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  1. Sagnak

    Restart E39 530d Sport Touring

    Sinner, We have made the converter for the turbo actuator so DM me your address so i will send one to you
  2. Sagnak

    Restart E39 530d Sport Touring

    Hi Sinner, I have a question regarding the catch can, have you checked the oil amount seperated per like 10K miles in the can and is there a reason why you havent connected it to the sump with a ball valve to return it back to the engine every lets say 1-2K miles ? I am planning the upgrade so your input will be highly very much appreciated Thanks Saanak
  3. Sagnak

    Restart E39 530d Sport Touring

    I am very curious about the meth setup and gains
  4. Hi Clavurion, I got a brand new Webasto from an Audi D3 never even fired, do you think it will work with our E39 (it writes D3 on the control card). My plan is make this work then i will install a Webasto Multicontrol to make this work while the engine is off to heat interior at night! I have pinned 1 and 4 just incase i need to wire FG to the clima control panel so what should i do. Also how do i find Inpa ? Thank you for your help
  5. Sagnak

    Restart E39 530d Sport Touring

    Thanks mate I will appreciate that very much. I will have a look at them i have the old ones laying around, you are right they are DLLA145P927+ version they fitted when i had them reconditioned like 3 months ago, as far as i can remember they were 6 ports but cant comment on the hole diameters. Regarding one of your first posts you have changed replaced the plastic rocker cover from M57N under the intake and mentioned that these have an extra hole for the later M57N and M57N2 intakes so which hole is this and does this mean i cannot fit the m57n2 intake to my current setup and all the intakes from M57N2 have the swril flaps so these needs deleted. I also want to do this as the map sensor on ours tend to get dirt quickly as its right in front of the air inlet (this maybe the case when you have the egr functioning while sending soot back in to the intake) How do i find him i have searched but couldn't find a user Thank you again
  6. Sagnak

    Restart E39 530d Sport Touring

    Thank you Sinner, I have few more questions since you have done this so no one can answer better so #6 is the new fass fuel regulator here so this was slightly bothering me if i got it right or wrong. Also regarding the cruise control working with GS6-53DZ-HGA transmission what can we do and replace line in the ecu programme if so where to update. Well to cut it short i need help on this issue I got an e65 rail with standard sensor and valve on it and now manufacturing (drilling 2x10mm plates actually:) the aluminum pieces you made to fit on M57, also as your suggestion i got second hand HP tubes from the pump to rail and rail to injectors so no bending job for me. Regarding Cp3 installation, this oil filter housing+oilcooler has to come out right ? As the CP1 looks smaller in length and can come out i was just wondering if you had a different problem wih this. Is it possibe for you to tell me the round parts (the one with 3mm hole and 4x 2.5mm side holes) dimentions that goes in the pump as Volume control valve, i would like to make that on lathe before i receive the pump. And my car is 525d, do you think it will be a good idea to go with dlla type 530d nozzles ? Thanks again
  7. Sagnak

    Restart E39 530d Sport Touring

    Hi Sinner, I have an e39 525d and i have been following your great work and educational post which also made me hot about the CP3R90 upgrade so now i am in the beginning of this process and there are few things in piping that i feel lost so is it possible for you to make a final piping diagram of the HP pump Injector returns Cooler Filter Regulator And any other thing in between these lines also how is the engine behaving after the rail pressure incresed to 1700 bars ? Thank you in advance
  8. Sagnak

    anyone on here got a 6 speed manual 530d?

    Hi do you have any pictures of the install and more details i am also in the middle of this conversion just found a HGA type from an e46 so what do i need to complete this Thanks in advance