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  1. Cadwell Parker

    Corrosion on TPMS valve threads

  2. Cadwell Parker

    Corrosion on TPMS valve threads

    Good point. I've got an air compressor in the garage. I'll give the valves a blast out after brushing them and hopefully clear them of any bits.
  3. Cadwell Parker

    Corrosion on TPMS valve threads

    That's what was concerning me. ACF50 is safe for electrical components, non drying, contains no silicon, teflon or wax so no sticky build up so could be ok to use. I was thinking once the corrosion has got so bad it might be difficult to halt altogether with just brushing. I might try ACF50 on just one valve and see how it goes. Thanks Matthew. The caps on valves now are black plastic. As long as the corrosion can be kept at bay I can live with black
  4. Cadwell Parker

    Corrosion on TPMS valve threads

    Ok thanks. The cap does look a lot newer than the valve. Another little job for the weekend then. Is it a good idea to put something on the thread as well or will that do more harm than good?
  5. Cadwell Parker

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    I might seal and wax it
  6. I had to take the F11 to get a tyre repaired yesterday. The tyre fitter drew the following to my attention. No, not the filthy state of the wheels but the corrosion under the valve cap which seems to have got rather out of hand. What's the best way to clean these up and prevent them for further deterioration? I thought maybe rub down with some metal polish and then a spot of WD40 or ACF50 on the threads might be ok. What do you all do, if anything?
  7. Cadwell Parker

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Yes, it looks very much like part #5, referred on Deutschteks invoice as ' O/S Thrust Arm'. The old one almost managed 65000 miles. It made it through the MOT at 59300 miles but might've been an advisory if the dealer selling the car wasn't the same one doing the MOT
  8. Cadwell Parker

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    They have a Hunter Road Force balancing machine as well which as I understand measures and balances wheels in ways most balancers don't. There aren't many places in the country with them but if you have a car with any unexplained hard to cure vibrational issues they can be worth the journey. Not sure, I wasn't there at the time. I can see a new nut and bolt if I look under the front of the car. Will try to get a photo of the new part later when I get back to the car. There's still a hint of the previous vibration but much reduced after the new arm was fitted so I'm probably feeling the other one starting to go. One to monitor and see what develops I think.
  9. Cadwell Parker

    What do you all get on full tank?

    So far in the F11 between 545 and 631 miles. That's with a varied mix of driving, A roads, steady dual carriageway/motorway cruising, with the odd heavy footed mountain pass run here and there. I'm not as fast as I used to be but can still be found hoofing it past lines of slower moving 'ordinary' cars when necessary. For those who are really interested average MPG over 4672 miles is 42.6. Further updates as and when, if you're still awake
  10. Cadwell Parker

    Gearbox service completed at Mackies Glasgow

    That's probably the ZF one I've just been looking at. It's rubbish. It doesn't even include the UK in the list of European service centres. (ZF- Over-enthusiastic early adopters of B**xit?). I'm sure Mackies are official ZF agents but there's no mention of any UK agents on their site as far as I can see
  11. Cadwell Parker

    Gearbox service completed at Mackies Glasgow

    Yes, that explains it. Apparently the 8 speed 'box takes 11 litres of very expensive oil. John Conochan had mistakenly quoted me (twice) for a 6 speed which is why I was so shocked at the final bill.
  12. Cadwell Parker

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Busy couple of days for the F11. On Tuesday the car was back at the indy dealer. One of the variable shocks was leaking oil, I put it to the dealer it was likely to have began leaking slowly prior to my ownership. They agreed to replace it free of charge, ordered a replacement from BMW and booked it in the for the next day Today I have been to Deutschtek in Glasgow and had a new air spring and thrust arm fitted, this time giving the benefit of the doubt to the indy dealer. The air spring didn't start leaking until they replaced the height sensor the other week so it could be argued it was working properly when they sold the car and suspension parts are not covered under their standard warranty (yes, I know I'm living dangerously here). I'd asked Deutschtek replace the air spring and have a look round for any possible causes of an intermittent but persistent vibration I'd been feeling at different times but always on the same stretches of road. After leaving the car with them and going for a nice walk round Kelvin Grove Park Craig rang me back to say they'd found one of the thrust arms to be quite worn which was quite likely to be the cause of the vibration I'd described. I asked them to replace it while they had the car on the ramp. After a visit to the museum, a slice of cake, a double Espresso and a stroll back the garage the car was ready. My drive back towards home proved Craigs diagnosis to be pretty accurate. The vibration is now barely noticeable. Craig suspected the thrust arm on the other side might be starting to go the same way or the brake discs could be causing some vibes as well. I'm going to wait and see how things develop But I think my next port of call is going to be Auto-tec in Port Glasgow for a full alignment and Hunter road force balancing. Will be back with a report once that's complete. Just to say I can't recommend Deutschtek highly enough on the strength of todays visit. Friendly, enthusiastic, seemingly very knowledgable and happy to have their brains picked when necessary. If you're close to Glasgow and need a workshop, look no further.
  13. Cadwell Parker

    Gearbox service completed at Mackies Glasgow

    Crickey, that's some difference to Mackies. Thanks. I think the next closest ZF agent to me is near Newcastle upon Tyne so another 100 miles or so on a round trip. Mackies is more convenient but not sure they're £140 more convenient.
  14. Cadwell Parker

    Gearbox service completed at Mackies Glasgow

    Would it be impertinent to ask how much they charged?