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  1. FMIB

    Replacement tyre advice

    I have a set of BMW black 664 19 inch staggered winter wheels shod with Pirelli Sottozero 3's sitting in my garage. Only used 1 winter as unused over the last Covid winter. Sold the G31 in Jan and thought I would put new 45 and 50 profile tyres to fit my new car, but its proving difficult to find a new matching set, so if anyone is interested, feel free to message me.
  2. FMIB

    G31: Rear Door Seals - water ingress

    In the 3 years or so I owned a 540i G31, I never had an issue with water coming in from the rear doors, so I am not sure this is a fault in all G31's as you imply. I don't have a solution for you, but if a new set of seals did not resolve the issue, then maybe the door is slightly out of alignment/not closing tightly enough. I did have an issue once with the front door handles freezing up after getting wet, but I think many cars can suffer from this
  3. I am in the "its too high a mileage for me" camp. However, whilst I know, depending on how they have been driven and maintained, cars with high mileages over short time periods can feel almost as good as new, my biggest concern would be the current high prices for secondhand vehicles. When the chip shortage is over, there might be a significant price correction on values and you may find that a vehicle with that mileage may depreciate heavily at that time.
  4. FMIB

    Leaving the G30 fold

    I switched from a G31 540i to a X3 M40i and to be honest was the best thing I have done. In so many ways its as close to a G30/G31 you can get, but in my opinion the following works better for me: Sounds better, higher driving position, easier to get in and out, a more practical boot shape, slightly firmer ride, better steering, faster off the line/acceleration, acoustic glass. What do I miss in the G31: Steering wheel automatically raises when switching off the engine, easier to clean the roof
  5. FMIB

    Thinking of going for a 530e from 530d

    I initially thought about the X5 45e as well as a replacement for my G31. I agree the range is just acceptable for a hybrid, just the shear size of it put me off. A hybrid with a 30 mile max range(15 each way) made no sense for me, reduced boot size and dragging around a heavy battery pack when the charge has depleted is hardly green. I think the manufacturers have to do better to make a hybrid more viable.
  6. FMIB

    How Cold Should A/C Be?

    From memory, I also think its around 6-8 degrees at the evaporator, which should be behind the centre vents. I don't think this really tells you the gas pressure, which can only be tested by the dealer or an aircon engineer that has the relevant gauges. My experience with my G31 was the aircon was ok most of the time, but useless when the outside temps were in the high 20's or low to mid 30's and the car had been standing in the sun. I think BMW have an aircon service package, probably worth it after 3 years of use. I do agree with you, even on the lowest setting, I never found the air flow as cold as other cars I have owned or driven.
  7. FMIB

    G31 SE rear ride height

    I found a picture on the same day 20 miles after collection. Looks pretty ok in this pic and I can't say I noticed anything in the 3 years of ownership.
  8. FMIB

    G31 SE rear ride height

    I traded the car for a X3 M40i in Jan and don't have a later photo of the car which shows the rear height. All I know is that with the adaptive dampers which this had, the M Sport does not ride 10mm lower of the passive suspension. With the rear air suspension, I could put some serious weight in the boot and the car remained and drove just like an unloaded car. My previous Volvo loaded would have had the rear end so low that the front wheels were barely touching the road
  9. FMIB

    G31 SE rear ride height

    Well this shows the gap on my 540i G31 the day I purchased it new
  10. I think its a BMW UK decision not to bring in the 540i saloon. Its still available in other markets as far as I am aware
  11. FMIB

    New g31 owner tyre setup question

    Its not 100% necessary, but being staggered the front rims are narrower at 8J and the rears are 9J You could get away putting the same 245/40/19 tyre size on the back rims to give a square setup, but might not be ideal to go narrower on a 9J rim. Changing to non run flats may improve the ride, but as said, is subjective. Being SE trim, I assume it does not have M Sport suspension, so I would not expect a huge difference if you change to a square setup
  12. FMIB

    G30 Alloys with Winters wanted

    Not sure if you are still looking, but I have a set of BMW 664 black staggered 19 inch winter wheels with Pirelli Sottozero 3 that I am thinking if to sell or not. They were used on my G31 540i which I sold in Jan. They were not fitted this past winter due to Covid and remain in my garage. They were used only lightly for the 2 previous winters. 1 of the rims has a minor scuff. I am undecided if I will change the tyre size and fit them on my new X3M40i for next winter.
  13. FMIB

    Key Fob Diamond Button

    From memory, when I had my G31 that button also unlocked the rear window. Never used it so I never tried to reassign it.
  14. FMIB

    Safety cameras now available on Connected Drive

    No need, I just checked my credit card and I have been charged twice. If the camera does not get you, BMW will!!
  15. FMIB

    Safety cameras now available on Connected Drive

    I just ordered and paid the £20. Just checked the car an hour later and the app was already activated on the idrive screen as well as the relevant settings in the display settings.