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  1. In my case a longer crank time is maybe an extra revolution and no more than a second or two. It’s just slightly longer than I’d expect. It consistent so I’m putting it down to being by design.
  2. Sounds similar to my n52. It’s just a crank longer than I would normally expect and I’ve asked on here in the past about the fuel smell at start. The oil pressure comment makes sense especially given vanos relies on oil pressure. Might be the dme making sure the cams are in the correct position prior to firing. I’ve nothing to back this up though.
  3. It is definitely a bit hit and miss when it comes to checks during the recall work. As I’ve mentioned previously my car came back with a clean bill of health but I know there were/are active error codes and a large oil leak from the sump gasket at the time it went in. In saying that the dealership know me and know that if it was not for the recall my car would never see the inside of their workshop. That is no comment on their ability more that I work on my own car, so why would they spend longer on my car than is needed for the recall if the know there will be no chance of getting the additional work. I’d have preferred they just said that than ticking all the boxes to say all is ok with the car.
  4. RandomName

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Had the passenger side off mine to do brake lines for mot but thankfully found it to be rust free. The rear chassis legs and boot floor on the other hand needed treatment especially round the rear subframe mounts. That was last weekends job. this weekend was replacing the left rear upper suspension arm and compressor air feed line. Didn’t realise how far gone the suspension arm was gone till it was replaced. The steering wheel was slightly out of alignment on straight ahead before changing and is now spot on straight.
  5. RandomName

    iDrive logic - is it just me?

    That’s was taking cost cutting to a whole new level
  6. RandomName

    iDrive logic - is it just me?

    Try having the petrol engines which don’t have a dipstick for oil level. Leaves you completely at the mercy of the idrive.
  7. RandomName

    Alternative e61 compressor feed pipe.

    @v8shinprint got the tell tail sign of rusty water marks down the wiper linkage so changed out the bearings. Both were sized solid so got it just in time. Looks like someone got to the hinge wires before I got the car so happy to leave well enough alone on that one till there are some symptoms. In saying that I’ve had to replace the rear window switch and diversity amplifier. Not exactly the cheapest repairs I’ve had to do.
  8. RandomName

    Alternative e61 compressor feed pipe.

    Haven’t looked in the side bins. Must have a nosey. In saying that I did have the battery removed and all was dry. As for the common faults, I think I’ve ticked of almost all of them the expensive way. The term money pit has been used a few times. Anything I can do to stem the flow of cash out of the bank account I’ll do.
  9. RandomName

    Alternative e61 compressor feed pipe.

    @v8shinprint the spare wheel well was one of the first places I checked for water. Thankfully it was dry. I’ve since moved all the relays and modules out of the spare wheel well into the side cubbyhole on the left. The only thing that didn’t have enough cable to reach was the pdc module but it’s now raised out of the floor of the wheel well. Will hopefully keep all dry should I get a leak or spill something in the boot.
  10. RandomName

    Alternative e61 compressor feed pipe.

    Thankfully in my case this is, hopefully, preventative maintenance. All that’s attached to the compressor is a jubilee clip with some very perished rubber underneath. I’m hoping I’ve caught it in time.
  11. RandomName

    Alternative e61 compressor feed pipe.

    Sounds like a plan. Will be a tighter seal
  12. RandomName

    Alternative e61 compressor feed pipe.

    Best not look at what bmw want for the pipes.
  13. RandomName

    Alternative e61 compressor feed pipe.

    @Dotcom1970 yeah, you replied while I was typing so looks like I’m on the right path. Found the hose in both sizes locally in 1m lengths for about £3 so I think I’ll get the filter then worry about the pipe on the day of fitting.
  14. RandomName

    Alternative e61 compressor feed pipe.

    Looking at some of the kits they look to be using a Mann wk 32/6 which looks to have a 8mm outlet but an internet search seems to indicate a 6mm hose is needed on the compressor. Do you remember what size hose you went for or did you have both and an adapter between the sizes?
  15. Before asking this I do appreciate that the part I’m looking at is not the most expensive thing to buy on these cars but I always like to think Im saving money. I need to replace the feed pipe to the suspension compressor on my e61. Looking at the available kits they look very much like a length of braided fuel hose with an inline fuel filter on the end. I’m not suggesting using the a fuel filter as a replacement but my thinking is that a length of braided fuel hose (new not used) and the existing filter would be a cheaper alternative. Anyone else went down this route?