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  1. A2EEM

    Main Dealer Service Price

    I have just found that the prices on the BMW service website are a lot more expensive than booking directly on your local dealers website. For eg: Sytner Chigwell Brake fluid check (inc standard scope) £69.70 vs £94.74 Major Service (inc standard scope) £441.97 vs £595.29 (£153 difference!!!!!!)
  2. A2EEM

    Main Dealer Service Price

    I had a major service done just before Xmas on my G30. I booked online whilst there was the 25% off Black Friday offer. When I got to the dealers, they found my booking and checked the car in. The service assistant then said that'll be £705!! (£585 for the major service and £120 for the standard scope fee). I told them I had the 25% off Black Friday offer, which was £440, but they had no information regarding this. Fortunately, I took a screen capture on my mobile when I made the booking (I never received an email to confirm my booking). The standard scope had already been included in the online price which was £30 so massive difference compared to what the dealers quoted me.
  3. A2EEM

    Main Dealer Service Price

    That explains why my G30 shows it's first brake fluid change due in April but car was registered in Nov 2017
  4. A2EEM

    Driver's Guide App Not Working

    if you need to use the app, you could search for version 2.2.2 apk in google and download the older version. Just remember to switch off auto-update in Play Store or it will download and install the newer version.
  5. A2EEM

    Driver's Guide App Not Working

    I had version 2.2.2 installed on my Galaxy S8 and was working fine a few mins ago. I've just gone into Play Store and there was an update available - i've downloaded that and now get the same username password problem as you.
  6. A2EEM

    G30 creaking

    i had the same creaking issue with a 2 month old Audi A6 in 2011. Tape was used under the rear seats to get rid of the noise.
  7. A2EEM

    Independent Specialist for servicing in Surrey

    not used these guys myself, but BMS in surrey have been mentioned a couple of times on here. https://bmssurrey.co.uk/
  8. A2EEM

    Changing Rear Brake Pads

    I ended up driving over 500 miles after the service was due. Indy said i could have got away with at least another 1200 miles.
  9. A2EEM

    Key Fob Issue

    Sure does look like a visit to the dealer. I bought a new pack last night.
  10. A2EEM

    Key Fob Issue

    I'm having a problem with one of my key fobs. The key fob has to literally be right next to the vehicle for the door/boot to open. I've changed the battery but no difference. I have comfort access and a display key. The spare key and the display key work fine and i can open the door/boot from at least a few yards away. Anyone else experience this issue?
  11. A2EEM

    Car Insurance Advice

    If you have a East London postcode, Chris Knot will not give you a quote. That's what I got told in June when i requested a quote on the telephone. BMW Insurance was the cheapest for me by £200 compared to the comparison websites.
  12. A2EEM

    Changing Rear Brake Pads

    Thank you all for your replies. Which brake pads are you guys using once you are replacing them? BMW, Brembo, EBC?
  13. A2EEM

    Changing Rear Brake Pads

    My G30 iDrive states that in 1200 miles my rear pads need replacing. How many miles can i go over once they are due without affecting my warranty?
  14. Sytner BMW have 25% off online bookings for servicing & MOTs booked on 15th November between 6am-6pm. Service or MOT must be completed by Tuesday 24th December. This Promotion is open to all BMW, BMWi and MINI vehicles produced between 01/01/2004 and 31/10/2019. T&Cs can be found at the bottom of this page: https://www.sytner.co.uk/bmw/car-maintenance/service-online-booking/