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  1. Julesrocker

    New G31 owner - first impressions

    I'm now two weeks into my ownership of a brand new G31 530d SE Touring and for what it's worth thought that I'd share my first impressions. I'm very happy with the exterior and interior colours that I've chosen - I went for Mediterranean Blue with Cognac interior and Fineline Ridge dark wood trim. For me this interior combination looks so much more upmarket and special than the `standard' black and silver combination although women don't seem to like it whereas blokes seem to love it! I chose the SE spec because I value ride quality over `sportiness' and am very happy with the combination of the optional 18in V-spoke wheels on run flats with the VDC in terms of compliancy of ride and responsive handling. The optional Harmon Kardon sound system is great - I've heard that the speakers take a while to `bed in' but am very pleased with the overall sound quality. The infotainment is pretty good, am finding the sat nav great to use and it also accepts voice commands to operate my ancient I-pod classic although it seems to struggle a little with Spotify and have resorted to using my phone to select music on Spotify. The 3 litre straight six engine is incredible - it'll waft around all day long but change into an executive express train at the prod of the accelerator. Whilst I have been pretty gentle with the car so far (is running in still necessary?) and have mainly used it for motorway driving , after 674 miles I am averaging 51 MPG which I think is pretty impressive for a car of its size and power. I have been using the Eco Pro mode on the motorway which seems to help. I've even used the Connected Drive app to cool down the car before getting into it on a warm day. So overall I'm very happy with my choice and it's a considerable upgrade on my previous Ford Mondeo Vignale!
  2. Julesrocker

    Winter wash

    Looks great. Is that Mediterranean Blue?
  3. Julesrocker

    VDC on 530d SE Touring

    That's good to know. Does your G31 Msport have VDC?
  4. Julesrocker

    VDC on 530d SE Touring

    Am about to return to the BMW brand after many years away but with happy memories of a 523i some years back. I am about to place an order on a 530d SE Touring in Mediterranean Blue with Cognac interior and 18 inch 684 wheels with run flats. I do value ride quality hence my choice of SE over the MSport spec, but have a dilemma over whether to specify the pricey VDC or not. The magazines all suggest that VDC is essential for optimum ride quality, but some owners on the forum question whether it's worth it or not. Does the Touring ride better than the saloon anyway by virtue of the air suspension on the rear? and do the latest generation of run flats still make a good ride difficult to achieve. I ask these questions as I've only been able to test drive a saloon with 18 inch wheels on run flats with no VDC and thought that the ride was just ok.