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  1. RandomName

    Pre lci adaptive xenon

    Not something I’ve done but you could have a dig through newtis.info to see if that offers any help with the wiring. I doubt if they will be plug and play. You’ll most likely need to do some coding on the car to enable them, but I could be wrong.
  2. RandomName

    Appealing for your collective help

    Ive had occasions recently where the compressor wouldn’t kick in following being drained (with the battery disconnected). One thing I’ve observed is that if trying to get the compressor to kick in while the wheels are in the air to allow you to torque the arms in the weighted position, you may need to jack up both sides, if that makes sense. Best bet is to get it connected to a laptop, as @GoNz0 suggested. That should allow you to manually trigger the compressor to test it.
  3. RandomName

    Looking to get a E61...Guidance?

    All you can really do is research the common faults on places like this forum and Facebook groups. Once you have the list it’s digging for parts prices, the labour costs will be very hard to gauge though especially if you are relying on a mate to do the work. There have been a few “common issues” threads on here so might be worth digging them out. Here’s some to start with: E6x in general: Drivers front wiper linkage (can get cheap bearing kits which work well) suspension arms and bushes (don’t cheap out on these as it’s a false economy) coil springs snapping water ingress as mentioned before BMW rims are soft and prone to cracking Auto gearbox and torque converters are likely due an overhaul if not already done. Clutch and flywheel on manuals will probably be needed if over 120k (not as expensive as you’d expect for the parts) Oil leaks, lots and lots of oil leaks E61 specific: Rear air suspension tailgate wiring through the hinges tailgate hinges snap springs (cheap enough 2nd hand) tailgate glass switch let’s water in resulting in random opening when it’s raining diesel specific: timing chain on some 2L engines egr, dpf efc thermostats (I think there are 3 to replace) swirl flaps heater plugs and controller petrol specific: Vanos solenoids (go bmw only on these) ccv system Electronic water pumps and thermostat n52-n53 (surprisingly expensive for the water pump) DISA valves (don’t cheap out on these) injectors on the n53 This is not an exhaustive list but a good start point. Most of the jobs above are in the hundreds in parts alone. As said, they are not cheap cars to maintain. It’s also alway worth checking the part price with bmw as it can sometimes be comparable to aftermarket or even cheaper (very rare but does happen).
  4. RandomName

    Odd vibration through steering. Place your bets.

    So far so good, but I’ve only driven it twice since the balance and both trips were only about 20 miles. Still not fully convinced but time will tell. If nothing else it has confirmed its wheel/tyre related. I was starting to fear that I’d messed up the prop shaft when doing the centre bearing.
  5. RandomName

    Looking to get a E61...Guidance?

    Re the e30 m3, would love one but there’s more chance of me affording the other twos purchase price. No comment on affording to run them I was looking at the e91 as well when I was buy and like you they were a real candidate but the e61s seemed to be higher spec and been through fewer hands. The two share a lot of parts and therefore cost similar to maintain. I was looking at 3L petrols though and from the n52 on they had some very expensive components regardless of what car it was fitted to. Not sure if the diesels are the same. I am glad I picked the 5 over the 3 as they seem to have a certain presence about them that the 3s lack, but then I’m bias No matter what you go for once BMW’s get over 10 years old and/or go over 100,000 miles they need a lot of attention and that usually means money. I’m fussy about my cars though so like to fix things as soon as they start to show signs of being on their way out.
  6. RandomName

    Looking to get a E61...Guidance?

    You can’t over estimate the complexity or how fickle these cars are. Fail to keep on top of the maintenance and they will eventuality hand you a massive bill. I’m not saying this to put you or anyone off the cars. I do all my own work and as a mechanic in a previous life (20 years from I got paid to work on cars) I’ll take on any task needing done to the car, but as my recent threads have shown, I’ve been close to giving up on it recently. Relying on a friend to do all the work will likely test that friendship to its limit. As mentioned parts are expensive. Expect them to be at least double what you paid for the equivalent e39 part. If the part needed is electronic, then you’ll likely need genuine or the oem (not oem quality). The car will not tolerate cheap sensors or electronic motors/solenoids. A laptop with good dealer grade diagnostic software is essential in my eyes, as is the ability to interpret the output from said software. I don’t profess to have the latter and that’s where forums like this are a god send. Sorry if this sounds very negative but its to highlight that these are enthusiasts cars and old BMW’s need a lot of attention to be kept running sweet. Only you can decide if it’s worth the hassle. The only people to make money out of them will be mechanics and parts vendors, definitely not the owners. Dont get me wrong, I’m a massive BMW fan and cannot think of another car to change to, except maybe an M5 e61 or M3 e46 but both those are even bigger money pits. When my car is running well I forget all the hours and money I’ve spent on it and will find any excuse for a drive.
  7. RandomName

    Uneven front brake wear, possible causes.

    It’s possible the pads were binding on the slides due to dust and dirt. It’s also possible the piston in the calliper was binding and by pushing it in a bit freed it up. Either way I’d be keeping an eye on it for a while in case there’s an underlying issue. Its good that it’s back to normal again though.
  8. RandomName

    Looking to get a E61...Guidance?

    I’m not much help on that one but I think it depends on the engine size as well. I think there was something about the 3L getting a stronger gearbox than the 2.5L but could be wrong.
  9. RandomName

    Looking to get a E61...Guidance?

    No worries. I was watching autotrader for almost a year before I was in a position to change and one 2 came up in that time that matched the spec I wanted. One was lci and they wanted over 10k for it. It sold before I was in a position to buy. The other is the one I bought which is a pre-lci. I keep an eye to see if anymore come up but none have from I bought over a year and a half ago. It was the manual gearbox that restricted the pool of cars I was interested in. Turns out therelooks to be only something like 19 m-sport 530i manual m-sport e61s left on the road in the uk. Hopefully your chosen spec list is a bigger pool to choose from.
  10. RandomName

    Looking to get a E61...Guidance?

    @LukeG88 Is that the Bangor in NI? If so I know what you mean about lack of petrols over here. I had to go to England to get mine.
  11. RandomName

    Uneven front brake wear, possible causes.

    As you’ve indicated, pulling to one side or other under braking could be a number of things and not necessarily brake related. If as you say the left brake moves more freely than the right it might be that the right is sticking and preventing it from braking as hard as the left. Aside from putting it on a brake tester like the ones used for mot it will be a case of trial and error.
  12. RandomName

    Uneven front brake wear, possible causes.

    Sticking slides would be my first thing to check/replace. Corrosion can build up between the rubber sleeve and the calliper deforming the rubber and binding the slider. You’ll have to replace the pads at a minimum but there’s no point doing that till you’ve identified the cause.
  13. RandomName

    Odd vibration through steering. Place your bets.

    First proper drive after getting the wheels balanced for a 3rd time. No vibration but it’s too early to tell as it was a wet road which sometimes masked the problem. Likewise I been here before and it’s come back after a couple of weeks.
  14. RandomName

    Looking to get a E61...Guidance?

    Would agree with @Yuri84 re the 6 cylinder, but with the one true fuel (petrol) . BMW are very good at il6 engines. When running well they put a smile on your face. Running costs are not extortionate. I’m averaging between 26 and 30 mpg out on my n52 3L. The n53 will return better figures if you go lci. I’m doing a lot of town driving as well. Do some research on the engines as sometimes the bigger ones are more reliable. Likewise price insurance on the 3L as sometimes it can be cheaper as less inexperienced drivers tend to avoid them resulting in less claims, lowering the risk and therefore the premiums.
  15. RandomName

    Looking to get a E61...Guidance?

    Aside from the engine and gearbox, which I’m not much help on having a 530i manual e61(hens teeth are easier to find), water is a big thing to look out for in the spare wheel well, battery box, foot wells and below the scuttle (the last one might be hard to check when viewing a car). BMW in their logic placed modules and relays in the spare wheel well. You can move these out of harms way to the side panels easily enough. The tailgate glass not opening is usually either the switch or the hinge wiring. Problems with the remote locking can be expensive to fix if the diversity antenna under the spoiler has got water into it. A noisy compressor for the rear suspension could be a sign it’s not long for this world and not exactly a cheap part. Can sometimes be the line from the filter to the compressor being broken resulting in it sounding louder. The filter and line are easy fix and kits are cheap. Probably not going to make many friends with this one but the m-sport trim is in my opinion worth the extra looks wise. Recently parked beside an se of similar colour and was really glad I’d went for the m-sport. On the other hand I did park mine next to an e61 m5 and it made mine look like an se . The only other thing I can suggest is unless you are looking for a very rare engine/gearbox/trim combination, take your time and get the spec you want in the best condition you can find. I personally am not a fan of the wood trim or leather that’s not black or grey, but very one has their own taste. Some options are worth finding such as the logic 7, others not so much (I can’t understand why a tv tuner is needed). Happy hunting