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  1. A2EEM

    Things I hate about my 5 series

    Is this not displayed in the bottom right corner? Unless you want it displayed in the rev counter itself like in Sport.
  2. A2EEM

    Garmin Dashcam Install

    I was wondering if anyone had installed a Garmin dashcam into their G30/G31 using a Garmin Parking Cable? I've read reviews that say piggyback fuses should also be purchased to aid the installation whilst some say it is fine to install the cable without the piggyback fuses. If piggyback fuses are needed, which size fuses are used in the driver side fuse box? I have purchased a Garmin Mini dash cam but wanted some info before going to task with it.
  3. Amazon Prime day starts today and ends tomorrow. What you guys buying? So far, I've bought two fire sticks. Need a memory card for a dash cam so keeping a look out.
  4. A2EEM

    Failed EGR Valve G30 525D 67 plate 25k on clock

    Costco fuel all the way! Can't complain paying 120.7 for a litre of unleaded. I have used their diesel in a F30 and now the unleaded in the G30. No problems whatsoever. Companies/manufacturers are using supermarket fuel as an excuse for failing parts.
  5. A2EEM

    Interim Oil Service

    I have a G30 530i. Current cheapest I can get the LL04 0w30 is the original BMW shell oil (the one that comes in a navy bottle) for £8.50 delivered in 1 litre bottles. Or 5w30 Shell Helix Ultra ECT C3 is on offer (20% off as I type) for £33.22 at CP4L.
  6. A2EEM

    First service due.

    I went to Chiswick to pick up a brochure and price list for the G30 and was told by the receptionist to wait. Waited 10 minutes and walked out. Agree with @sjak92 regarding BMW Park Lane - shouldn't really be a choice when a dealership owned by BMW is within reach.
  7. A2EEM

    Interim Oil Service

    Thank you both for your input. How many litres of oil do i need? Also, which filters would need changing for the interim oil service?
  8. A2EEM

    Interim Oil Service

    I am planning on getting my local indy to do an interim oil service in the next 6 weeks. The 1st service was done on 11,500 miles in Nov 2018 and the car is showing 10,000 miles left until the next service. Whilst on look out for oil on ECP, I found 4 grades of oil that popped up for my petrol G30 - 0w30, 0w40, 5w30, 5w40. Which one should i go for? If it helps, I do roughly around 70 miles per weekday, with the majority being motorway miles. Also, for the oil change will i just need to change the oil filter or are there other filters that also need/recommended to be changed? Thanks in advance.
  9. A2EEM

    SuperDave RIP

    Very sad news. I haven't been a member for long, but nearly every post I have read, SuperDave has made a comment to help. Top bloke! RIP.
  10. A2EEM

    Approved Used Prices

    When I purchased my 320d from Stratstone they didn't budge a penny. The said the car was the cheapest on the internet (which it was) and that their cars are priced to sell. No matter how hard I tried they didn't reduce the price. My G30 from Sytner in Nottingham, I got £900 off. Tried their best in trying to sell me GAP insurance and the autoglym protection but wasn't interested.
  11. A2EEM

    2019-2 Maps available on Upload Manager

    Must have been down temporarily. Working now.
  12. A2EEM

    2019-2 Maps available on Upload Manager

    Can any of you log into the connected drive website? I've tried on a laptop, desktop and mobile device and get an error when trying to get to the login page...
  13. A2EEM

    It's here!

    Love that colour!
  14. A2EEM

    Joining the G30 Club (Hopefully)

    When i read G30 and 2 owners I had a feeling it would be this car. When i bought my G30 in January, this one kept popping up as i was looking for a 530i with a heads up display. One thing i can confirm for you is that it was advertised at approx £31k in January. So they are struggling to get rid of it. I bought my 2012 F30 from Stratstone in Doncaster. The salesman wasn't knowledgeable at all. He kept telling me he just transferred over from Vauxhall over the road but it was a "mint" car. Stratstone do have an option to get the car moved to a Stratstone dealership closer to you. Not sure if there is a cost. But as its been advertised for at least 3 months, I wouldn't be surprised if they drove it to your house!
  15. A2EEM

    Tyres prevent wheel scuffing

    I, too, very slightly scuffed mine a few weeks ago and after looking closely it seems as though some of the tyre, where the scuff has happened, has also been eaten away. Haven't had any drop in pressure so lets hope it's not too much of a problem!