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    How to persuade dealer to collect faulty car

    Just to update quickly on this, the car was returned to the dealer a week or so ago. Son in law had to take it back himself on his own time using a borrowed car with a tow-bar and a trailer he hired for £30. He got a full refund on the purchase price of the car but no compensation for his time or expenses incurred returning it. He was just glad to get rid and get his money back so didn't argue too much about the rest. He's currently using my old Passat tdi which has been pressed back into service after sitting idle for over a year, to transport him between S.W. Scotland and N.Yorks where he's working away all week. It cost him £500 to get the car MOTd and back on the road (brake pads+discs, new battery, suspension arm) so I'm hoping it'll keep working for him for a good while yet. It's basically a good car although getting to look a bit tatty having covered 282000 miles and being attacked by our neighbours dog. That's a story for another day but the car bears some interesting scars. It's still on its original engine but had a second hand gearbox put in after the original developed problems. It'll be good to see it pass the 300000 mile milestone
  2. Hi all, Just looking for a bit of advice to pass on to my stepson. He has bought a car from a dealer some distance away. The car was delivered to stepsons home address by the dealer. The car turns out to have a number of issues which render it unfit for use. Stepson has told the dealer he wants to reject the car as permitted under the consumer rights act. The dealer has accepted this and agreed to a full refund but asked stepson to return the car himself. As the car was delivered by the dealer we think it's up to them to collect the car and have tried to persuade them to do so but they are dragging their feet over this. The car has sat round for a few weeks now while the dealer has done nothing. Is there any way we can encourage the dealer to pull their finger out and collect the car? Are there any magic words we can use to force them into action?
  3. Cadwell Parker

    Touch-Up paint?

    I was a bit sad to find this on my NSR wheel arch while washing the car... No idea what caused it or what's the best way to treat it. Would a spot of touch-up paint be enough for now or is it too big for that? Presumably BMW do a two pack touch-up paint with bottles of base colour and top coat which should be a good colour match. Has anyone used one of these? What kind of results did you get. Any tips on betting the best results?
  4. Cadwell Parker

    Touch-Up paint?

    Thanks @Napas I've just collected the touch-up kit from BMW and have ordered a few brushes. Hopefully the good weather will last until they arrive and I can get straight on with fixing the chip. I'll post up some photos once it's done.
  5. Cadwell Parker

    Touch-Up paint?

    @Matthew Ashton Thanks Matthew, the Chipex kit looks like top quality and very comprehensive, however following an email to the BMW dealer round the corner from where I'm working tomorrow I've ordered a genuine touch-up kit from them so I'll be collecting that before starting work. I already have polish, cloths, panel wipe etc so just need to get some decent brushes to use. @Napas Thanks for all that. Some good tips there. Something like these? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/333691935669?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&var=542777993635&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 Would you remove the tape while the paint is still wet to avoid cracking the edge of the painted area or getting bits of tape stuck in the dry paint? Would you then need to re-tape before painting another layer? I think we've got a heat gun somewhere but how about a hair drier on high heat? As the chip has exposed the metal underneath would I need to use any primer or will the colour coat stick ok by itself? Would I need to lightly sand the surface before adding another layer? Does the clear coat dry quite flat on its own? I guess the idea is to build the surface up to the level of the surrounding paint thus minimising the need for further finishing.
  6. I had an issue a while ago with the alarm in my F11 going off for no apparent reason but always after washing the car or a spell of wet weather. Have a look at the post I made... It could be unrelated to your issue as your symptoms sound a little different to mine but it might be worth having a look at the alarm module.
  7. Cadwell Parker

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Approaching another 10000 miles on the clock so have changed the oil and filter. One minor hitch with the sump drain plug cover. The captive nut had come adrift so was just spinning on the screw as I was turning it. I had to remove the screws holding the rear edge of the engine undertray so I could get a hand in with some grips to hold the nut, remove the screw and get the cover off. It was corroded and pretty tight but a squirt of WD40 got it moving enough to unscrew. The cover seems safe enough in place by itself and the nut was too far gone to reuse so not having a spare to hand I've left the screw off avoiding another similar struggle next time.
  8. Cadwell Parker

    F10 door corrosion

    They lent me a Honda Jazz
  9. Cadwell Parker

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Good result there. They look good on the car, tasteful without being too 'gangsta'.
  10. Cadwell Parker

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    That's not bad, Especially including the 'rental' on the spare set. Looking forward to seeing how they turn out.
  11. Cadwell Parker

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Where did you take them eventually?
  12. Cadwell Parker

    Cyclical squealing - stops when applying brakes

    Are you sure there isn't a bit of the old brake shield left stuck in there somewhere rubbing on the disc? A loose wheel would be pretty obvious and lead to more catastrophe than a squeaking bearing. If the wheel actually was loose how far did you drive with it like that?
  13. Cadwell Parker

    So it was bye bye to my F11...

    That's a nice car for someone once it gets moved on. Hope you enjoy the G31 just as much.
  14. Cadwell Parker

    Front seat belts moldy

    The carpet can feel dry on top but still have Walter hiding underneath. Try removing the rear passenger side floor mat if fitted and the hook and loop pads it attaches to, then push your finger into the recess' under the pads. If the floor is wet you should see water rising/squirting out as you press.
  15. Cadwell Parker

    I’m back in a 5!

    Nice car, well done. With you on that one. Adaptive Drive would be great to have but I got tired of looking and went for a VDC equipped car. I did a more or less back to back comparison with that car and one with normal M-Sport suspension. The VDC car felt nicer to drive in every way. I'm rather envious of those comfort seats though. That was something else I got tired of waiting for. VDC was the must have option for me.
  16. Cadwell Parker

    F07 Replacing battery

    I could register it for you for free if you're near S.W. Scotland/Carlisle/North Lakes and want to meet up.
  17. Cadwell Parker

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    I put the summer wheels back on the car today. 2 new Goodyear asymmetric 5s on the rears which I had Road Force balanced a few weeks ago. The fronts are left over from last year with a good 5mm tread left on them so I'm hoping fronts and rears will wear out at more or less the same time so I can fit a full new set sometime next year. I was planning to leave the winters shod with Crossclimates on for a while to get a few more miles out of the rears before they needed replacing but my hand was forced by... That's definitely beyond repair but as it turned out one of the rears was approaching 1.6mm on the inside edge anyway so the nail probably did me a favour in drawing my attention to what I really needed to be looking at. While the wheels were off I gave brake disc centres a bit of a clean up with some metal polish. Not looking too shabby for just elbow grease. Next job will be oil and oil/air/cabin filters sometime in the next fortnight. Filter supplies ordered from Autodoc and on the way
  18. Cadwell Parker

    ZF 8 Speed service - 2.0 525d M Sport Touring 2013

    Probably too far away for you but Mackies in Glasgow did mine a couple of years ago. Not the cheapest but they have an excellent reputation and are official ZF agents so as guaranteed as possible to do a proper job.
  19. Cadwell Parker

    DIY F11 air spring replacement

    That's a bit over the top. Just as a word of caution... If it does start to drop don't leave it long before replacing the springs. The compressor will be overworking having to lift the car more often and will eventually fail costing you more £££.
  20. Cadwell Parker

    DIY F11 air spring replacement

    If you're planning on keeping the car for a good while you could get some new springs in now to keep in reserve or just wait and see how long the current ones last. They might surprise you.
  21. Cadwell Parker

    DIY F11 air spring replacement

    As long as it lifts up after starting the engine it should be ok. If not don't try driving it.
  22. Cadwell Parker

    DIY F11 air spring replacement

    It doesn't look great. Does the suspension drop?
  23. Cadwell Parker

    F10 door corrosion

    Awful. I'd be making quite a fuss. There's just no excuse for letting a car leave a bodyshop like that. Hope they put it right for you.
  24. Cadwell Parker

    F10 door corrosion

    Yes. Just to be clear, this wasn't the window trim but the silver piece on the front wing where the side repeater used to be on a pre LCI car. I think they broke the fixing tab when refitting.
  25. Cadwell Parker

    F10 door corrosion

    When I had mine done at a different dealer they warned me the trim might be damaged and wouldn't be covered under the warranty. In the end they broke a piece of trim when refitting which then fell off the car after 20 miles driving. After a phone call and some photos emailed to them it got replaced the next day.