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  1. Cadwell Parker

    530d air filter change

    I got a Mahle air filter from Opie Oils a while ago. It looked identical to the one I found in the car already.
  2. Cadwell Parker

    F11 water ingress - No, not the usual

    Just to update on this, sorry to say still no further forward. Soon after my previous post , following @Oilburners suggestion I removed the plastic hinge covers on the right hand side of the tailgate and packed some paper towels inside the covers in the hope that any water finding its way along the wiring would soak into them and point towards the direction of the leak. Here you can see the two hinges for the window hatch and main tailgate, covers removed with bone dry paper towels inside. No sign of any moisture there. Also looking closer into the recess it seems the garage who had suggested the water was running down the wiring leading from the tailgate hinges down into the rear quarter behind the fuses were mistaken. Both hinges have wiring on them but it doesn't seem to go anywhere near the rear quarter. Both bundles of wire lead off towards the middle of the car at one end while at the other disapper down the frame of the tailgate or into the area under the third brake light at the top of the rear window. Maybe the garage know of more going on inside than I can see. The freezing/wet weather has been putting me off investigating much further into this until now. Just been keeping an eye on how much water is gathering. It doesn't look too bad but who knows what could be hiding unseen. Next plan, if nothing else manifests is to remove the trim from the right hand side of the boot under the rear quarter window, pour water over the car and hopefully see where it's getting in. Further updates as and when...
  3. Cadwell Parker

    Small claims court, consequential losses, faulty car parts.

    I'd pretty much talked myself out of going any further with this but that all puts things in perspective and confirms most of my feelings on the matter now. Yes, it's only £140 so not a lot in the grand scheme of things but it's £140 I've had to pay to a garage to fit a part which didn't work. I've then had to pay them to remove said part and fit a decent replacement to get the car running properly so it's turned out rather more costly than it really should have hence my desire to recoup some of the extra outlay. All things considered though with the time I'll have to spend processing the claim, filling forms etc it's probably not worth the hassle and I'd be better off spending the time doing something more enjoyable and forgetting about the money. One comment on Dennis Coopers point though... As I have a bill from the garage for fitting the faulty part and will soon have another for removing and replacing it, along with a statement from the garage confirming the part was found to be faulty straight after fitting and subsequently removed and replaced by them I thought that might be proof enough for a judgement in my favour. I guess life's just too short though. @DennisCooper That sounds like quite a nightmare surrounding the gearbox case. Certainly rather more inconvenient than my situation just now and it certainly helps put things in perspective. Thanks for the recommendation. Martin Hind is at the wrong end of the country for me but I'll keep the name in mind just in case. Always good to have a few options. I had my gearbox serviced a while ago by Mackies in Glasgow. They're official ZF agents and I was quite happy with the job they did. The box is still smooth as anything.
  4. Cadwell Parker

    Car insurance renewal time

    I was with Direct Line for two years after I bought my F11. After doing the rounds on the usual comparison sites they were always competitive. This year, following 'modifying' my car with a remap I cast my net a little wider. in addition to the usuals I got quote from some specialist modified car insurance brokers and just for good measure tried Chris Knott as well. After notifying Direct Line of the change to the car and an increase in expected mileage over the next year they were nearly the most competitive of all the quotes but Chris Knott beat them by another £50 or so. They were easy to deal with on the phone and I was very happy with the quoted price. Will see what happens next year though.
  5. Cadwell Parker

    Thermostat issues now resolved

    Since having the new stat and fresh Coolant I'm getting similar figures to @F10er as above. With the old stuff the coolant occasionally got up to 102 but was mostly low to mid 90s once warmed up. The oil would always be bang on 100 unless working the engine really hard for a while and that's still the same. I think I'll have to drive the car really hard on a hot day to get the coolant anywhere near 100 now.
  6. Cadwell Parker

    Thermostat issues now resolved

    That's roughly what mine was doing on the old thermostat and coolant. I'm not sure how much difference fresh coolant make to temperatures but maybe that's helping mine stay cooler as well as the new stat.
  7. Cadwell Parker

    Thermostat issues now resolved

    That does sound quite high. I've never seen mine above 102, that was when it was working hard. Hope you can find out what's going on.
  8. Does anyone have any experience with making a claim using the Small Claims Court process? Particularly in relation to faulty car parts. I was wondering how likely someone would be to succeed in claiming for consequential losses incurred from fitting new but faulty car parts bought online. As I understand things a seller wanting to avoid any responsibility in this regard might decide to claim the parts were in good order when sold but had been damaged subsequently, perhaps due to poor workmanship during fitting, putting the onus on the claimant to show the part was correctly fitted and was faulty from the outset. However, if the faulty item has been returned, the seller has accepted the return and issued a refund I would say they have accepted the part was genuinely faulty and by implication accepting responsibility for the losses incurred by the buyer. I’m considering making a claim against an online seller for £140 I paid to a garage to fit a part which turned out to be faulty. If the case is not decided in my favour I understand the court charges might be more than double that so I’d like to get some idea of the likelihood of success before going ahead so any helpful pointers would be welcome.
  9. Cadwell Parker

    Thermostat issues now resolved

    Quite possibly. Also there's a small pipe which branches off the top hose at one end attaching to the top of the expansion bottle at the other. This also gets warm. The radiator is still stone cold at this point so maybe there's some warm coolant being recirculated back to the expansion bottle without going through the radiator. Looking at this page from RealOEM... https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=5K12-EUR-06-2014-F11N-BMW-530d&diagId=17_0939 It looks like it might be the coolant flow from the EGR cooler warming those pipes (2 and 4 in the diagram).
  10. Cadwell Parker

    Thermostat issues now resolved

    Quite a saga recently following the remap I had done on the F11. Nothing really to do with the remap itself but having read another forum member talking about their engine running cooler following remapping I was keeping a closer eye on things. Just to confuse matters the first drives following the remap coincided with the onset of the recent cold weather so it wasn’t easy to tell for sure what was going on. I’d suspected for a while the presumably original thermostat wasn’t quite working as it should, the car seemed to take a while to get up to temperature and would drop quite quickly when rolling downhill for any length of time but the car ran perfectly otherwise, easily getting up 96 degrees when running at speed with regens happening roughly every 600 miles or so I’d been happy to leave it be. The car certainly seemed to be running a couple of degrees cooler than I had expected following the remap but motorway speeds or a constant uphill gradient would see the temperature climb to 94/95 degrees which was just below pre remap figures so went some way towards confirming cooler running. After running with the remap for a couple of days, heading home after finishing work one night when admittedly it was particularly cold the engine took 18 miles/20 mins running to reach 80 degrees. This seemed excessive so deciding the cooler running remap had tipped the thermostat over the edge making the car struggle even more to warm up I set about finding a replacement. A quote for a genuine item from a dealer close to this forum was rather higher than I’d hoped but a visit to a well known internet ‘auction’ site turned up a more favourably priced item from a well known brand of good repute so I went ahead and ordered it later arranging for the local BMW friendly garage not far from me to fit it. After fitting it soon became obvious the new stat was not working as intended. In fact it was worse than the faulty one it was replacing. The car was now struggling to get above 50 degrees anywhere on my 45 mile drive to work with the top radiator hose getting warm after 5 mins running and 35 degrees on the gauge. Returning to the garage a few days later they asked if I wanted them to get a price for a genuine one from the local dealer. The price came back almost half of the previous genuine quote I’d had and not much more than the ‘bargain’ I thought I’d bought. I asked them to order and fit the genuine stat. It’s been a week or so since having the new stat fitted and now all is well. The car warms up faster but I was concerned to find the top radiator hose still getting warm before the engine was anywhere close to fully warmed up. My understanding was it should stay cold until the thermostat opens but when I mentioned this to the garage they said they they’re happy it’s working properly so I’m trusting their judgement. The new stat is keeping the engine running in a much narrower temperature range. I’ve yet to see coolant temps above 90 degrees. That was with the outside temp up to 8 degrees so nowhere near as cold as it has been. There’s a downhill section of road I drive when heading home from work where the car will more or less roll on over-run for 3 miles. Even when it was still -4 degrees outside if I switched off the heater and let the car roll it would hold its temperature at 87 degrees for most of the way down, only dropping to 86 at the last 100 yards or so so it seems to be doing its job pretty well. So the conclusion so far is it looks as though the remap may have made the car run slightly cooler but the new stat is working well at keeping the temperature under better control. I’ve had to call back to the garage to have a splash of coolant added but they’ve not given me a bill for the genuine stat yet. ‘Just run it for another week to make sure it’s ok then come back and see us’. Fair enough. The other stat has been returned as faulty and the cost refunded.
  11. Cadwell Parker

    DIY F11 air spring replacement

    Arnotts. Aerousus are similar in quality but a little more expensive. Some people have used cheap Chinese made items available on EBay with success but they could be more of a lottery.
  12. Cadwell Parker

    Park Assist Failure

    B&M Center in Yoker or Deutschtek near Kelvin Grove. I'd recommend either. Hogg motors in Hillington know someone they recommend highly for diagnostics. Mrs CPs F20 came from there and had to have some warranty work done involving some complicated diagnostics to cure an intermittent fault with the gearshift paddles. I keep meaning to get in touch with them to ask who it was that fixed it but sorry to say I just haven't got round to it.
  13. Cadwell Parker

    Hazzard lights coming on by themselves

    I had something like this happening. It was caused by the alarm siren module having become waterlogged. The hazards flashing were also accompanied occasionally by random beeping from the alarm or at other times there was just the beeping without the hazards. After a bit of diagnosis we replaced the alarm siren and I've had no problem with it since. Have a look at the red LED under the rear view mirror. It might give you a clue to what's going on. If it stays on for about 10 seconds before commencing with shorter flashes roughly once every second when you lock the car there might be an issue with the alarm.
  14. Cadwell Parker

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Collected the F11 from garage earlier today after having a genuine BMW thermostat fitted, replacing the dud Mahle item which was fitted a few days ago. I'm happy to say the new stat is working perfectly. The car is now reaching a proper running temperature and maintaining that temperature in a much narrower band than before while driving in sub-zero temperatures.. The car had been road tested by the garage just before I drove it so I'll have to wait til the morning to accurately judge the warm up time. It'll be -3 or so when I go out so will be a good test. I'll be returning the Mahle stat to to the seller and attempting to recoup some or all of the cost of having it fitted. I'm not quite sure where I stand there but will look into some action through the small claims courts if the seller doesn't want to reimburse me. Watch this space.
  15. Cadwell Parker

    Which servicing jobs would you trust only to BMW?

    I bought these a while ago... https://www.sgs-engineering.com/tj2-5lp-js-low-profile-garage-trolley-jack-axle-stands Top quality and reassuringly sturdy. Used them a few times doing various jobs on our two cars. I reckon they've paid for themselves at least twice over. Caveat - the jack is quite a tight fit under the central lifting point at the front of my car. I find it helps to drive the car up on some home made ramps I made using lengths of wood of varying lengths nailed together before jacking.