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  1. FMIB

    How Cold Should A/C Be?

    From memory, I also think its around 6-8 degrees at the evaporator, which should be behind the centre vents. I don't think this really tells you the gas pressure, which can only be tested by the dealer or an aircon engineer that has the relevant gauges. My experience with my G31 was the aircon was ok most of the time, but useless when the outside temps were in the high 20's or low to mid 30's and the car had been standing in the sun. I think BMW have an aircon service package, probably worth it after 3 years of use. I do agree with you, even on the lowest setting, I never found the air flow as cold as other cars I have owned or driven.
  2. FMIB

    G31 SE rear ride height

    I found a picture on the same day 20 miles after collection. Looks pretty ok in this pic and I can't say I noticed anything in the 3 years of ownership.
  3. FMIB

    G31 SE rear ride height

    I traded the car for a X3 M40i in Jan and don't have a later photo of the car which shows the rear height. All I know is that with the adaptive dampers which this had, the M Sport does not ride 10mm lower of the passive suspension. With the rear air suspension, I could put some serious weight in the boot and the car remained and drove just like an unloaded car. My previous Volvo loaded would have had the rear end so low that the front wheels were barely touching the road
  4. FMIB

    G31 SE rear ride height

    Well this shows the gap on my 540i G31 the day I purchased it new
  5. I think its a BMW UK decision not to bring in the 540i saloon. Its still available in other markets as far as I am aware
  6. FMIB

    New g31 owner tyre setup question

    Its not 100% necessary, but being staggered the front rims are narrower at 8J and the rears are 9J You could get away putting the same 245/40/19 tyre size on the back rims to give a square setup, but might not be ideal to go narrower on a 9J rim. Changing to non run flats may improve the ride, but as said, is subjective. Being SE trim, I assume it does not have M Sport suspension, so I would not expect a huge difference if you change to a square setup
  7. FMIB

    G30 Alloys with Winters wanted

    Not sure if you are still looking, but I have a set of BMW 664 black staggered 19 inch winter wheels with Pirelli Sottozero 3 that I am thinking if to sell or not. They were used on my G31 540i which I sold in Jan. They were not fitted this past winter due to Covid and remain in my garage. They were used only lightly for the 2 previous winters. 1 of the rims has a minor scuff. I am undecided if I will change the tyre size and fit them on my new X3M40i for next winter.
  8. FMIB

    Key Fob Diamond Button

    From memory, when I had my G31 that button also unlocked the rear window. Never used it so I never tried to reassign it.
  9. FMIB

    Safety cameras now available on Connected Drive

    No need, I just checked my credit card and I have been charged twice. If the camera does not get you, BMW will!!
  10. FMIB

    Safety cameras now available on Connected Drive

    I just ordered and paid the £20. Just checked the car an hour later and the app was already activated on the idrive screen as well as the relevant settings in the display settings.
  11. FMIB

    Petrol or diesel

    No experience with the latest BMW diesels, my experience is with numerous diesel cars I have hired during my winter business trips. The more efficient they seem to get, the longer the engine took to warm up in the mornings. I completely get the reasons to have a diesel car, but in my opinion, very short, in town trips is not one of them. The plug in hybrid is an option, but the cost is prohibitive for many and I doubt the cost difference will be recovered in the typical 3-4 year ownership of cars vs a petrol car.
  12. FMIB

    Petrol or diesel

    For the typical driving you mention, I would certainly go for a petrol engine, especially during the winter. For such short journeys and the slow warm up of a Diesel engine, I doubt there would be a huge difference in fuel consumption. I have run a 118i and 540i for 3 years, short journeys/in town and had no issue at all.
  13. FMIB

    Looking to buy a G30 touring (G31)

    I also think the 530D Xdrive is the best bet if you want to tow and have performance with good economy. Only question for me would be what else might the government do to penalise diesels in the future. The alternative is the 540i Xdrive, which depends on your economy expectations, annual mileage, but gives all the performance you will need. On a run, expect mid 30's and mid 20's in town, less when towing. My 22,000 mile average was 34.1mpg For either, in my opinion, best extras are comfort seats, Icon adaptive headlights, HK stereo, adaptive dampers and advanced parking Of course the 520D will do the job as well, but if you keep cars for such a long time, you may have that thought in the back of your mind that you should have gone for one of the 6 cylinder models! Good luck
  14. FMIB

    540i Economy

    I would say for me I can usually beat the cruise control mpg by 2 or 3 mpg
  15. FMIB

    540i Economy

    I never used eco mode, found no advantage on a motorway if using cruise control. In most other driving situations I found it blunted the driving experience too much and needed more throttle to go anywhere. For me it would only be useful if I was going downhill or lots of throttle off driving. If you want to squeeze more mpg, try driving without cruise control and have the instant economy gauge visible and adjust your throttle to maintain speed, yet keep the bar at the high mpg end of the gauge.