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  1. RayofHope

    Mud Flaps

    I was getting my BMW 5 series serviced recently by an authorised BMW dealer. I had asked them to install mud flaps on all the wheel arched but to my big surprise they don't supply them and can't get them in. I take a lot of pride in my car and give it a good clean every week but it is heart breaking to see it get so dirty so quickly in this awful weather. Has anybody any idea as to where I would source them? Thanks in advance, Ray.
  2. RayofHope

    Problem with playing music through USB Stick

    Yes directly from usb
  3. RayofHope

    Problem with playing music through USB Stick

    Hi Mr H, On my USB stick it looks like Folder to Folder to audio file, i.e. ABBA Folder>Album Folder (GOLD)>Dancing Queen. I hope that makes sense to you. Sorry for using ABBA as the example!!!
  4. RayofHope

    Problem with playing music through USB Stick

    Thanks SuperDave. I have sorted it now. I had too many subfolders i.e. BMW>Music>ABBA so once I deleted BMW>Music it worked fine. Thanks again for your response. Ray
  5. Hi All, I own a 2017 BMW XDrive 5.30D Auto Tourer. I have been trying to play music through the USB port but with no success. The audio file on the stick are MP3 and M4A format. The stick has been formatted with FAT32. When I plug the USB into the port it comes up with this message "No playable tracks found on connected device". I would welcome an suggestions as what to do? Thanks in advance, Ray