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  1. iReaper1157

    Rear subframe bushes.

    I’m tempted to do the same but can’t be arsed haha.
  2. iReaper1157

    Auto transmission specialists in NW

    C.A.L transmissions in Denton. But his number is hard to find because he doesn’t advertise.
  3. iReaper1157

    TDI Tuning Box

    Don’t bother.
  4. iReaper1157

    Rear subframe bushes.

    There is a guy on YouTube that has a tutorial and his verdict on YouTube. https://youtu.be/idVDMtq0Shs
  5. iReaper1157

    530d burning oil

    Modern/new BMW Diesel engines can burn a litre every 1000 miles. BMW day that’s normal.
  6. iReaper1157

    Gearbox jerk from stop fixed!

    Doesn’t BMW say a lifetime is 60k or 80k?
  7. iReaper1157

    530d burning oil

    It’s an LCI 30d so a M57N2 so has a different breather that doesn’t need to be touched and doesn’t get sludged up.
  8. I wouldn’t stress over it pal. Honestly, this subject has come up many many time. It just seems to happen.
  9. iReaper1157

    Idle tick noise, happens in N, worse in D.

    I’m on 144k as well on an 08 plate so yeah I’m in the same boat. mine feels like it just idles too low. I know it doesn’t but that’s what it feels like. mom at the stage now where a few things have come up at once. I need, all pulleys and belts changing and want to do water pump while I'm there. front disks and pads, all the front suspension parts need changing (which I’ve already bought) trailing arm bushes, and that prop shaft bearing thing.
  10. It seems to be common place. A lot people have mentioned it previously. If you leave at idle for a while it will blow blue then clear. But no one seems to know why.
  11. iReaper1157

    Idle tick noise, happens in N, worse in D.

    Wind noise is enough to drown out the sound I reckon. Plus my car is actually quite vibraty when at idle. It’s got a noticeable resonance.
  12. iReaper1157

    Idle tick noise, happens in N, worse in D.

    It’s just occurred to me that when BMW did the recall last week they told me about how my front drivers side disk back plate was loose and wobbling around. Wonder if the vibration at idle is causing it to rattle.
  13. iReaper1157

    Gearbox jerk from stop fixed!

    Surely there is a way to stop that. have you got gear position indicator turned on? Have you noticed that it’s in second and then jumped to first?
  14. iReaper1157

    Do you let your better half drive your BMW? :)

    FUCK NO!!!
  15. iReaper1157

    Idle tick noise, happens in N, worse in D.

    I have been tempted to put the swirls back in. Can get a whole manifold new with them in.