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  1. RandomName

    What’s wrong with this picture...

    @j525i yeah, I was surprised when I opened it especially as the intake manifold only had a slight oiliness inside. All I can assume is that it had built up over time in the DISA. Priority number one now is changing the ccv separator and pipes to prevent the same happening to the new valves.
  2. As mentioned in another thread I’ve a suspicion that the ccv system on my 530i needs attention, I think it’s more than a suspicion now. I’ve recently replaced both DISA valve and as one had play in the flap and the other had a failed motor I thought I’d try swapping the ‘good’ motor into the one with the failed motor. On opening the DISA I was met with the picture below. Both had similar amounts of oil in them. Time to replace the ccv system before the same happens to the new valves.
  3. RandomName

    Test drove my first e60 yesterday My opinions.

    If the car is to believed my pre lci 530i is averaging round the 28 to 29 mpg. That’s with a mix of sensible driving when out with the family and more spirited driving when it’s just me in the car. There’s a couple of faults that’s probably affecting that figure, mainly a slipping clutch at full throttle in 4th to 6th.
  4. RandomName

    Test drove my first e60 yesterday My opinions.

    Got to laugh at the miles per tank figure. Definitely a bit optimistic that one.
  5. RandomName

    Test drove my first e60 yesterday My opinions.

    When I was looking into which engine to go for there was a site that suggested that the 3l in the petrol was the one to go for. The reason given was that as it came out later than the smaller engines it had some fixes for common faults in the older engines. I don’t know how much truth there is in that but was enough for me to justify going for the bigger engine and nothing to do with wanting more power (honest ).
  6. RandomName

    Manual behaving like an auto

    @pidgeonpost yeah it took a bit of finding that one. Add to that it’s m-sport with black leather interior and black trim, the term hens teeth springs to mind. If I’m honest I overpaid for the car as it was the spec I want but not necessarily the condition I wanted, but I didn’t have the luxury of choice or time to wait for another one. If you look through my previous posts it will give an idea of the work already carried out so far from Christmas when I bought the car.
  7. RandomName

    Manual behaving like an auto

    I know when I was doing the clutch on my e36 323 coupe about 10 years ago LuK and Sachs were the go to brands. Wasn’t sure if that was still the case. Can’t believe it’s almost 10 years from I got rid of that car. It is the reason I now have the e61. Once you get a feel for the il6 petrol the itch never goes away
  8. RandomName

    Manual behaving like an auto

    @Clavurion that’s the answer I was hoping for. Do you know if LuK the brand of choice these days for bmw?
  9. RandomName

    Manual behaving like an auto

    As the title would suggest it looks like a new clutch is now on my to do list. Happy enough to carry out the work but have a concern about the self adjusting clutch. Planning on using LuK Clutch kit and flywheel (open to other brands if anyone can suggest better). Does anyone know if I would need the special tool to fit the self adjusting pressure plate or does the new LuK plate come with a locking plate in place?
  10. RandomName

    Loss of power going through a corner

    Glad you seem to have gotten to the cause of the problem. When my vanos solenoids were on their way out I never got a code directly related to the solenoids but did get a code related to camshaft position. I also had hesitation and surging when the engine was cold which almost completely went away with new solenoids. Changing the failed DISA valves removed the rest of the hesitation.
  11. RandomName

    Strong petrol smell on cold starts.

    @DarkHorse to be honest that’s my thinking as well but thought it worth checking with the collective mind to see if others have noticed this. I think part of the problem is that we are discussing the one true fuel which seems to be a bit thinner on the ground than the devils fuel
  12. RandomName

    Strong petrol smell on cold starts.

    Hi @oldjohnny sorry I probably should have put in the first post that the car is a 530i. I’ve no issues starting the car and it seems to be running well. I do get a lot of vapour from the exhaust when the engine is not at full temp. I had been putting that down as steam but now think it’s a combination of unburnt fuel and possibly oil from the ccv. You never smell petrol or burnt oil from inside the cabin if all windows and doors are closed so to me that rules out it coming from the engine bay.
  13. RandomName

    Strong petrol smell on cold starts.

    To be honest I’ve not had the car long enough to notice any change in mpg. Added to that the fact that the constant stream of work that I’ve been doing to the engine which seems to be improving the mpg would make finding a leak hard to detect by mpg alone. It does seem to be from the exhaust fumes which makes me think it could be running very rich when cold. There’s no smell of petrol when I’m outside the car before starting, it’s only after starting the engine.
  14. Lately I’ve noticed a very strong petrol smell on cold starts. The smell is only noticeable outside the car and only on cold starts. It’s as if the engine is running very rich. Once the engine warms at all the smell goes away. The engine runs and pulls well when cold, not that I rev it much till it’s warm. I’ve a suspicion that the ccv separator needs replacing but can’t see how it would cause this problem. I’m also believe that the tank vent is correctly attached as attached it when refitting the inlet manifold recently. There’s no engine related faults currently logged (only drivers heated mirror fault). The only reason I’ve noticed the smell is that I’ve been doing a fair bit of work to the car so I regularly start it then get out to check all looks ok before closing the bonnet. Any thoughts on whether this is normal and if it’s not where to look next to find the cause? Plugs were changed about 3000 mile ago with ngk plugs being fitted.
  15. RandomName

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Checked the spare wheel well (if it can be called that without a spare wheel) for water. All dry and no sign that there ever had been water in it. Decided to move the modules out of there anyway