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  1. My F11 is on 121k now. 


    From memory, in addition to regular service items it's had an air con condenser (prior to my ownership)

    2 x osf torque/thrust arms

    Full set of brake discs and pads


    Rear shocks

    Air bags

    Alarm module

    Coolant thermostat 

    Air suspension compressor, relay, and valve block.

    2 x height sensors

    Diff oil

    Gearbox service (due again now)

    Edit to add front springs replaced


  2. I've had Brembo discs and pads on my F11 for 53000 miles without any issues. I have noticed the wheels getting a little more brake dust on them lately but that might just be due to my now washing them as often these days. Plenty left on the pads at that mileage but the driving I do mostly involves constant speeds on open A roads with a little gentle braking at each end so not really hard on the brakes at all. I bought them from Euro Car Parts over 2 years ago and IIRC paid around £430 for the lot. I decided to fit genuine BMW sensors having read of a few people having issues with other makes.


    Mrs CPs F20 has had ATE discs and Textar pads on for a while and they've also been trouble free.

  3. 5 hours ago, Liam2594 said:

    To the people who have had this done, has the complete door been painted or just the top of the door where the corrosion is? 


    I think it depends which body shop does the work. I had my whole doors painted and front and rear quarters blended so more or less the whole side of the car.

  4. 1 hour ago, 535i Andrew said:

    Probably want changing at 3mm.


    1 hour ago, d_a_n1979 said:

    Had that on the Style 37s I had on my touring, 3 years old, around 4.5-5mm evenly worn tread


    According to the Michelin blurb and reviews I've read they are supposed to retain most of their performance down to close to the legal limit. I know, the proof of the pudding etc. It'll be this time next year when this set are getting down that far so it'll be interesting to see how they feel by then.

  5. 1 hour ago, Jonny2400 said:

    The only major downside is the increased wear rates


    I did wonder about that. I've had Crossclimates on the car before and they were on course to do 30000 miles but I took them off when one picked up a a nail very close to the sidewall. They had about 3mm left and had worn very evenly. If the PS4s are a lot worse I might just stick to Crossclimates on my summer wheels as well having heard good reports of the latest Crossclimate2 version but we'll see how these wear. I'm doing about 22000 miles a year just now so really want tyres to last a while.

  6. 5 hours ago, roundy said:

    Can't fault them either and would still recommend them to anyone


    It'll be interesting to see how you get on with these once they've done a few miles. I've just taken a set off my car and replaced them with Michelin Pilot Sport 4. My Goodyears seemed to go off quite badly after  bit of use. Hopefully they came from a bad batch and you'll have a better time with yours.



  7. I recently had a set of these fitted to my F11 and have to say I'm amazed at the improvement in the way the car feels on them compared to the the Goodyear Assymetric 5s I've been using. I've done approaching 1000 miles on them now so enough to get used to the feel but every time I drive the car I still notice just how much of an improvement they are. 


    I'm not talking about ultimate grip because apart from driving a little more enthusiastically through roundabouts I haven't really pushed them anywhere near their limit. I'm sure they'll cope easily with anything you might throw at them on the road. I can't comment on their longevity yet either. The improvement is in the way the car rides and reacts to the road surface, it's smoother, better controlled over bumps as though the tyre is absorbing more of the shock from the road, avoiding it being transferred to the suspension. There is also a more direct feel between steering wheel input and resulting change in direction and the car is noticeably quieter. It's almost as though it's had a significant suspension upgrade.


    I know there are more affordable tyres available with a decent reputation but compared to Kumhos the car came to me with and the Goodyears I fitted these are worth paying the extra for the improvement in ride.


    I was frankly quite disappointed in the Goodyears. They developed an uneven wear pattern similar to what you'd expect on an over inflated tyre with significantly more wear in the middle than at the edges, in spite of my inflating them carefully to the the recommended pressures. Also I hadn't realised how much they were upsetting the suspension until I drove on the Michelins. It was as though the sidewalls had too much give/bounce, making them react more to bumps so giving the suspension more movement to deal with and upsetting it. They didn't seem awful when first fitted but lately I've been getting the feeling my front shocks were on the way out. That feeling was gone as soon as the Michelins were fitted. I'd chosen the Goodyears on the strength of the good reviews so it was disappointing how they turned out. Maybe they go off a lot when once they get worn. Maybe I just got a bad set. Anyway, the car is now transformed on the Michelins so I'd recommend them to anyone.

  8. Dropped the F11 off today for a few jobs. When I get it back tomorrow it'll have 4 new Michelin Pilot Sport 4s fitted, Hunter Road Force balanced and full suspension alignment. I've got a nearly new Kia Picanto GT line to play with as courtesy car which is interesting for a change but a long way from a 530d. Looking forward to fresh rubber tomorrow.

  9. 12 hours ago, 535i Andrew said:


    Police Scotland wish to trace the driver of a dark estate BMW seen driving erratically westbound on the A75 in the early hours on Monday 13th September. 


    Anyone with any information should call Police Scotland on 101 and quote ref P0090130921:lol:


    Lol, there was nobody around,  no one saw me, it wasn't me, I wasn't there :ph34r::D:lol:

  10. The 30 mile each way trip should be enough to ensure the DPF can regen when it needs to so if you're doing that once a week I'd say that'd be enough to keep things healthy. If the rest of your journeys are short a 530d might be a little way outside its comfort zone, especially if it doesn't get the chance to fully warm up but as long as it gets a 30 mile dual carriageway run every week I'd say it'll be happy enough.

  11. I've been noticing a slight juddering  when braking recently. Last night when braking harder than usual it was quite pronounced so after finishing work around midnight tonight and finding the nearby by-pass deserted I performed the bedding-in process as detailed here...




    ... which I remembered reading about some time ago on this very forum. 


    It seems to have worked pretty well. Brakes are nice and smooth again with no hint of juddering :lol:;)B)

  12. I was fortunate when an ape in a hurry in a tyre shop tried to remove one of my locking wheel bolts, mangling the key in the process so preventing me from removing any of my wheels. Not wanting to wait several weeks for a new key to arrive from Mcgard with the car in daily use I visited a BMW stealer who had a set of master keys and were able to find a match for mine. Fortunately they had a key in stock and relieved me of £25 in return for it. I removed the locking bolts and have done away with them altogether. They're more trouble than they're worth. Obviously your situation has gone beyond this solution though. Hope you get it sorted without too much collateral damage. 

  13. The 2.5 tonne jack is the same as that shown in my photo above. Unless you really need the extra .5 tonne capacity get that one. It'll comfortably lift an F11 at either end on the centre lifting points and will stand a better chance of fitting underneath the front than the 3 tonne version. Depending on how low your car sits you may still need to drive it up onto something to give you a little more space.  I made some DIY ramps from planks of scrap wood cut to varying lengths and screwed together. I drive the car onto these to add some clearance underneath.

  14. 21 minutes ago, San75 said:

    On a F10 M sport do they have to add weights to the car when they do a hunters alignment?


    I was talking about the to the guy doing my tracking recently. He has a Hunter system and says Hunter have recently updated their systems/software to adjust for the car being unweighted so when calculating the necessary adjustment it can compensate for the difference and set the geometry up as though it was weighted. The effect is the same as weighting the car in the old fashioned way but without the heavy lifting.

  15. 15 minutes ago, tomnewo said:

    adding a repair to one should not be that much more trouble / expensive


    To give you an idea, IIRC when I had 1 crack repaired at the same time as a full refurb it cost an extra £50 on top. The refurbishers had to get someone in to weld the crack as they didn't have the equipment. I'd been quoted £70 by another local repairer for a repair to a loose wheel if I had the tyre removed first. 

  16. 23 minutes ago, San75 said:

    Would a £50 low profile one do the job?


    Maybe but depends on how much quality you get for the £50. Also bear in mind if you want to lift the car on the front cross member rather than at each corner you'll need quite a long reach jack. The SGS one in the photo is just long enough to reach in and still allow you to pump the handle just enough to start lifting the car... I think I paid £140 for that one along with a pair of axle stands. The jack is very sturdy and easy to use and has paid for itself in money saved doing jobs at home.