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  1. Well that makes it sound more or less same as my problem but i had a new rack and it came back.
  2. Erhan

    B47 2.0D Engine Reliability?

    Mine is so far doing ok currently at 68k, had the egr done on it just before i bought according to bmw.
  3. That's interesting if you have this noise as we speak then this may indicate another problem with the rack. I didn't get mine done as i am not going to pay another £1000 incompetent dealer here. My plan is to put up with noise until its really bad and get the rack repaired and put back on the car or replace it with a repaired one. I currently dont know if anywhere over here that does repairs but I am originally from Turkey and may of found 1 or 2 companies in Turkey that just do steering racks especially BMW ones, proves the reliability of these if one can run business doing mainly these racks. I am yet to speak to them properly but I will update this thread if i find a reliable solution that alternative to the changing whole rack. That's if i dont sell the car by then but I really like the car and only other one i like is another bmw product, sorry for all the ramble! Going back to your issue mine is currently not doing it at all as mine is effected by weather temperature, it feels tight as anything now, but i know comes March/April it will knock all the way through summer as long as temperature 18 degrees and above so not sure if its directly related to yours.
  4. Erhan

    Rear brake pads - leg lifted?

    Well i bought my pads and discs for £195 including sensor from harry fairbairn at giffknock they are on ebay. Mine is the 520dse so yours could be more expensive but might worth to ask them. If you going to diy one thing to bear in mind my discs were tight on there so you need a rubber mallet. Apart from that was really straight forward, i had the ista so the retracting to calipers was not an issue might worth to invest it.
  5. Erhan

    Leaking/failing door seals?

    My driver side was gone when i bought it, they ordered another one and came with a kink in it then ordered another one so looks like common.
  6. SO another update, it has been formally diagnosed as the steering rack. BMW said they will contribute %70 of the part and thats it which still left me with a bill of £1000. I have pointed out this is a common fault which indicates a design issue, and it took my local dealer 5 attempts to diagnose which made no difference. You cant speak to the person who makes the decision so it looks like I either have to lump it or put up with it.
  7. Erhan

    Wiper Blades for 2013 F10

    I have gone genuine it cost £35 the ones came off were bosch ones.
  8. Rear discs and pads all done today, those discs were almost welded on took a few blows of rubber mallet and load of wd40 and bit of cursing. The pads seemed like worn slightly uneven inner were more worn. One could argue the discs could of been serviceable but she is my daily driver and they were on there for 65k. New genuine pads, discs and sensor all came in at £194 from Harry Fairbairn! They have got an ebay store. I like shopping around and these came cheaper than euro car parts brembos with discount code and did not include the sensor! I am not associated with the above dealer nor advertising for them only shared as it was I think is a good deal. Oh and bought pair of new wipers too as the old ones were smearing a bit now. I have isata d so putting calipers in to workshop mode wasnt an issue. Tis did help a lot and if anybody carries it out this and needs any tip I am happy to provide. I was going to prepare a full on tutorial as I dont think it was shared but this was my first time and sure it was messy. Roll on Thursday to find out whats going to happen with steering rack.
  9. Thats really odd here is a massive sign on my fuel cap saying no additives and no bio diesel
  10. Andrew, since it only happens when weather is warm and we didn’t have any nice weather since September. i could argue the new rack could of failed or already faulty as there is absolutely no play in wheels when they are off ground so you couldn’t rock it to diagnose hence bmw kept on saying they can’t fault the car. i hope BMW doesn’t play hard ball on this but I have no confidence.
  11. UPDATE*** Just came back from BMW and the source of the noise is the steering rack. Service adviser told me that in last month they had 2 other 5 series with the same issue. Unfortunately car is out of warranty so its booked back in to sort out but we will see how much BMW will contribute if any. The new rack was fitted back in September under BMW approved used warranty and the noise came back on in march so it appears that new rack lasted 6 months. They also said they that symptoms were same with the other cars. I will update you guys again so watch this space.
  12. Erhan

    N47 chain

    I am glad you are sorted, could i please ask who is the external warranty company please?
  13. I have just seen this thank you ever so much for reporting back. Mine is still knocking away once got a bit of a warmer weather i will be taking it back to bmw again. I am kind of hoping it is and it isnt rack. If it is BMW should do something about it but I cant be doing getting a rack every 6 months. If it isnt I dont know where on earth its coming from and neither does bmw by the looks of it. I am really surprised nobody else seem to be complaining with this issue not just here but nowhere else either. Plenty stories about F30.
  14. Erhan

    B47 Temperature drops

    Thanks for all the input chaps, i was more worried that something wrong with the cooling and the engine is running cooler than it should which is no good too the engine equally, especially the regen cycles if i am correct. The flaps in front of mine are never shut by the way and never looked at it prior to update to see whether they used to but i checked in winter when it was freezing and they were even open back then.
  15. Erhan

    B47 Temperature drops

    See i appreciate that but why wont you see this in other cars, mine sure didnt do it before this update. Shouldn't thermostat remain shut during that thus not loosing heat? Like if i race the engine to 70 on motorway it drops temperature however if i cruise at 70 seems to be climbing up and staying there and not dropping. I think this software somehow changed the way car cooled hence we see this.