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  1. RandomName

    DISA valves on the n52

    The best part is that I went genuine bmw for the one that’s easy to access. Just got frustrated paying >£200 for every part I’ve bought for the car. If it lasts a year I’ll be happy enough. Got a list of jobs a mile long still to do: rocker cover gasket engine and gearbox mounts overhaul gear linkage tailgate window switch android head unit refinish headlight lenses replace fog lights and repeaters on wings Could say I’ll be busy for a while....
  2. RandomName

    DISA valves on the n52

    Yet another update on this. Thanks to a bout of man flu it’s taken me a bit longer to replace the smaller DISA valve. Took a gamble with a vaico one from AUTODOC. On removing the old one I thought it worth giving it a test as the flap looked and felt in good condition. It wasn’t. The motor had gone so the flap didn’t move from the open position. I decided to reset all adaptations on the dme before taking for a test drive. The engine pulls a lot smoother throughout the rev range with no massive jumps in power delivery so looks like it’s helped. Getting the odd misfire though which I’m putting down to the dme relearning the engine characteristics. While taking the inlet manifold off was a bit of a faff I was happy to find spotless inlet valves, not bad for an engine with almost 140k on it. Only time will tell if the cheaper value was a false economy.
  3. RandomName

    Anyone see a trend here?

    My understanding is the Nissan and Honda announcements had more to do with the 0% trade deal on car imports between the eu and Japan than anything else that’s going on. They would more than likely have pulled out regardless (I wonder which eu countries benefit most from that deal...) The BMW announcement is really the first that could be attributed to the current predicament.
  4. RandomName

    New member (northern ireland)

    Welcome from a relative newbie as well. As for not may from ‘Norn Iron’, might be more than you think
  5. RandomName

    Dash Cams

    I’m not sure I would be too keen on having a factory fitted dash cam given that in the event of an accident or other motoring incidents dash cams have been sized and used to incriminate the driver. I’m sure the excuse to justify their inclusion will be “if you’re not doing anything wrong you have nothing to worry about” but I personally would rather have the choice. in saying that there are a lot of cars on the road that already have factory fitted cameras but the driver does not have access to the footage. The current implementation of bmw’s collision avoidance uses a camera in the front windscreen. I’m sure others use similar systems.
  6. RandomName

    DISA valves on the n52

    The saga continues. Hooked up the laptop to check for codes and DISA valve 2 has logged a few errors so looks like it needs replacing as well. I’ve been looking on AUTODOC and they are doing vaico branded valves for a about £100 less than the genuine bmw one. Anyone used AUTODOC recently? Are the dependable? Likewise, anyone any experience of vaico parts?
  7. RandomName

    Which e60/e61

    £315 per year.
  8. RandomName

    Which e60/e61

    Would be checking that before parting with any cash.
  9. RandomName

    Which e60/e61

    The adaptive headlight problem would worry me. Those units are hard to come by aftermarket and are over 1k each from bmw. Even 2nd hand they are not cheap.
  10. RandomName

    Which e60/e61

    This is more or less the same rationale that I used to come to the conclusion that the 530i N52 was the one to go for. Also found a few articles stating the the 3L had fixed some of the problems that afflicted the 2.5 (piston oil rings I think it was). As for the manual vs auto debate, sorry I just couldn’t get on with the indirect feeling from the auto box. One of the other factors in my decision was that lci cars are demanding a 3 to 5k premium on price over what I paid for a very well spec’d carbon black e61 m-sport with black leather interior and piano black trim (I really need to clean it and put some pictures up ).
  11. RandomName

    Which e60/e61

    The thing to remember is that there’s always a reason why someone is selling a car and it’s usually because things are starting to go wrong. You’ve just got to factor that in when buying. I thought I’d researched most of the common problems before looking at the car I bought and it seemed ok, turns out it had a few not so common problems. In saying that I feel the car’s worth it especially when the rev counter goes past 4.5k oh and e61 530i manual for the win if you can find one.
  12. RandomName

    DISA valves on the n52

    Had a short drive last night and there is a noticeable difference in low down power and the engine now feels how I would expect a 3L to pull. I still think there’s a slight weakness between 3k and the 4.5k kick so will be pulling the other valve out at some point in the future to check it (need to let the bank balance recover first). @Deviant I had noticed a slight disconnect between the throttle and the response from the engine but put it down to the nature of the car. In saying the it’s positively instant compared to the throttle response on the 2 series that it is replacing (i know, the shame of admitting to driving a 2 series). The sprint booster looks interesting, might have to add it to the to do/get list.
  13. RandomName

    DISA valves on the n52

    Haven’t had it a run yet but really hoping that the inconsistency is cured as in the same journey it could go from struggling to match an entry level Corsa in accelerating away from a round about to bring on the traction coming off the next roundabout (damp road). The only constant power delivery is above 4.5k which is very addictive and license threatening.
  14. RandomName

    DISA valves on the n52

    Had a few other codes that seemed to be linked to my nearly completely draining the battery running too many coolant bleed cycles without a charger connected or the faulty dipped bulb that got replaced. Thankfully having a manual gearbox seems to remove some of the potential codes.
  15. RandomName

    DISA valves on the n52

    @Deviant agree completely. I got lucky this time as the valve was worn out. Some of the green seal was starting to let go as well which would only have headed one direction if it had broke off so was lucky in more than one way. The car was displaying other symptoms such as inconsistent low/mid power delivery and a very odd flapping/resonance sound at idle that would come and go. I’ll not be surprised if the other DISA is on the way out as well but will be checking that one first before ordering the part.