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  1. davidm

    Text message on display

    Im having another go at this,gave up last time as I seemed to be getting nowhere, I don't seem to have the HU-NBT menu,also the menus I do have in expert mode seem to be in German mostly,tried asking bimmercode for advice but the were not much help, Any ideas,or can you direct me to the correct menu,id appreciate any advice you could offer
  2. davidm

    Text message on display

    Thanks,I assume this is in the "Expert" Mode ?
  3. davidm

    Text message on display

    Tried to delete and re-add the phone,also tried an I Phone to see if the problem was with the Samsung phone,but still no .
  4. davidm

    Text message on display

    Do you have An Android phone ? Done the Bimmercode stuff but still no messages,driving me crazy trying to work it out .
  5. davidm

    Text message on display

    Agree the features of IDrive are poorly explained by the dealer and the BMW web site,i worked through the model builder and added a few extras,but never thought about the more basic features you take for granted on most cars . I have tried voice command but no use either,has anyone used Bimmercode for things like this ?
  6. davidm

    Text message on display

    I have just got a new 540,and disappointed to find it wont let me read a text message from my Samsung,a pretty basic feature I would have thought these days.Am i missing something I the set up ?