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  1. RandomName

    Rose bush tool

    I can second @Clavurion comment. I bought and used that very tool recently with great success. The only reason to make your own would but if you had the materials spare or as a purely technical exercise, which I can understand the appeal of. I’d doubt you could buy the materials and make your own for the price of that one.
  2. While replacing to bottom radiator hose to repair a leak I took the opportunity to replace the expansion tank as the float was broken off the old one. Ordered and fitted a Melye one which came with the level sensor installed. Since then the coolant level warning is coming on after several min from starting. Ive confirmed that the level is correct, the system has been through a few bleed cycles but still the same. I’ve put the original sensor in the new tank but still the same. If I unplug the sensor it brings on the light immediately on starting and I’ve tried plugging the sensor in with it removed from the tank, again, the warning is immediate which would suggest that it reading something when installed. Anyone seen this before or know if there is a calibration process that might need run?
  3. RandomName

    E61 520D (LCI) Front Suspension Refresh

    I’ve just refreshed the front of mine and went with a combination of meyle hd (the longer arms) and ordinary meyle for the shorter arms. It’s too early to tell how well they will last but definitely an improvement over what came out. The hd arms have a chunkier bush than the original bmw ones which will hopefully last a while. Seems well made and I’ve no reason to doubt them. Be careful of cheap kits on eBay claiming to be meyle hd as when you dig into it it’s only the drop links that are meyle hd. I’ve found c3bmw to be reasonable price wise and very reliable for delivery even with everything that’s going on at the min.
  4. RandomName

    Eccentric shaft motor

    Was getting back to triangle free today by sorting the pdc sensors. While the laptop was connected I noticed an eccentric shaft error along the lines of the motor was too slow to react. I’m hopeful that this was down to a low battery given how little the car has been driven lately. If this proves not to be the case I’ve been looking into the price of the motors. VDO seems to be the most common aftermarket brand for the eccentric shaft motor, anyone fitted one to their n52? Ive been stung before fitting aftermarket electronic components, namely DISA valves, so would appreciate any experience in this area.
  5. RandomName


    As far as I know Pierburg are the oem for the n52 water pumps.
  6. RandomName


    A sudden drop under braking is a bit odd. The petrol n52, thats probably what you have, has 4 operating temperatures depending on how the car is being driven. I can’t recall what each are exactly but if memory serves the eco one will bring the temperature up to over 100c and can reach over 110c at times. When you are driving more enthusiastically it drops the temp to the 70 to 80 range. This happens surprisingly quickly. What I would say is that just because the electric pump is running doesn’t mean that it’s good. A test would be to run the bleed cycle with the expansion tank open (make sure the engine is cold before opening the tank as the system runs fairly high pressures). If the pump is running well, coolant should be coming out of the return hose on the tank. Most videos showing this test show a visible stream of coolant but my one seems to have a different shape header which deflected the steam but I could still see that coolant was getting returned. The question I would have is whether the car has ever had a coolant pump replaced? If not I consider changing it as preventative maintenance with an oem brand one as they can fail without warning and these engines don’t handle being cooked, think pulling head studs out of the block. Budget round £300 in parts for pump and thermostat.
  7. RandomName

    World class bodgery

    It has helped but I’m still fighting a stability problem once the speed gets up. I’ve replaced the rear arms and rose joint, rear shocks and now the front thrust arms. I’ve the other front arms on order which should be here this week and am planning on doing the front shocks as soon as the koni special actives are back in stock (next month apparently). Once all has been replaced I’ll be taking it to get a 4 wheel alignment done. With the current lockdown I’m only doing about 5 mile a week so can wait for the shocks before getting the alignment done. I’m fairly confident the stability problem is alignment as I have moved every adjuster on the rear doing the arms.
  8. RandomName

    World class bodgery

    @FLX I’m all for reducing waste but that one had my jaw on the floor but given some of the other items I’ve put right on the car from I’ve own it that the previous owner either bodged or ignored I shouldn’t be surprised. Hopefully yours goes as smoothly as mine went. Had one casualty during it where a t40 bit snapped undoing the ball joint but it was a cheap one and I had a spare.
  9. RandomName

    World class bodgery

    Yeah, sorted for a while. Thankfully all the bolts came out easy enough and all went back together fairly easily. Noticed that the anti-roll bar rubber bushes need replacing so that’s something else added to the list.
  10. RandomName

    World class bodgery

    Long enough to get it sold I’d say. I’ve had the car just over a year now and it’s only the last few months that the front has felt very numb and wandering.
  11. RandomName

    World class bodgery

    Replaced the front arms on my e61 and discovered some proper bodgery. Why change it when you can squeeze it.
  12. RandomName

    E60/E61 Video Thread

    I’ve a glovebox full of receipts that would back up the money pit theory, but can’t think of another car I’d trade it for.
  13. RandomName

    E60/E61 Video Thread

    The guy is a liability. I use to watch his stuff for comedy value but realised that it was putting money in his pocket so refuse to watch anything more. The one where he puts redx into the bores through the whole where the spark plug should be will tell you everything you need to know about the quality of his advice.
  14. RandomName

    Bmw e60 530i (2004)

    There seem to be a few common things across all e60/1s. There’s a post at that the top of this section on checking the scuttle panels for blocked drains. That’s essential regular maintenance in my eyes. Water leaks into the boot/passenger cabin can be very costly if not caught early. I’ve limited exposure to the m54 as I’ve the n52 but based on what I’ve read here’s the things I’d do/plan to do if I’d just bought one: check the DISA - they can fall apart on the m54 sending plastic into the cylinder. There are upgrade kits that are reasonably cheap and easy to fit providing the diaphragm is in tact. This would be one of the first things I’d do. cooling system as suggested above. drive belts and pulleys at the same time as the water pump. general service items as needed. Ive also a manual and have recently done a clutch. Relatively easy to do and would recommend refreshing the linkage if doing that as it’s relatively cheap parts wise and makes the shift a lot nicer. Suspension on these cars can be expensive to refresh as cheap parts don’t last. Expect £200 to £300 in parts per end for a middle of the road brand. Any play in the suspension seems to impact handling a lot more than any other car I’ve owned. As a general comment, these are old BMW’s. They need kept on top off maintenance wise and quality parts are the only way to go if you are planning on keeping the car. They are not cost effective in pure financial terms but that’s not why we own them . The good news is that parts for the m54 are plentiful and reasonably cheap compared to the n52 or n53. For me the best bmw engine is an in-line 6 petrol mated to a manual gearbox.
  15. RandomName

    Driver side rose bush struggle

    Should be no play in any of the arb mounts. Sounds like you’ve identified your next project