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  1. F10er

    Managed to wash my key fob...

    Adverts on FB marketplace pops up now and again. Probably too late for you but just in case it helps someone else; any electronic device if made contact with water its best to turn them off (or take battery out in your case) and thoroughly dry it. Best way is to dry dismantle and use rubbing alcohol get rid of all the water.
  2. F10er

    N57 Ticking on after shut down

    I am good buddy thank you, I am positive someone on here cleaned it. I changed it in the B47 as you couldn't really clean it but the one on N57 is different.
  3. F10er

    N57 Ticking on after shut down

    Thank you for the input @percha, luckily egr on these cleans which is in my to do list along side with inlet manifold once i get my self a nice big ultrasonic cleaner. However the noise doesn't come from the egr and its that little chappy which i believe number 13 in the list below Thank you @marko530d I knew you would reply hope you are ok its been a while.
  4. Hi folks i replied to a question already been asked but it is in the 3 series section which i think doesnt get a lot of attention. Link for the topic that has a video attached below as per my reply i narrowed it down to egr regulating valve also called vacuum solenoid i think, does anyone with an n57 confirm whether they have it? Its definitely not the gear issue on the throttle body which has been discussed on here before as the noise coming from this electronic valve on top of the engine at the front. I am trying to find out whether this is something should happen or is it faulty? I dont seem to have any issue with power or fuel economy.
  5. F10er

    Timing chain 2012 F11 520D

    He probably given a lot confidence to folk like us to tackle it. I think he had to refill the gearbox which i didnt get why at the time but i presume you would have to disconnect the lines to the oil cooler and you would loose oil so he drained it.
  6. F10er

    Timing chain 2012 F11 520D

    I have seen that @marko530d, its a shame the guy doesn't do anymore videos as it was great content that car. In his case the head needed to come off as the chain was either jumped or broken and he had damaged valves.
  7. F10er

    5w30 or 5w40 n47

    I read a few times on your posts which is why I wanted to test it, i watched some videos proving 0w30 is much better but the temperatures they tested over -30 I dont think we get anymore than -5 here in Yorkshire. Even then its once in a blue moon, there are under tray covers and some felt type cover around bmw sumps which i think for insulation so that would help. As for the freezer if she didn't want oil her freezer she shouldn't of put it in my workshop having said that i don't think i would of get away with putting in to the one in kitchen
  8. F10er

    5w30 or 5w40 n47

    I was sad enough to put bmw 0w30 and 5w30 in to the freezer and test the flow by tipping the bottle upside down after i took it out. The difference at -15 degrees was so neglectable. My N57 seems to warming up quickly and running a bit warmer than the B47 in the F10 I had so I think 5w30 would be better. I ended up ordering below proper bmw stuff for not so much: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/254838690315?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2763.l2648 They were doing an offer so i paid £89.99 this would give me 3 services at £30 + filter. Its better if you have 2 liter engine as this would do you for 4 services. I also found some genuine filters for £8.5 each. Here are some genuine bmw filters £8 from Belgium if anyone wants them these are good for N47 and N57s i believe but do your own checks https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/154709868023
  9. F10er

    Timing chain 2012 F11 520D

    I personally think 2k is a bit much too. I am happy to be proven wrong but not sure why the head needs to come off? I think the sump needs to come off, valve cover comes off and rest is cogs, tensioner, guides and chain as far as i know.
  10. F10er

    Ticking noise

    Add me to the list too, i narrowed it down to egr regulating valve also called vacuum solenoid i think, does anyone with an n57 confirm whether they have it?
  11. You're welcome! @rbm I am glad it worked for you, i ended up not fixing it as i was changing it. No one else would hear the noise, no one from BMW! I ended up finding it my self and gave the same info i gave to you and they still didn't fix it. My mrs wouldn't hear it either, thought i was hearing something wasn't there Glad you replied i can go prove that I wasnt going nuts!
  12. F10er

    Output shaft seals fone

    Hi Marko, no i havent but it hasnt got worse, it seems to be quiet common i was quoted £250 by an indy back then.
  13. I certainly do know what you mean, I started hearing it nearly 50 mph onwards so 80km ph sounds right. I started with taping like you did, i used some masking tape to cover the gaps i mentioned and it was gone however once i found what it was i didnt really do anything to fix it.
  14. Hi I have had the wind whistle with my F10, I found that if i taped the gap between the front grill and bumper it has gone quiet, maybe give that a go? Picture below is the gap i am on about
  15. F10er

    idrive hard reset

    I wanted to link the car to my connected drive account but the security code that supposed to arrive to car is not coming through. BMW asked me to do connected drive update (press option button whilst you are in connected drive and select update bmw services)and do a hard reset afterwards so the messages would arrive. I did the update but hard reset wont work, i tried delete all user data option and that didn't do anything. I watched a video where someone fixed the same issue with hard reset as per BMW's suggestion. However i dont seem to be able to perform hard reset. I suppose i could disconnect the battery but dont want to result to that if i am missing a trick here.