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  1. F10er

    Thermostat issues now resolved

    no my coolant will hover around 82 and oil will be about 95. On a 70mph motorway run oil will be 99-100 and coolant will hover between 85-88. Stats on diesels are 88 degree ones so i don't think they ever match.
  2. Gearbox oil is a good one but got mixed ideas about it. ZF ( manufacturer of the gearbox) says it should be serviced every 60k miles i think, bmw says it is filled for life. Ensure you use genuine ZF parts if you going to go down that route. Another one would be is inspection of Engine mounts , it appears a few people had issues with them and if budget allows i would replace them while the engine out. Getting intake manifold and valve being blaster would be another good one to get rid of all the carbon deposits. You would change the coolant since the engine out. That's all i can think of i am sure other people would chime in.
  3. F10er

    Another recall

    I think your current ones you can check it on mot history page that is on gov uk. However the ones carried out i would say only bmw. There is a remote chance if you download total car check app it shows sometimes what re calls it might have had in the passed but it wont know whether they have been carried out.
  4. I think even main dealers (despite bmw suggests) doesn't have a standard amongst them, some dealers you can trust some main dealers i wouldn't want them to even wash my car. I agree with all above you may find someone of the independent bmw dealers usually have a past of working in main dealers. I know at least one local to me used to be the master tech at the main dealer. I do also service my cars my self as it is something i enjoy and probably with more care since it is my car.
  5. Good point actually not sure if there should be a permanent 12v if its a heater circuit as it wouldn't be on all the time. However it might worth at least check ground to ensure that you got good ground.
  6. I think 3v out of the 3 cable will be your signal one, one should be ground and as you said other should be voltage. It sounds like a cable issue but you need to trace it.
  7. i think if you go to text search within ista and type egr it comes up in the list.
  8. Thats excellent news, glad it was fixed and especially for that price. Please do share the dealer its worth knowing.
  9. F10er

    DPF continual regen?

    Mine is Car Scanner as per the photo next to the screenshot. The ones Marko Sharing are Bimmertool which is only available on Android.
  10. F10er

    DPF continual regen?

    If this is the only thing you want, have a look at this one i mentioned earlier. It is a clunky looking thing but It lets you see various sensors and you can see when dpf regens. Average distance between the pf regens doesnt work on mine but if you can get it working and thats the only thing you want to see this one could be the answer. It doesn't let you see how many miles you travelled since last regen but when you have a b47 you more or less know when it starts to regen from the exhaust note and the way car revs. I usually use it to extend the journey where i can to make sure car finishes the regen. Its free aswell.
  11. F10er

    Major Service query

    Interesting, I always thought 0w30 was the one, maybe look at getting 5w30 next time round.
  12. F10er

    Major Service query

    I get them from Harry FairBairn Giffnock, they are very helpfull and never had an issue with my order. I believe we have a few people on here ordering from them other than my self. Not all dealers seems to be doing them at this price. On my previous oil change my local dealer wanted £121 for the same parts over the counter. Other dealer who are local to my work and different franchise wanted about £100 although on some of the other parts they are reasonable. However i never had anyone beat price of the Giffnock lot.
  13. F10er

    DPF continual regen?

    This will sound a bit cynical but probably same reason that you have to code everything to your car when you replace it. I do agree with you though.
  14. F10er

    Major Service query

    I think i have posted this on another thread before but i was having a chat with one of the bmw techies who said castrol was another element that contributed to chain issues and that's why bmw changed to shell. I don't know whether that is true or just an anecdote but I did watch a video from chap called Piotr Tester on youtube who seems to be doing various tests on a piece of metal for wear lubricated by different oils similar to the chap Flat Cap shared. Although I couldn't find it, there was a video that where he tested shell, castrol and genuine bmw oil ( supplied by shell) and castrol. The metal piece lubricated by castrol had the more wear. Shell was 2nd and bmw scored 1st. I tend to look for value for money and age of the car sometimes dictates which oil i go for too but to give a few example. When i had the mk4 golf some of you might know the 1.9 PD TDI's had chocolate cams and VW recommended to use PD specific oil and I used Triple QX as they had PD specific ones and car was fine That was untill i found Quantum. Tiguan we had used to have Quantum Oil which supposedly had castrol stuff in it and even the main dealer was using it and it was good value for money. F10 gets the BMW parts as I have recently bought genuine filter and 5 litres of 0w30 stuff for £62 for delivered where ECP is selling 5l of Shell 5w30 and a bosch filter for £50. The extra £12 gives me the piece of mind and an invoice that proves car had genuine parts all of its life. However whichever the oil i use I always change my oil every 10k.
  15. F10er

    DPF continual regen?

    Although i dont have any data to support this i think Bimmertool and Bimmerlink developed by 2 different developers. The interface of Bimmerlink seems to be little bit more sleek compare to Bimmertool and both have different interfaces. Bimmerlink also available on both Android and iOS where Bimmertool seems to be only on Android. There is a free app called 'car scanner' on apple that tells you regen as it happens but wont tell you how many miles you travelled since last regen. That one has even more clunky interface but it worked. I would recommend to invest in a decent Bluetooth adapter. My choice was the Veepeak OBD Scanner BLE+ not sure difference between the BLE+ and normal BLE apart from the £7 difference. The reason i went with this as it is listed to be compatible with Bimmercode and Bimmerlink. My choice was going to be Vgate but it is no longer supported by Bimmerlink. It also works with Car Scanner.