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  1. RandomName

    E60 M5 subframe bushes on 535d

    As @JasonH said, worst case one of the subframe mounts might need loosening to give a bit more room but no need to completely drop the subframe. One of the easier brake lines that I’ve had to do.
  2. Thanks. I’ve lived without a rear washer for over a year now so another month or two will not make much difference.
  3. @Jonhamil have you tried to repair the rear washer yet? I’ve just discovered that mine is broke at the hinge as well so curious as to how you get on.
  4. RandomName

    How many 530i e61 manual m sports

    Auto was never an option for me but I was considering a 330i touring as an alternative if I couldn’t find a 5 with the right spec. Not sure whether it would have worked out any better though.
  5. RandomName

    How many 530i e61 manual m sports

    @DarkHorse yeah I’ve not seen another come up for sale since getting mine over a year ago. If I’m honest I rushed in and bought the first one I saw. It definitely was not the best example but if now fixed almost every common problem that these cars have. Really enjoy the car now with no intention of getting rid of it.
  6. If the howmanyleft site is to be believed there are 19 manual 530i e61 msports on the road in the uk: https://www.howmanyleft.co.uk/vehicle/bmw_530i_m_sport_touring I’ve one of them but am curious to find out if any of the other 18’s owners are on here. Anyone else got one?
  7. RandomName

    E61 tailgate glass stopper help.

    @GoNz0 the dealers is local to me so will be picking them up. Was more that for me to send any spares elsewhere would probably cost more in postage than buying them direct from the dealers.
  8. RandomName

    E61 tailgate glass stopper help.

    I was quoted £8 from the dealers. Not sure if that includes vat but will find out tomorrow when they arrive.
  9. RandomName

    E61 tailgate glass stopper help.

    Just been on to the dealers and they come in a pack of 5. Not the most expensive things in the world but it dose mean I will have spares. I would say the cost of postage would be more than the actual nut (or even the pack of 5 for that matter) if I was to try to send them to anyone else.
  10. RandomName

    E61 tailgate glass stopper help.

    I’ll be doing the same
  11. RandomName

    E61 tailgate glass stopper help.

    That’s the one. They are sealed at one end unlike most other blind rivet nuts. I can only guess that is to stop water working it’s way into the tailgate. Would also explain them seizing if moisture got into them
  12. RandomName

    E61 tailgate glass stopper help.

    They may be complex cars but I find them easier to work on than most other brands. I always get the impression that a bit more thought went into the poor sod working on the cars with bmw than other brands. In saying that some times you just have to resign yourself to the fact that a lot of plastic will need to be removed to get to what you need to get to.
  13. RandomName

    E61 tailgate glass stopper help.

    I’ve already ordered and received 2x of parts 11 and 12 in the following diagram which are the rubber stopper and the bolt: https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=NL72-EUR-02-2006-E61-BMW-530i&diagId=41_1592 Part 14 is the blind riveted nut so will be order two of the tomorrow. The rubber stopper fits on the head of the torx bolt but is a very tight fit which made me think it was wrong at the start.
  14. RandomName

    E61 tailgate glass stopper help.

    @tallman85 the nuts the turned are blind riveted into the tailgate. Had to remove all the trim panels from the tailgate then grind off the remainder of the old bolt and the head of the riveted nut then push them through into the tailgate. Then had to remove the light units in the tailgate to fish out the nuts as if left there would rattle in the tailgate. Thankfully managed to locate both and remove them. Now need to order new nuts to rivet in.
  15. RandomName

    E61 tailgate glass stopper help.

    What a colossal pain in the ass. The riveted nuts that the adjusters screw into turned in the tailgate. You no a job has gone down hill when the angle grinder makes an appearance.