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  1. iReaper1157

    XHP advice.

    Maybe I’m wrong with how they work then. I’ll check tomorrow. But I run stage 1 so can only comment on that.
  2. iReaper1157

    Resonating noise at idle

    I’ll have to check that out as well.
  3. iReaper1157

    Resonating noise at idle

    Well I tried the air box and didn’t think it was it, so while looking around at doing the mounts and waying it up I decided to remove the engine cover and look at the air box some more. It’s definitely that. If I push it just the right way the noise stops. But how to permanently stop it is another matter. I have no idea. also, the damper pulley looks like it’s going round and round with a wobble. So that’s getting done as well. @roi354
  4. iReaper1157

    Resonating noise at idle

    Thanks for that. Make a solid point. Do you know who OEM is?
  5. iReaper1157

    XHP advice.

    When you knock it over to S/M that’s the same map as if the sport button is pressed but doesn’t change the steering feeling. If you manually change up that’ll change to the sport map too but will pop itself back into drive after a delay of input. Knocking it over to S/M and manually changing gear gives true manual mode. Towing maps are untouched and goes into towing mode when the electrics are plugged in and resistance is felt.
  6. iReaper1157

    Resonating noise at idle

    Cab. I’ve edited the post. Pressing down on the air of doesn’t help. Cheers anyway. It’s the same as before mate. Having time away from if has made me realise how bad it is. I’ve noticed it in the past but never mentioned it. I’m starting to think DDD is write about the engine mounts. Everything I’ve googled points at them and it’s definitely from the front. Kinda feel it through my feet.
  7. iReaper1157

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Received the subframe which was removed from my car last week, came with all my old arms still attached as it was. I started taking it apart to gauge what kind of condition it was in and to figure out how the broken section of the frame got broke. all in all, literally everything was in poor condition. There was a handful of bushes that were ok but most were completely gone but yet there were no noises. the new frame and arms that went in was in much better condition.
  8. iReaper1157

    Resonating noise at idle

    Hello again. after the recent subframe escapade and not having my car on the road for a week I finally got it back and everything is hunky dory. but, something I’ve noticed is how much resonating noise it makes at idle. It travels through the cab. It’s not a vibration and you can’t feel anything wrong, it’s just all in the ears and it’s rather annoying now. Definitely think it was like that before it went in the garage and I just got used to it but bloody hell. Now it’s driving me mad. it’s a 30d 61 with no dpf and mapped and the usual rubbish. Any ideas what I can spend more money on to stop it annoying me.
  9. iReaper1157

    XHP advice.

    The way BMW did it is a shambles. The alpina one is suppose to be much better and closer to stage 1 XHP.
  10. iReaper1157

    XHP advice.

    It’s expensive. Worth it tho is borderline but I’m glad I have it.
  11. iReaper1157

    XHP advice.

    Yes. That’s what I have. No nothing with change apart from the map itself.
  12. iReaper1157

    XHP advice.

    It’s a lot better. It still allows slip on the TC in 1st and 2nd making for a smooth drive but the shift point are in a much better place and the box is more confident staying in certain gears and powering on rather than changing down at stupid times (like slowing down for a round about and setting off while rolling, it doesn’t change down to first and catapult you like the standard mapping sometimes can). stage 2 locks the TC very early in all gears, even 1st. There is very very little slip which feels exactly how you would want it but it makes some of the changes a bit harsh and if you are running decent power all that power is transferred straight to the clutches rather the torque being managed by slip in the TC a bit.
  13. iReaper1157

    XHP advice.

    E is at the end of its run. No more adjustment can be made with that. Stage 1 or 2 won’t put any added strain in that clutch I don’t think. Just flash and try it.
  14. iReaper1157

    XHP advice.

    If you have a 30amp charger than use that. I didn’t have one or have access to one. Yeah the money was running.
  15. iReaper1157

    Double spring failure

    Closest I’ve been is a week apart on the front of the mrs mondeo. The mechanic asked me if I wanted both sides doing to prevent it being off the road again as it’s usual that they go in pairs. I declined as it’s a cheap run around and I didn’t really want to spend the money. Pretty much an exact week later the other side went but this time spat a chunk out the side and run through the tyre that was 4 months old. So should have listened to the guy haha.