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  1. Erhan

    Best mpg ive ever seen!

    Mine is B47
  2. Erhan

    Tyre repair kit.

    It could be total bs but local dealer said that using slime on cars with tpms would ruin the sensors in wheels whats everyone's opinion on it especially the ones who used the slime?
  3. Mine is not doing any noise at the moment either but weather is cool and just done another motorway trip my self which didnt end up with noise. I will update this thread once bmw takes the car in.
  4. Hi Buddy sorry to hear you are having the same issue, no I don’t have vdc I wish I did. I think the inner bushing will be the issue and you will end up with a new rack the x3 is effected with it from what I have been reading and there is a repair kit for them. Mine is booked in to dealer on 21st of June so will find out then. It took them 4 attempts before they replaced the rack which was in September. You can feel it on steering and track rods when you rock the wheel back and forth when it’s on ground. Ask them to try that and mine usually happens more if air con turned on when it’s warm.
  5. Here is the before and after tracking if anybody is interested.
  6. I just dont know what else could be going on the car is currently at 56k miles that always gone to bmw apart from tyre change and mot. Last tracked by bmw on kds back in September which admittedly had better tyre wear prior to that but was on run flats whether that ad anything to do with it i dont know! I do do a lot of miles so if they are any good I will sure report back. If i didnt feel free to send me a PM when you are changing tyres.
  7. Well the irony is that I prefer a driving style to extract more mpg out of my car vs how fast it can go or whether it can do burnouts. I presume those tyres would of gone in 3k if i drove like that! Always in eco pro mode and those tyres were bmw approved none run flat pirellis! The car is tracked and the rear was way out but the car is still pulling to left after 2 attempts so i am going back in after the tyres changed over. It was tracked on a snap on machine called John something but does look the part and nothing like old school. The front tyres were my uniroyal rs 3 ones and they were 6m after 10k but does look like wearing out on outer eges which should be down to tracking. My rear ones also worn on outer edges which I presume suggests too much toe in.
  8. Erhan

    F10 vibration

    Camskills sells aptany ones usually one of the cheapest you can fit to the car. I have had vibration through seat that turned out to be rear tyres, i would definitely get them balanced to start with before looking anywhere else.
  9. Erhan

    BMW Insured Warranty, what to do?

    Well my quote was 1200 for full year fully comp and thats when the car was at 41k.
  10. Erhan

    Best mpg ive ever seen!

    Mine seems to be doing well since the warmer weather too. But i have been driving it like absolute saint for both journeys.
  11. Ordered 2 new tyres as was my pirellis was down to 2m in 7k miles!! Gone for dunlop sport maxx see how they going to perform. The tracking was massively out which may explain why my rear tyres lasted that long.
  12. more updates for anyone following this thread, the car is going back to bmw this month and they confirmed that they have changed the full rack on my car back in september not just the track rods and they think the noise might be coming back from somewhere else so watch this space.
  13. I still dont understand what part the aircon play in it. I have no noise on it again this morning but there is no doubt if i put the aircon during midday the noise will return.
  14. So more update knocking comes from the steering rack. It will only do it when you rock the wheel stationary with the load and not jacked up. Contacted bmw to determine what they exactly changed last time and hopefully it’s not the rack as that won’t be cheap!
  15. Thanks for your reply Andrew, So let says you had the aircon on and you stopped at traffic lights engine stop, when it restarts you hear the clonk and feel it through the steering then when you are driving slowly you can hear it knocking as the car moves through the steering and floor I coudlnt feel any movement in the universal joints of steering column yesterday, but this is specifically aircon being on for a bit on a warm day. This morning the car was absolutely fine no knocking and everything felt tight as it should do. I just dont understand why the aircon would have effect on this noise, if the compressor wasnt tight then it would knock all the time.