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  1. Cadwell Parker

    Yokohama all season tyres

    I put some Crossclimates on my F11 earlier this year. They had a slightly odd feeling at first, kind of spongy but if you ignore that and push through it you'll find they have huge levels of grip, wet or dry they are amazing. I'm just waiting for some snow to test them properly but up to now they have never felt anything less than reassuring and dependable when pushed beyond the limits of 'normal' driving. I'd suggest fitting a full set in one go if you can so you get the full benefit from the start.
  2. Cadwell Parker

    Blower motor or resistor?

    That'd be great to see. The more info available on the site the better for all of us. Hope the job itself is not too tricky for you.
  3. Cadwell Parker

    Changed f10 530D gearbox oil

    @sams255 ah ok. That all makes sense and is worth remembering. That's quite a saving on what I paid for the official ZF service at Mackies. I might see if I can persuade my mechanic friend to have a go at this next time it needs doing. Not sure I fancy doing it without a ramp or pit. Do you not need to have the gearbox up to running temperature and be able to move the car backwards and forwards while adding the new oil to do this properly? I'm sure I remember something to that effect and having the car on stands would make that difficult. Apologies if I'm totally wrong here.
  4. Cadwell Parker

    Changed f10 530D gearbox oil

    My understanding was you need 11 litres. That's what the ZF agent who service my F11 box told me. Perhaps that includes oil for flushing as well?
  5. Cadwell Parker

    F10 530d microfilter replacement question

    Just beat me to it. I forget now how much the filters cost me from Opie oils but they were much more reasonable the BMW. Really very easy to do as long as you don't mind contorting your head to look up under the bottom of the glove box to see what you're doing. Remember to get the filter panels in the right way round so the arrows printed on the sides point to the front of the car.
  6. Cadwell Parker

    RDCi tyre valves?

    I also have EDC on my M-sport F11. I did drive a non EDC M-Sport before buying my car and it felt a lot more twitchy over bumps. Granted it was running 19 inch wheels so that might've contributed but it felt to me as though it'd only make sense if you were really pushing the car, otherwise it was too firm for me. Even with my EDC set to the firmest setting it has a refinement the M-sport suspension did not so I think it does make a difference. Perhaps it goes some way towards masking the harsh run flat feeling, even so the difference between the ones I had and my Crossclimates was quite noticeable. As an aside, the tyre fitter I saw yesterday made an interesting point in that run flats probably make a lot more sense on a German autobahn where cars are more likely to be cruising at twice the U.k. motorway limit. You might be glad of the extra time a run flat might give you to roll to a stop from that mind of speed but for the U.K. his view was they have little value.
  7. Cadwell Parker

    RDCi tyre valves?

    So I understand yes. I wasn't expecting them to be any good in real wintery conditions but wanted to try them just for the experience of driving a car fitted with run flats. It's not an experience I wish to repeat.
  8. Cadwell Parker

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    I'm going to post these run flats I've got for sale. They're old and quite worn but someone might give me £30 for them
  9. Cadwell Parker

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    I had my Crossclimates fitted to my newly acquired winter wheels. Two days of driving on 8 year old run flats was enough. The car once again feels how a big luxurious estate car should. The run flats are so solid and hard feeling, for me they ruin the feel of the car.
  10. Cadwell Parker

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    I've driven them for roughly 60 miles today, just going to work and back. I'm not sure these are the best examples to judge given they are date stamped 2011. It's just the runflat thing I guess but coming from the Crossclimates I don't like the feel of them at all. They feel very solid and seem to transmit every road imperfection through the suspension into the car. On the Crossclimates the car feels smooth and refined like a top line luxury car should. On the run flats it's edging more towards a fork lift truck. Maybe a slight exageration there but I feel the Crossclimates suit the car a lot better. They seem to grip ok but I haven't really pushed them and don't really fancy driving too hard on them given they are so old. It'd be interesting to get some proper winter conditions to properly test both tyres in but unless the snow arrives very soon I think it'll be too late for that as I intend to swap the Crossclimates over onto the winter wheels at the earliest opportunity. In fact I'll be loading them into the car in the morning in case I have time to get to the tyre fitters after work.
  11. Cadwell Parker

    RDCi tyre valves?

    I fitted the wheels earlier and everything is working as hoped. No errors, no coding, just had to initialize the TPMS and all was good. The run flats don't feel great so they won't be on the wheels for long. Will see about getting the Crossclimates swapped over soon.
  12. Cadwell Parker

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Spent a couple more hours cleaning up these winter wheels this morning. I'm quite pleased with how they've turned out. After a couple of goings over with Bilt Hamber Auto Wheel and a wipe down with some panel wipe I gave them two coats of this stuff... It's good stuff, lasts for ages and is very easy to apply. The difficult bit, as with a lot of things is in the preparation. After a bit of work the wheels are looking as good as new on the front. Two of them are remarkably clean on the back too. Disappointingly the other two appear to have had some kind of top coat applied over a layer of dirt which no amount of Bilt Hamber or elbow grease is going to shift Still not too bad for winter wheels though. I might get round to fitting them later today and will update the other thread as regards whether the TPMS works
  13. Cadwell Parker

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    I I got a charger from Aldi or Lidl last year for £12.99. It has a setting for charging AGM batteries and apparently is the same as a ctek inside. I noticed one of the aforementioned shops had something similar on the shelves again recently.
  14. Cadwell Parker

    Wheel removal

    Ideally yes. 140Nm. Hard to get them right without one. Mine is around 37kg. It's a pain to move but very sturdy and reassuring.