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  1. iReaper1157

    Cup Holders!

    You wont find much solution to your problems on here I’m afraid. But as you say, they are cup holders not bottle holders.
  2. iReaper1157

    535d High Mileage

    Mine is 30d but mapped.
  3. iReaper1157

    535d High Mileage

    Mine is an LCI on an 08 so I’d guess it’s a n2. It’s definitely a job I’d pay for. Can’t see the car going anywhere now really.
  4. Anyone in here have the reversing camera on a 61? Wondering if it would help me reverse up to my caravan for hitching up.
  5. iReaper1157

    Abrupt downshifts

    There is an Indy in Warrington. They are expensive but very good. Can’t remember what they are called tho so I’m not really any help at l am I.
  6. iReaper1157

    535d High Mileage

    That’s the first time I’ve ever heard of the M57n2 needed chain to be replaced. Thanks for the bad news.
  7. iReaper1157

    5 series CCC + CIC

    He’s an absolute weapon!
  8. iReaper1157

    Strange RPM surge

    That smoke rig is awesome. I need to know how you did it.
  9. iReaper1157

    Snapped spring...

    I’m just trying to work out why it was such a struggle.
  10. iReaper1157

    Snapped spring...

    Where did you remove the control arms from? The hub or the subframe?
  11. iReaper1157

    Broke down. Stuck at a camp site.

    Had the battery registered. The BMW Indy was 99.9% confident that the problem I had were because of low battery voltages. Car seems all ok. Fingers crossed.
  12. iReaper1157

    Broke down. Stuck at a camp site.

    Ahhhhhhh yeah! Of course. The battery is different as well. It’s a higher amp battery. That makes sense.
  13. iReaper1157

    Broke down. Stuck at a camp site.

    Cheers boys but it was checked and it was normal. Had a battery fitted and all seems ok. I don’t have to use my car for 2 weeks now because I’m working away and work have given me a hire car. So I’ll take that time to get it collected by the local BMW superman and see what he thinks when he gets it plugged in to hi software. Times like these I wish I lived closer to @GoNz0 because he’s the man when it comes to the software.
  14. iReaper1157

    Second hand engine check?

    Can’t the DVLA give you the vehicle details that are linked to that engine number?
  15. iReaper1157

    Broke down. Stuck at a camp site.

    RAC came out. Battery was dead and now wouldn’t even crank. He jumped it and it came to life and was running as normal. Ran a full battery and charge diagnostics and said the battery was within normal parameters but only just. I opted for a new battery anyway because clearly I have money to burn and a so what attitude figured it would settle my mind. new battery is on and I’ve just arrived home after doing a 45 mile journey completely off motorway and have had no faults until I arrived at my destination. I removed all the stuff from my boot which was open for about 10 mins. Got in the car and got another increased battery discharge warning. Clocks all reset.