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  1. Hi guys sorry for bringing this old thread back to life but i have the same problem above now the weather been nice again. I seem to have a knocking coming through steering and sometimes can be felt through the floor. Bmw looked at it in April last year tan jully twice and in september they changed the track rod ends as that's what they thought it is. It only happens if the weather is warm and worse if i have been using the aircon aswell and to clarify its not felt when you turn on or turn off the aircon, its only if the aircon been on for lets say 45 mins in a hot day. Has anybody got an idea what this might be please?
  2. Erhan

    52.4 mpg

    If you think that is boring I often do 63-65 mph on motorway if i am not in rush most i got was 70mpg (on dash and it is the 2 litre) doing this over 120 mile journey.
  3. Erhan

    Hoping to buy a BMW 520D shortly

    My personal experience is buying from dealership that gives the extra peace of mind (might depend on main dealer) as it will come with a years warranty. As it goes with any car ensure service history there. If its a private sale definitely check full hpi. As for the car I have SE 2014 which has the same engine as yours. I dont know if that year is effected but there is a recall on egr cooler and condenser. One thing i experienced with it is check the tyre wear if its uneven might be somersetting wrong with traffic. I would definitely take it on motorway or somewhere you can do 60 or 70 to see if its effected with not being able to go straight as some apparently were of if front tyres worn on outer edges it does wander around a lot.
  4. Erhan

    Insurance Bull****

    I have had an experience with Directline where I one fault claim phased out and i gained another ncb but my renewal was 1300! it was 1090 previous year (with fault claim on) however because i did a quote save 6 weeks in advance i renewed it with them for £835.
  5. Hi guys bought a car for my daughter supposed to be bit of a learning car and get her confidence in driving. I have bought the car from another young girl with the help of her dad who both said knew nothing about cars and came across that way. The car had so many issues with it and bought at the scrap value was going to be bit of a summer project... We received a letter today stating car had a logbook loan on it. I did hpi the car but then realized the package i chosen didnt included finance check. However the car was at the registered address with the full log book and bought it off registered keeper. it appears that logbook loan was taken out back in 2017 September and the girl i bought it off got the car in may 2018 so i think they were in same boat as i am but i am sure they would of got contacted like us and a bit annoyed they didn't say anything about it. I bought it off gumtree so messaged them back but dont have a number for them but do know the address. I just wanted to warn you guys for the sake of £9 please do do hpi check doesnt matter how much you pay for it. In my case i will probably loose £200 but shows its worth it. I will update this thread with outcome once i know a bit more.
  6. Erhan

    F11 - Which tyres are best ?

    Well I have now driven about 5k on none run flats so thought would give you my opinion and experience. Sorry for the essay below, i normally hate essays but when it comes to cars i dont know where to stop. My first choice was Uniroyal Rainsport 3 for the rears but my car have some sort of tracking issue and its wearing on the edges at front when these tyres was fitted to ear I loved the grip and cushioned ride as they are soft tyres. However due to uneven worn rft pirellis at front my car drove like a pissed pelican honestly i couldn't keep the bloody thing straight as soon as i put the new tyres to front (and you are supposed to put new tyres always to rears according to bmw) the car drove straight as an arrow! However I realised Uniroyals are very noisy to my liking however I got to test them in anger where i had to drive through a big puddle (there are a few on my daily commute when it rains) I couldn't believe how well these cope with rain. My part worn (4.5mm each) rft Pirellis gone in 3.5k miles so it was time to get 2 more none rft to replace the rears however i just couldnt go for Uniroyals because of noise ( i did get the xls which is 1 more db more than the 97y) but didnt want to risk of having a really noisy car so instead i opted for the bmw approved Pirelli P7 none runflats for the rear (again you are not supposed to run mixed pattern or none bmw approved tyres but my car seems to eat its rear tyres for breakfast 13k from rears and i do 30k a year) So the Verdict: Running mixture of none rft and rft I didnt feel any difference in terms of handling however this is my personal and NOT recommending anyone to do it. Run flats used to make the car wonder like hell on icy roads ie it was falling in to smallest bumps however none rft cured that. I think handling is definitely improved with none rft tyres and if it wasnt to noise i think Uniroyals are good tyres. In terms of comfort I have seen virtually no difference between Pirelli P7 runflats vs none runflat Pirelli P7 and I am running them on same axle with same pressure. However the Uniroyals definitely more cushioned but they are softer compound than the none rft tyres anyway, i am yet to see if it wears any differently Benefits for me personally Its cheaper to run none rft ( Pirelli none rft were £71 of ebay each and uni royals were from camskill 75 each) overall it creates about £300 saving for me per year which is considerable amount to me to use none rfts. I bought a space saver but also some tyre plugs and a small compressor (not shy with a spanner) also getting some breakdown cover.
  7. Erhan

    Diff leaks

    Yep mine is misting too right side more than the other, i have opened up the plug and can see oil there so didnt top it up but keeping a very close eye on it, cleaning the diff down every two weeks with break cleaner and see how much it mists. Andy you will probably know this for the life of me i cant find what should i should of torqued the sump plug for. Also he correct oil for top up if i need too. got lots of info on tis and isata but dont know which one is correct! Erhan
  8. Erhan

    Output shaft seals fone

    Well I have washed the diff down with break cleaner and done about 400 miles and 8 days later here is the latest It’s definitely leaking in my opinion but 2nd dealer said no it’s misting. Will monitor and might get it changed. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Erhan

    Retuning DAB

    This sounds like a dealer visit to me. I have had where I lost my whole dab stations (mine is a F10) and it was fixed with a software upgrade from dealers.
  10. Erhan

    Retuning DAB

    i thought it constantly retunes/scans automatically?
  11. Coded Sport Displays, Tyre temperature and Digital Speed in cluster. Oh and settled PCP on it 10 days ago so she is all mine nowwwwww. Well when BMW finance gets their bottom in gear to send me the documents.
  12. Erhan

    Buy Outright or PCP?

    Well I was on PCP with the mileage and the getting better rate elsewhere I decided to settle it.
  13. I thought they mainly built this for the American market.
  14. Erhan

    Advice on selling a car....

    Yeah I got offered 12k for mine last Saturday, was testing an F15 M50d they had in stock and always wanted one but manage to resist the temptation, with the miles i do would be ridiculously expensive to run.
  15. Erhan

    new to the forum

    Welcome to the forum, love them spider alloys