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  1. Alexio45

    Software firmware updates

    With the most recent map versions (2020 onwards) the map files are alot smaller and have had the problems with rebooting/not installing rectified. You should find 2020-01 available and it will install with no worries.
  2. After 9 months of ownership I'm with you on this. I never had a problem with the large rubble carrying trucks going past my parked mazda 3. Now my 5gt shows the marks all but the dust thay come off them. I don't fancy a new windscreen every year as my Christmas present...
  3. Alexio45

    Yay, or nay?

    Tit for tat with Mercs. In US/China where BMW sell most of their cars this and the huge people slicer grills are shit hot but not for me.
  4. Alexio45

    Racechip GTS black tuning box

    Easily removable if you have the opportunity. Fine for taking back to the dealers but I've always thought that it's an easy get out for an insurer in an accident if it wasn't declared.
  5. Alexio45

    Istep update

    When I bought my car in Jan this year it had already had the egr replaced. There was some lag in accelerating in eco pro (expected) but also in comfort (not as expected). Post upgrade comfort is much more responsive (measurably so) to the point where if feels like sport used to. Sport is now the bees knees. Route options have appeared when setting destinations and the navigation software (not the maps themselves) is now much smoother, more refined and loads faster. Gearbox in drive and sport generally feels smoother, but especially so in sport when not thrashing it. iStep was updated too. 2019.07.520 from 2013.11.504. I flashed everything from airbag module to ZGM with only one problem (FRM lighting module) which I had to reset using winkfp but all updated now.
  6. Alexio45

    Istep update

    Esys. Hardest part was finding a decent power supply but in the end I rented one from my local garage. Whole process was simple enough and took me from late 13 software to now.
  7. Alexio45

    Istep update

    2019-1 wouldn't begin to install. The car would recognise the new map files on the usb, ask if I wanted to update but it wouldn't show a progress bar at all and would try again every ignition. I managed to get 2018-1 to install fine and now 2019-2 WEST works too. My istep was "B" so no need for a firmware upgrade although I have just managed to do it myself to "O" and the improvements are noticeable. I'd try 2019-2 WEST if your area has had alot of changes since 2017.
  8. Alexio45

    BMW Next 2019-2 Latest Maps

    Exactly. What is considered minor I can't say.
  9. Alexio45

    BMW Next 2019-2 Latest Maps

    No, countries included in each "side" of Europe are represented fully in their respective map files. It is the other side which is represented partially. What I was saying is if you cross the iron curtain with WEST installed then minor roads may not be present. Whats not known is if you can now swap by installing the other side (e.g. if you were going on an extended stay).
  10. Alexio45

    BMW Next 2019-2 Latest Maps

    Reports are that the map files were getting too large. You will still have most roads from the west but not 'minor' roads whatever that means. BMW's minor roads have always been a bit sketchy anyway. Still it should suffice unless you plan on visiting some remote mountain passage.
  11. Alexio45

    MPG issues

    Get rid of it, I say. Can't have poor fuel efficiency if you don't have fuel to begin with (insert your own tap head meme I'm too lazy).
  12. Alexio45

    MPG issues

    Model/engine? Driving style and location? This information is essential for us to form an opinion. Does the car report 700 miles when filled that doesn't drop evenly or is it now saying the max range is 600ish.
  13. Alexio45

    Istep update

    An Update to this: 2019-2 (WEST, as BMW have split Europe for NEXT users now) was installed today without issue and I'm still on "B" firmware. If anyone has the same issue use the 'updated' version of the maps which has the pkg file name NBT_ECE_401183.3.115 (not 111) as others have reported problems with the other version that is available. Edit: PM me for more information
  14. Alexio45

    Temperature gauge fault

    Update: did the system test and everything else worked but the needle did not move. I've had a look at a video of the unit and it looks like one cable for the whole lot so now I'm a bit more worried. Will I have to replace the whole unit?
  15. Alexio45

    Temperature gauge fault

    Do you happen to know which submenu?