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  1. Cadwell Parker

    F11 rear suspension, dropping and low ride height

    I've not had a lot of time for posting lately so apologies for not getting back sooner. The garage ended up fitting a new compressor and a new height sensor. They said the compressor was 'weak', presumably due to wear on the piston seal and the failed height sensor was the reason there was no signal appearing to reach the sensors from the EHC. I was disappointed they didn't try investigating further to see if they could fix the old compressor but as the new one came supplied with a new relay and solenoid valve for £339+VAT it's not too bad a price for peace of mind knowing the rear suspension should be trouble free for a good while now. I've kept the old compressor and will try to get round to taking it to bits and maybe replace the seal and dump valve if it looks like it needs one. If I can £150 for it on Ebay as a reconditioned item it'll soften the blow of the bill for this latest episode and hopefully shed some new light on what was the root cause of my issue. I'll update again here if I find out any more.
  2. Cadwell Parker

    Indicator Error

    It sounds to me like you need to look at this the opposite way round. If the passenger side front indicator intermittently flashes fast it means one of the other lights is intermittently not flashing at all which then causes the passenger side front light to flash fast. You need to find which light is not flashing at all when the fault occurs.
  3. Cadwell Parker

    Brake discs minimum thickness bmw health check

    I had 2 piece Brembo discs and pads fitted all round 2 years and 45000 miles ago. They've been very good with no issues at all. You should be fine with them.
  4. Cadwell Parker

    F11 rear suspension, dropping and low ride height

    It's a 2014 car, June IIRC so you may have a point re the EHC/height sensor connection but I'd hope the garages diagnostics machine would be able to tell what's going on and give us an accurate picture. Will hopefully find out more on Tuesday.
  5. Cadwell Parker

    F11 rear suspension, dropping and low ride height

    Had the car at the garage today. Compressor tested ok but when trying to set the ride height there is now no communication from the EHC module to the rear height sensors. The height sensors are active. They register a change in height if the car is rocked from side to side but they're not getting any voltage from the module. I'm wondering whether I might've upset something yesterday splitting the plug connector but if that's the case, with the plug properly back together and looking in good condition surely it could only be something to do with the wiring between the module and sensors. Odd that both sensors are getting no voltage. This is looking like it's going to be beyond my limited diagnostic capabilities so I'm taking the car back next Tuesday to leave with them all day for some more thorough diagnosis. We've pumped the air springs up to something like proper ride height, I've pulled out fuse 152 in case the car still wants to spontaneously drop and will keep using it as it is. It's not too bad at all just now with a little more air holding it up so hopefully it'll last till next week. Will update here with any developments.
  6. Cadwell Parker

    Runflats vs non runflats advice needed please

    Yes, it's ok to mix them but not on the the same axle.
  7. Cadwell Parker

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Replaced the air filter which I've been trying to get round to for a while. I felt it was getting a bit overdue at 36000 miles since the last change but at least I think that's still within BMWs recommended interval of every 2nd (of their 20000 mile) oil changes. The old filter looked well used compared to the new one Plenty of gunk in the air box as well All cleaned out and put back together. I'm sure my engine will thank me Also revisited the rear suspension issue but not really any further forward there.
  8. Cadwell Parker

    F11 rear suspension, dropping and low ride height

    Thanks for that I've been having a quick look over the car today. First I disconnected the battery then split the plug on the EGG module to check for any signs of moisture, corrosion etc. Clean as a whistle so I proceeded to jack up the car and remove a wheel so I could get to the height sensor plug but that proved difficult to separate. The clip on one side was easy enough to undo but the other proved more troublesome, to the point I felt I was having to force it so much I was risking bending the new bracket which has just been fitted or breaking the plug. I'm taking the car to the garage tomorrow to have the compressor pressure tested so I just refitted the wheel and admitted defeat for the day. I'll see what the pressure test reveals and go from there. After looking at @Toughguyhuhs post I removed the compressor cover out of curiosity and it doesn't look too difficult to remove and get a look at the relief valve so depending on tomorrows results that could be my next move
  9. Cadwell Parker

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    I'd be interested in a link to that as well, also a diy how to would be helpful if you've time. I've been having random dropping issues and suspect the release valve but need to get round to checking the plug connectors at the EHC and height sensors before I go any further.
  10. Cadwell Parker

    F11 rear suspension, dropping and low ride height

    Thanks Matthew, it's quite a mystery at the moment. The garage did something to attempt a reset of ride height. They're using Autologic instead of ISTA and rather than setting the height to that listed in NewTis they said they'd set it to -2. -2 what I'm not sure. I guess Autologic works differently to ISTA but didn't have time to ask them to explain as I was on my way to work and had been there quite a while already. I left fuse 152 in place hoping the new bracket would fix things but the car dropped slowly over the course of the next 150 miles driving. Since getting some more air into the springs and removing the fuse on Saturday evening it's been ok having done similar mileage. I'm wary of trying to reset the ride height for now as that would necessitate putting the fuse back in, re-enabling the EHC and risking the car dropping again and refusing to lift. I really need to keep it drivable for now so I'll start by separating the plug connectors from the height sensors and EHC module and go from there. Hopefully I'll find something obvious and simple to resolve with a bit of contact cleaner. Presumably I'd be best advised to disconnect the battery before disturbing any plugs?
  11. Cadwell Parker

    F11 rear suspension, dropping and low ride height

    There was a fault code indicating the air compressor had timed out after pumping too long. As there doesn't appear to be any leaks from the air springs or pipework does that suggest the discharge solenoid is sticking open intermittently so the compressor is just pumping air straight through that rather than lifting the car? Thanks. I'll let you know how it goes. Hopefully I can find the root cause before I give up and send the car back to the garage. I'm just glad I had ISTA and was able to get the car up and running again. At least I've got a bit of breathing space and can use the car for the time being.
  12. I've been having a bit of bother with the air suspension on my F11. It's complicated so be warned this could be a lengthly post. I think it started maybe a month ago. Soon after setting off from home I noticed a different feeling at the back of the car. There's an uneven piece of road I drive over 1/2 a mile from home anything over 30MPH loads up the suspension quite effectively and when passing over this it felt as though the suspension was compressing more than usual, possibly even touching the bump stops. By the time I'd got to the T-junction another 1/2 a mile along the road it had sorted itself out, feeling as normal and no visual sign of dropping. I made a mental note to keep an eye on things and see what developed. I had a similar feeling a few days later but again it didn't last long. Then as luck would have it I found I had a broken front spring so ordered a pair of Eibachs and carried on using the car gently to get to work and back. Once the springs arrived upon leaving the house on the way to leave the car at the garage to have them fitted I felt the same feeling over the uneven section of road but this time it didn't sort itself, getting steadily worse until the idrive lit up with the Chassis warning - Drive moderately etc. I was able to pull in to a lay-by not far down the road, switched off the engine and jumped out to have a look. The was sitting low down on the right rear corner, more so than the left but that might've been as much to do with the ground where I'd parked. I decided to restart he engine and continue driving moderately to the garage. Upon restarting the car lifted immediately and drove to the garage without further issue. I told the garage what had happened and asked them to have a look at the rear suspension while the car was with them. When I returned to collect the car it looked to be sitting lower at the back than usual. The garage agreed and said they'd found a bent height sensor bracket on the right rear corner and a fault code indicating the compressor had timed out after having to pump for too long trying to level the car. They suggested fitting a new bracket before going any further. It was only a fiver so I agreed. They had to order it from Germany so it took a week or so to arrive. They tried bending the old bracket back to roughly where it should have been before I left. The car responded by lifting slightly but was still a bit lower than usual and after leaving garage it sank lower. I continued to use the car carefully while waiting for the new bracket. The ride at the back felt different, not as firm, as though the rear suspension was not supporting the car quite as solidly as before and felt as though it had a greater tendency to squat down closer to the bump stops when going through certain dips in the road. Otherwise it wasn't too bad for a day or two but following a longish trip across country to collect a car for our daughter the ride was deteriorating quite badly. I'd been looking forward to the drive but in the end it was no fun at all. We got back too late in the day to investigate but the next morning I jacked up the back of the car at both sides in turn, removed the wheels and had a good look round for any signs of something amis. The ride had been so bad I was sure I had burst a shock absorber or something equally as drastic. I didn't find anything so just had to put the wheels back and head out to work. The car drove perfectly 45 miles each way, as though the lifting of each rear corner from the ground had reset something. I was looking forward to driving back to work the next day but 1/2 a mile from home the dropping and chassis warning were back. I'd already done a bit of searching online for clues to what might happening. I stopped and it was clear both sides had dropped. There's a lot of posts on our great forum here regarding rear suspension woes but I couldn't find anything which seemed to describe the symptoms I was getting. Widening my search I found an interesting thread here... https://www.bmwland.org.uk/index.php?threads/f11-air-suspension-sticky-thread.1477/ which seemed to describe a very similar problem to mine, as far as the dropping was concerned anyway. On the basis of this I decided to get the car to lift up then remove fuse 152 in the hope it would disable the Electronic Height Control, prevent the dropping and keep the car drivable until the cause could be narrowed down. I restarted the engine, listening under the back of the car I could hear the compressor running as the car lifted, and then a slight psshh as it cut off. I pulled the fuse straight out and I carried on driving. With the fuse out there was no dropping at all either when driving or parked up. I took height measurements at various times which varied slightly depending on where the car was parked but averaged out at roughly 590mm. That's about 30mm lower than it should be. It was fine for several days as long as I was careful to avoid loading the suspension too much, no dropping when driving or parked so I was reasonably satisfied there were no leaks from the air springs or lines. I ran the car like this for a few more days until the new height sensor bracket arrived. On the way to have it fitted I stopped and refitted fuse 152. The car immediately dropped again, this time right down to the stops. I had to mess about for 15 mins, switching off and back on again, opening and closing doors and checking fuses before the car lifted again and I could get to the garage. On removing the old bent bracket they found the joint between the end of the sensor and the bracket had seized and suggested that might be what had bent the flimsy Aluminium bracket. They fitted the new bracket, reconnected the sensor and checked for any fault codes. All good but the car would still not lift up to it's proper height. The garage thought the compressor might be failing internally and so not able to fill the air springs sufficiently to lift the car to its set height which might explain the compressor time-out fault code. They wanted to wait for an email with some details on what sort of pressure values the compressor should be achieving before they could investigate any further and I needed to get to work so I took the car, leaving fuse 152 in place to see if the new bracket would make any difference. It was still low but wasn't riding on the bump stops, there was still room for the suspension to move with the road surface and as long as I drove moderately it was ok. I made it to work and back and felt ok about doing the same the next day but during the course of my journeys the ride got progressively worse and driving back towards home it felt like the car was more or less on it's bump stops most of the way. This was late on Saturday afternoon. I called at the garage which is on my way home and caught them leaving for the day. Nothing they could do then so I just limped slowly home planning what to do about getting to work the next day. A plan formed. When I got home I jacked up the back of the car and pressed on the bellows on the air springs. They were soft, right side slightly softer than the left not totally empty but nowhere near as firm as they're supposed to be. I decided I'd try using ISTA to tell the compressor to run and see it I could get some air into the bags. That worked, after a fashion. The ' Inflate Air Bellows' command in ISTA runs the compressor for 40 seconds. The compressor started and ran as expected and both air springs were nice and firm so I let the car down off the jack expecting it to find the correct height, or at least attempt to find a height it thought was correct. It didn't, with the weight of the car back down fully on the wheels and engine running the back of the car was sitting up high looking like it'd been customised for off roading and making no attempt to adjust itself. Not ideal but at least I knew the compressor was making enough pressure to fill the air springs. I got the car back on the jack again and started ISTAs 'Bleed Air Bellows' procedure which worked as expected and both springs were completely empty. I started the Inflate procedure again but this time counted for 20 seconds then switched off the ignition. The compressor cut off. I pulled out fuse 152, lowered the car and was glad to see the car sitting at a more suitable height for driving, still a bit lower than it should be but a vast improvement. The car stayed up all night and I've driven to work and back today without further issue. For the time being I'm going to run the car with fuse 152 out and try to get round to some further diagnosis. So now I'm wondering where to go from here. It seems there are no leaks. The car only drops when fuse 152 is in place which suggests to me a problem with the EHC module or the discharge solenoid valve. If there are no fault codes associated with the EHC module the does that mean the problem must be with the discharge solenoid? But then why did the car not try to lower itself to the correct height after I inflated the bellows the first time? There might've been a fault code left from running with with the EHC fuse out. Would that be enough to prevent the system trying to level the car? Do I need to make sure all the codes are cleared before expecting the EHC to work properly? Have I actually got two simultaneous problems, the dropping and the low ride height with two different causes? Too much of a coincidence? The Eibachs fitted to the front are lower than the standard so would that have any effect on the rear? One question which crossed my mind was would the car automatically try to compensate at the back for the lower ride at the front? No, I don't think it works like that. My understanding is the rear ride height is programmed into the system and that should be what the car aims for independent of any changes the front. Well, apologies for such a long and rambling post. As you can see there's been quite a lot going on. If anyone's still reading after all that any thoughts would be welcome. Any pointers on where to look for further diagnosis before I just let the garage deal with it? Just to add the car is a 2014 LCI F11 with 111000 miles. Air springs are roughly 2 years old with 40000 miles on them. Any advice appreciated.
  13. Cadwell Parker

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Yes, I remember now. Thanks for the reminder
  14. Cadwell Parker

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    The battery I took off my car which ISTA said was worn out still seems to hold a reasonable charge. After sitting idle the garage for a few weeks after being fully charged it still showed 12.7v on my multimeter
  15. Cadwell Parker

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Just the fronts. I recall reading somewhere on here if you raise the rear ride height of an F11 it has the added effect of firming up the springs but I haven't tried it.