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  1. Erhan

    B47 Engine reliability

    to be honest i was referring to money you pay to vauxhall astra vs a 1 series in general not the cost of replacing the chain. The point i was trying to make is you pay a lot more to a bmw compare to other cars they shouldn't have this.
  2. Erhan

    B47 Engine reliability

    Well that scares me little bit too, but again as for chain issues i think i am with Andrew. alot of other manufacturers had these issues, ofcourse a vw or vauxhal doesnt cost the money bmw ask you to pay but they had the issues. Mercedes had it with its 1.8 Kompressor engine I have recently changed a chain on a vw polo 1.2 for my step daughter and i believe some of the 1.4 tsi engines effected diesels are all belt driven on vw side (most anyway). Vauxhall had it with astras and corsas (petrol engines) Of course they all had their chain accessible merc was right up front and polo on the side and thats where bmw sucks.
  3. Erhan

    B47 Engine reliability

    Well mine been ok so far, owned it for 2 years and a bit and just turned 76k. Mine doesnt have adblue but i drove a g series that had b47 with adblue so i cant comment on that. The only thing they had was the egr cooler which bmw replaces FOC really good fuel economy and i find the power to be adequate. Didnt hear anything about chain issue and certainly doesnt make any rattling ( talking about mine) and i do have a e81 with n47 to play around with and b47 sounds much more refined.
  4. Erhan

    Diesel grades

    No i have used occasionally but mostly using supermarket fuels. However i am also one for servicing the car properly and did half the bmw service schedules. I was hoping this conversation would come to a conclusion with whether it is worth it or not as i am sitting on the fence about the subject.
  5. Erhan

    Diesel grades

    My fuel cap states "No additives" Minimum or maximum B7 ( cant remember whether it said minimum or maximum) but definitely no additives. My old E320 cdi used to sound a lot better when i tipped a bottle of redex in tank.
  6. Erhan

    Changed jobs

    Well i managed to catch mine regenning which was near fill tank up so as soon as i get 300-350 mile range i arrange my journeys around that and then same at 650/700 whichs what a full tank lasts me i checked it on ista d and calculation was correct.
  7. Erhan

    Which Oil

    Thats exactly where i get them from, and exactly for my own peace of mind. I even put little bit of fresh oil down and watch it come out of sump make sure i got all the dirty oil out probably way overkill but whynot.
  8. Erhan

    Changed jobs

    i believe dpf regens every 300 miles or so ( at least thats what my b47 does) i try and keep an eye on it and adjust my journey accordingly so can have a chance to regen.
  9. Erhan

    520D Hesitant/ Stalling

    I would also say the test for egr gets tested to see if it opens 20% but there is nothing to suggest that if the part failed now given we had one or two people had this failure on their car on this forum. Without codes its difficult but i recall watching a video on youtube and believe it was called common problems on B47 which i believe what your engine is however without actual codes its just shooting in the dark but from entertainment point of view its good to watch to findout what commonly goes wrong on these as i do have the same engine.
  10. Erhan

    BMW service history

    so this is a subject i looked a lot in an out as it rubs against my ocd too. All the service history as Mathew suggested reside on the servers where BMW placed them and they get downloaded back to your car. The service can be accessed by any garage is willing to go through registering process and that they are vat registered and if i recall it right it is free of charge but dont know what equipment they would need it to write it to car or how it would connect to the servers but once registered they can see the history etc all on there. Mine is an absolute mess i have at least 3 double entries for the same job done at different dealers. ie front brakes done at 37554 and then same entry at 37556 by same dealer they are 2 miles apart and it does make the service history look rich but i would rather have it tidy up. There is a software called HU Manager which enables to write it to the idrive on the car but as Matthew suggested if the car ever goes back to BMW it will overwrite and remove the entries made by this software as Mathew suggested. I am going to use it for my own record keeping and tidy up the double entries. as a side note it works both with K-dcan and e-net aswell as i tested it with kdcan as i didnt want to keep editing the .ini file to switch between enet. Also any entry you make with software goes to the bottom so if anyone ever plays with this make sure take photos of all your service history before you do anything with it and once you got back up of all the history you can delete all and enter them one by one which would make it look tidy.
  11. I am all up for preventative maintenance but whole actuating thing prior to installation puts me off little bit and i have had 2 project cars been tinkering a lot in cold i think those combined putting me off from tackling.
  12. Erhan

    CEL, came and gone.

    Mine returned exactly same as yours and had a gasket lying on the bottom tray, Stratstone Hull yet to say why it was there and that was 6 weeks ago now.
  13. Andrew if you are suggesting the egr cooler recall it doesnt cover EGR Valves I have been told, I was hoping for a new valve when mine was in but they just replaced the cooler on mine. Mine turned 74k yesterday and so far egr seems to be function fine, part of me wants to take it off and clean it but i dont know how much of a good idea that is! If aint broke dont fix it.
  14. Erhan

    Broken spring or airbag?

    You may need a longer one,, maybe a 3ft breaker bar/strong arm or maybe take it to a tyre change place and get them to undo the nuts and put them back on with the correct torque.
  15. Erhan

    bmw f10 start engine remote

    I wasn't suggesting warming the car up but if you are waiting somewhere and all you have as a shelter is your car and you are running the engine to warm YOURSELF up?? There has been a few occasion i have had to wait on someone and i have had nothing but my car to wait in. I do agree it takes long to warm up but the scenario i am referring it to keep the temperature rather than warming up from stone cold engine.