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  1. Ciprian

    Headlights need coding?

    Hello, I just bought a used pair of adaptibe xenon headlights since mine are really bad. The problem is, the old ones use d2s bulbs and the “new” ones d1s. Should this be blug and play? Once mounted, the angel eyes don’t light up and the adaptiveness does not work at all. Oh, it’s about a 2004 e60. Thank you!
  2. Ciprian

    530d cutting out. Sometimes...

    There is pressure, and when the engine runs bad, it's also very, very hot. Also the guys that took care of the turbocharger told me that the DPF has holes in it (probably it was cheaper than emptying it). Last night, after a few miles, the engine ran quite good (I suspect the DPF regen program ended) and I also did a small trip to see what fuel consumption I can get and I got 45mpg at moderate driving (in the past I could not get it higher that 38mpg). Also, seems that the thermostat broke, coolant temperature decreases at higher speeds. After this, I disconnected the throttle body to see if the problems reappear (might take up to two weeks). The only diagnostic tool I have is a cheap ebay elm327 that I use to monitor simple things. For further diagnostics (injectors, DPF, error scanning) I have a shop that helps me. I will pay them a visit today to see if there is any problem with the injectors (checked them like 5 times already) and to see if the engine is chip tuned or not. Somebody suggested me to check this out as the "engine pulls harder that it should". I don't think this is the case but I will give it a try. Now, I'm almost sure that the DPF regen in causing the problem, but I don't understand why it runs so bad. You shouldn't notice when it's doing it.
  3. Ciprian

    530d cutting out. Sometimes...

    I got updates: I had the turbocharger rebuilt and gaskets changed. When I have reconnected the MAF sensor, the problems reappeared. This time is a little bit different. The engine now cuts out at lower rpm too, as low as 1000 rpm and sometimes it shakes badly at idle while sitting at a red light. This was not happening before. Also, there is quite some smoke when it cuts out + the noise. I also finally found out that the DPF is partially gutted (remember that it has no DPF off software, probably I'm going to remove the DPF by software, the plan was to fit a used DPF in good condition, but I think I may skip this). Also, it seems that the engine shakes for a few seconds when cold started, injectors and glow plugs are fine. I think I'm going to give it a try and disconnect the throttle valve. At this point I almost don't care if it blows up or something, I'm tired of this. Let me know If any of you have any ideas... Thank you!
  4. I read that the inner bulbs are only used for cornering visibility in the LCI xenon. I am now wondering why did they gave up on halogen in high beam in LCI. Are the xenons assembly much better? Would there be a noticeable difference?
  5. Hello, I have to change my headlights, the car being a '04 it has dynamic xenon (I think it's bi-xenon as the xenon serves both low and high beam + the halogen for high beam). I am wondering if the LCI ones offer something more than just better aesthetics. The only thing I am interested is the visibility during night, to know if it's worth the struggle of retrofitting them. Thanks!
  6. Ciprian

    530d cutting out. Sometimes...

    The car was by three different people, all of them using what looks like dedicated scanners (some device that is about 4 x 6 inches that connects to the car via a cable and to laptop with an ethernet cable). All these guys do is diagnose, chip tune bmw's and solve electrical problems. If they find out something's wrong with the car, either they tell you what has to be done, or they have a partner that can do that. Regarding the requested values, I do not know any of them but all three guys told me the values were fine (checked at idle and also at different rpms). Actually, I think I remember one of them, the one at idle and I think it was around 10mb. How canI disable the turbo? Can I do this by unplugging something or must be done by software?
  7. Ciprian

    530d cutting out. Sometimes...

    I already checked it and it has a little side to side play but I couldn't feel it hitting the sides. It has no in-out play that I can feel and as I said, I didn't noticed any oil consumption. The sound may also come from the variable geometry not working well (visually the actuator moves but that's all I can say). After a long time, I connected the MAF. The value read by the MAF when the car is running fine is ~16.x g/s or which is roughly 58 kg/h. When it is running bad it goes as low as 5.6 g/s or 20 kg/h. I kind of know that the MAF is good as I tried a second MAF and nothing changed. After I got home I stopped the car (the MAF is now reading low values), started it after 5 seconds, the MAF read 16 g/s than dropped to 5 g/s (I can tell by the sound that it runs bad). Repeated the process and now it was reading 16 g/s. Hmm... I know for sure that when it runs bad, it smells horribly and the exhaust is very hot. So, this given there must be a reason of why the engine is suddenly not getting enough air. I know that a rich mixture get higher temps in diesel engines. This is the moment I remembered this (Thank you, San75!): I know for sure that I have no dpf off software (not sure about the dpf core itself). A this point I think the cause of my problem is one of these or both of them: -turbo get fully/partially stuck and restricts airflow (remember that when the turbo noise stops, the car suddenly accelerates). -throttle valve closes and restricts airflow to help with dpf regeneration. The question that remains is: why does it run so bad when performing a simple regeneration? Maybe because the turbocharger is going out and these two combined get crazy? Or, the dpf core was taken out and when regeneration starts the dpf itself never reaches the desired temperature by the ecu and from here on it goes crazy about it. What do you think? It's take longer than I expected until I will take of the turbocharger to refurbish it and at the same time we will check the dpf core. What if the dpf core is intact? all pressures recorded by the sensors show that it's in good condition. The guys that were doing the diagnostics told me that it acts just like a normal dpf, not like a straight pipe or like a clogged one. They suspect that somebody just drilled one or a few holes though the core to skip costs. The tail pipes are black but not the kind of black that I usually see in cars that have chip tuning, egr and dpf off. Also it does not smokes at all with the MAF disconnected. Next thing that I'm going to check is to run the car with the throttle valve disconnected. This seems dangerous as if the turbocharger fails completely and spills all the oil into the intake, there is no way to turn the engine of.
  8. Ciprian

    530d cutting out. Sometimes...

    Checked the throttle valve, moves smoothly, I don't think that's the problem in my case. I have done a bit more research an I have a theory: blown turbocharger. I think the turbocharger core hits the housing as there is a high pinch noise at moderate acceleration until ~2700 - 3000 rmp. A few weeks ago the noise stopped at around 2500 rpm. I think this indicates that it's getting worse. Also, if I floor it, (at lower rpms), the noise goes away when the boost kicks in. From what I've been reading, whet the core hits a higher speed it centers itself, this being the explanation of why the sound goes away at higher rpm or at heavy throttle. In around 9k miles, I didn't noticed any oil consumption despite the old CCV version (just changed it to vortex type this weekend). Also, with the MAF connected, there are no problems ath high rpms (like 3000+). As the former car was a N/A petrol one, I was expecting a bit of turbo-lag. A few weeks ago I drove vauxhall astra (1.9 cdti 101 ps tuned to about 130 ps) and I was stunned of how well and quickly it responds to light throttle. My car is nowhere near that. Also, the last time I went for a long drive (MAF connected) there were times when I would slowly accelerate (+10% throttle) and nothing happened. Another thing, with the MAF disconnected, I rev the engine to around 2200 rpm and hold the throttle steady. The rpms start to slowly raise and around 3000 rpm (throttle still at same position!!!) the turbocharger noise stops and the engine revs up to 4000 rpm. On my MAF post somebody posted what happens when the MAF sensor fails: egr and turbocharger actuator stop working. Giving these, I think I'm safe to say that most probably the turbocharger is done and needs to be changer or rebuilt. I plan to have it checked and rebuild if necessary (I really hope this is the problem). Thank you for your help, I will post the results here. Video of turbocharger noise when it wasn't as bad as now.
  9. Ciprian

    530d cutting out. Sometimes...

    Thanks, I will check the throttle valve tomorrow. Absolutely no errors stored. I will ask the mechanics to do a real-time scan and see if there's anything suspicious. Also, I might just change the intake air temperature sensor and manifold absolute pressure. What's strange is that with the MAF disconnected, the intake air temperature is stuck at 150+ degrees celsius.
  10. Ciprian

    530d cutting out. Sometimes...

    Were the any other symptoms for this? The engine shakes quite badly when turning it off. If I remember right, the throttle valve is used only when turning off the engine, its default position being open. Mine seems to be wide open and it does reset every time I turn the ignition on: it closes and fully opens.
  11. Hello, as I have a very hard to solve problem, problem that goes away when disconnecting the MAF sensor (tried with a secondary MAF sensor too) I was wondering what exactly happens when you disconnect it. I mean, I know that it goes into a default map which gives you less power but what else? Are there any other sensors that get ignored by the ecu? for example, i read somewhere that the intake temperature sensor is of no use anymore. Thank you!
  12. Ciprian

    530d cutting out. Sometimes...

    Please help, it's been a few months, and in all this time I have been to like 4 different shops with no luck in finding the actual problem. Please take a look and tell me if you have any idea what could be the problem, every hint is helpful as no one knows what to check next. What have been done to the car since the last post: -changed the thermostats, the temperature is now normal. -changed the injector #2 (there was an euro 3 injector fitted although the car is euro 4), all injectors are now fine. -changed starter (this is important as it probaby was the cause of the "low compression", see my other post). Things to note: -the white smoke/condensation in the morning might be the CCV which I'm going to replace tomorrow. -from what I'v been told, the dpf might still be on, even if the exhaust pipes are black, is this possible? What's sure is that the ecu was not remapped as it still reads pressures from the dpf, pressure that exists and is between tolerances. How is the driving now: fuel consumption increased with about 0.5 L/100km and it does cut out almost all the time. The noise present in the videos is almost always present at light throttle. I know that in the post regarding the compression I wrote that the problem went away once the egr was disconnected but it worked well only for two weeks. Now comes the interesting part: If I disconnect the MAF the car runs fine. A little bit noisier but does NEVER cut out. Fuel consumption seems to be better, too. Of course we tried a second MAF and the car still runs like crap. We did a MAF adaptation reset when fitting the second MAF. Please give me any hint in what to check out as really no one know what the hell is wrong with this car.
  13. Ciprian

    Compression test on 530D

    Changed the bad injector, refurbished the starter (it died a week later thus, the compression test has no value as the starter could barely turn the engine), the car now starts fine. The power cutting seems to come from EGR. I removed the vacuum hose from EGR and the problem is gone. I'm going to check the EGR and pressure converter soon.
  14. Ciprian

    Compression test on 530D

    I'm back with news. Changed the injector nr.2 with a second hand one. The old injector that was on cylinder 2 was of a different code and also euro 3 specs. After the injector was coded, the correction value for nr. 2 went up to 3.x and after about 20 km it went down to a range of -0.7 to 0.6 the car runs better but not perfect as it seems injector nr.3 is also faulty (up to 2.2 correction), I think I will change this one too. Checked the battery, it's in perfect condition, it has 800 amps, I'm going to check the starter next. The engine runs better, not perfect still from time to time it seems to interrupt power. I'm going to change the oil and filters today and tomorrow I'm going to change the exhaust manifold and turbocharger to intercooler gaskets as there seems to be a leak. Please take a look at this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZRSpbcIUho) and let me know if the cause of this can be the faulty injector nr. 3.
  15. Ciprian

    Whining noise from turbocharger area

    But still, can this job be done without taking of the valve cover?