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  1. iReaper1157

    Diesel MOT

    Had a mapped 30d for 7 years with no DPF or EGR amongst over things. Never had an Issue. Just needs doing right.
  2. Wow I really like them!
  3. iReaper1157

    Diesel MOT

    Dervtech, darkside dev, Riverside racing.
  4. iReaper1157

    Diesel MOT

    Does it sound loud from the back box?
  5. iReaper1157

    Diesel MOT

    I have my dpf out and running really strong figures. Have done for about 6 years and my exhaust isn't black and doesn't produce any smoke. You'll get through an MOT but I would question your map.
  6. iReaper1157

    Won't unlock with key fob

    That's what I thought to be honest.
  7. iReaper1157

    Won't unlock with key fob

    I only have one key so can't test anything else. It started working again after driving the car so god knows what went on. A battery can't be changed in these LCI keys?
  8. iReaper1157

    Won't unlock with key fob

    Hi guys. Hope you had a good as day. Car won't unlock with the key fob. Is there a battery in the key? Is it easy to change? It's an 08 lci E61.
  9. That is what mine does. But it feels like the delay is because it's gearing down.
  10. I'm another one with a gearbox that frustrates. Pretty sure it's being lazy about dropping into first when crawling and then decides to drop when you press throttle. Hoping xHP will get rid of it or at least the current gear indicator on the dash will tell me if it is holding 2nd then dropping to 1st or not.
  11. iReaper1157

    535d The Extra Thermostat fitting Guide.

    Makes sense now. Thank you
  12. iReaper1157

    535d The Extra Thermostat fitting Guide.

    I've done the VAG mod myself after reading your post and its worked wonders but needed main stat as well. decided to go to BMW and bought a main and EGR at the same time deciding not to go for this inline mod. Just didn't sit right with me. Just wondered your thought for comparison.
  13. iReaper1157

    535d The Extra Thermostat fitting Guide.

    Oh I get you. So how come the gearbox/Audi thermostat is such a good fix? What's the difference?