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  1. lunacedric

    Guess The Car

    It is Honda legend
  2. lunacedric

    Omega SMP300 Full Size Auto

    Nice watch!
  3. lunacedric

    My other Motor.

    Congratulations! have a nice ride
  4. lunacedric

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Didn't do anything at all . This weather is not allowing me to do anything anywhere
  5. lunacedric

    Inner Headlights

    Even I wanted to know this when I started operating it.
  6. lunacedric

    Headlights problem

    Flickering often happens if the headlight driver module is bad or maybe there is some malfunction in it or any sort of failure . You can try this product it's best solution for flickering and other headlight issues. I always recommend this product. https://xenons4u.co.uk/bmw-tms-headlight-driver-module-7258278-7304906-7267045.html
  7. lunacedric

    Headlights problem

    I have tried this product and its too good https://xenons4u.co.uk/bmw-tms-headlight-driver-module-7269494-7269531-7316208-7279625-7274400.html I am not sure it will be compatible with halogen lights or not but you can ask further .
  8. lunacedric

    F10 Headlight problems FRM??

    I think you didn’t install a good TMS or maybe there’s some part no compatibility issue. Try this https://xenons4u.co.uk/bmw-tms-headlight-driver-module-7258278-7304906-7267045.html it is good and comes up with 1 year warranty.