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  1. I realised mine does shift even more weird when it regens so you are right with what you saying. The app is not available for apple users by the looks of it.
  2. F10er


    Well done, pleased for you. I agree with bmwmike aswell!
  3. F10er

    Professional carbon cleaning

    Its a machine that looks like a deep fat fryer but instead you put cleaning solution in it which it heats up and using very small vibrations which cleans whatever its in it. Thats what it is in a nutshell. in the video you seen (if its the same one i seen) they send the manifold for ultrasonic cleaning and comes back looking like new as Matthew said.
  4. F10er

    Professional carbon cleaning

    Matthew that was purely for people who wants it done, if i am doing it all my self i am buying my own ultrasonic cleaner, always wanted one! Also how big is your ultrasonic cleaner, i am thinking of doing this to F10 but also in the market for a F15 which will need doing so need one big enough can fit manifold in.
  5. F10er

    Professional carbon cleaning

    I have been looking at carbon cleaning a lot lately but i think these solution based fixes are temporary unless they are done regularly to avoid build up at first place. I think best combo is send the inlet manifold for a ultrasonic cleaning and blast the inlet valves. Wall nut blasting scares me little bit, i found out that a product called Tunap does granules that comes with a neutralising spray so less risky compare to walnut shells. I am not disputing the effects of doing it with wallnuts and if its done right by competent people there is no risk but thats my personal opinion on the matter and i have been looking at doing this my self instead of getting as a service.
  6. F10er

    RWD driving style

    Hi which tyres did you fit?
  7. F10er

    Rear diff seals - common?

    MIne has been MISTING ( DEALER TERM not mine two different dealers said it is misting and not leaking) since it was 40 odd k i think it is common so i left it but been keeping eye on it.
  8. F10er

    Dpf replacement?

    Seen this video before i think its that 2 camera angles makes it a bit weird. Thats exactly what i plan to do if i keep the f10 till its full.
  9. F10er

    RWD driving style

    Andrew they are Dunlop Sport Maxx RT2 225/55 R17 97Y * MO with MFS BSW none runflats but got my eye on these at the moment as they look good on paper https://www.camskill.co.uk/m54b0s6144p165455/Bridgestone_Tyres_Car_Bridgestone_T005_Turanza_Bridgestone_T_005_-_225_55_R17_97W_(*)_TL_Fuel_Eff_%3A_A_Wet_Grip%3A_A_NoiseClass%3A_2_Noise%3A_70dB They were £75 each last month kicking my self for not buying.
  10. F10er

    RWD driving style

    I have been fairly happy with my Dunlops they lasted about 20k on rears.
  11. F10er

    RWD driving style

    quiet looking forward to how you get on but i reckon it will be fine after tyres.
  12. F10er

    Is dealer ripping me off???

    I would personally pick up on if the gasket is cracked why you changing the cover, if the cover is cracked its not made of rubber. I remember a conversation when the knocking noise coming from mine i thought maybe an exhaust bush or something and they said if it was that it wouldn't be covered under auc. I still think they dont have a case to argue for the cover.
  13. F10er

    Is dealer ripping me off???

    I am not sure of that one for this scenario. I had the same sentence when local dealer to me couldn't diagnose the fault after 4 different attempts on my steering rack but each time they were very keen to return the car to me despite me saying i would be rather get the problem resolved with them keeping it longer than me having to take the car to them. Logic dictates if they mean what they say then they would try hard to find the fault as they get paid but that wasn't the case! However this was a busy period of all the e series being called for battery leads and a few other bibs and bobs so they might be making more money doing those as workshop was always overbooked..
  14. F10er

    Oil leak help and advice please

    Good luck keep us updated
  15. F10er

    poor fuel economy

    I think an egr sticking would hurt your economy but i presume they would of tested it to see if it sticks or not. Is it main dealer you visited? Is the warranty with BMW?