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  1. how much u asking for obc and cruise controle systems? and washer system too
  2. TuRQu

    Project Remain Parts

    UPDATE : obc sold fog lights sold analogue watch sold buttons and housing sold
  3. TuRQu

    Project Remain Parts

  4. TuRQu

    Project Remain Parts

    265£ for foglights shipping included 2000£ for recaros retrimmed and everything working shipping included
  5. S500AHeadlight wipe/wash/Intensive cleaning , how much you ask for the complete set?
  6. TuRQu

    Project Remain Parts

    Hi people, im kinda selling the remaining parts from my E28 project, if anyone interested i can accept paypal and shipping all over the world. (some of the parts are not e28 related)