice?

    I may be asking a rhetorical question so forgive me! Can any of you recommend good quality rubber mats or does it have to be genuine ones to get the kind of quality we want. I have some non genuine ones, but they curl up at the ends and the ones at the back keep on moving? i would want ones that have velcro on them so that they do not slip?
  9. I am in Leicestershire and could do with this feature being turned off, let me know if anyone nearby can help
  10. george72

    318d to 535d wise move?

    Great buy, enjoy!
  11. george72

    Display gone funny?

    Karma on my side. Bmw have offered to pay for the full cost of the replacement! Soooo relived I tell you. Hats off to Bmw boston for fighting my case!
  12. george72

    Display gone funny?

    Quick update as promised folks. You were all correct, the main instrumental cluster has suffered electrical failure. The dealer has contacted bmw UK with a view to getting some. Goodwill. I am not hopeful at all and can't justify the 2k cost for the cluster unit. There are a number of places tht repair so that will be the option that I now pursue.
  13. george72

    525d, 3l or 2l?

    I have no experience of the 525d but I drove both the 520 and 530d before I settled on the 530d. The driving characteristics are very different indeed, the 530 behaves and drives like what a luxury saloon should. The creamy 6 cylinder engine is an absolute peach and when it comes to MPg the real world difference is actually negligible.
  14. george72

    Display gone funny?

    On the way to bmw quite a long run and then the screen comes to life and does come on even though clearly corrupted. Have left it with them to diagnose.
  15. george72

    Display gone funny?

    Booked in for Monday so will get an update. But this is interesting indeed- whilst the display was blank this morning, i did notice a bit of life (flickering) when i drove home back from work with the heating on- i could just about make out the faint lines of the speedo- so perhaps there is something that is heat related? hmmm