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  1. iReaper1157

    Crank pulley recommendations

    As above really. I have no symptoms that mine is on it’s way out but it’s not on any history and I’m now at 154k miles. ive seen these American fluid filled ones but they are $400. Bit steep.
  2. I’m going to do something with a wireless charger on the recess part round the idrive screen.
  3. Failing that. a disk type one like this, mounted under the rubbery plastics of the flat shelf thing where the idrive screen is. That should charge a phone through up to 5mm of plastic so by placing the phone on top of there should charge it. should be relatively easy to fit as well.
  4. iReaper1157

    E61 gearbox. . . . . .

    Carly won’t work, cheap adapter won’t work. you can get older android phones for next to nothing. Just make sure the firmware version is compatible with the app.
  5. iReaper1157

    E61 gearbox. . . . . .

    I used an android tablet with a cable (quickest way). It’s well worth the money. Best thing I did with my car.
  6. iReaper1157

    CCC Android replacement advice please.

    Lad on here has left a review of his andream apple car play/android auto head unit which for me seems like the Best Buy. The post is on page 1.
  7. iReaper1157

    E61 gearbox. . . . . .

  8. Like in a manual when you just slam the clutch out and it jerks.
  9. I didn’t say that stage 3 causes more wear. I said I couldn’t comment on that because I don’t know. I went with stage 2, my choice was nothing to do with wear. stage 2 is in fact the most popular choice. That coming from one of the guys at XHP on the forum. Most will go for stage 3 then return to 2 because 3 is too aggressive. I don’t think it’s made for the road personally. don’t forget as well. The shift time increases are most prevalent under full throttle. Time is increased on part throttle but it isn’t much.
  10. I found stage 2 to be the best. You are suppose to be able to use the editor to get true manual on stage 2. Not like I tried. I’ve never had an unintended upshifts.
  11. I figured I didn’t need anything that sporty. It wasn’t a choice of wear, and I can’t comment on how it works to figure if it would (or feels like it would to be more precise) increase wear. Stage 2 is by far the most popular choice so I went to that one. It’s miles and miles better than standard. plus the D mode is pretty much the same on stage 2 and 3. Slight differences. ive also got an option to increase line pressure for high torque situations.
  12. BMW did this because that’s the feel they were going for. The same box goes in a number of other vehicles and they don’t behave in the same way. It was down to a bad choice that they probably felt they had to run with till the end of that box probably not to make themselves look like they were admitting they cocked up. the shift speeds are faster but they aren’t that much faster, it isn’t a night and day difference. So I can’t see that adding to wear. the absolute biggest deal with XHP is TC lockup. It’s that what transforms the car. Then shift points and everything else just adds to it. For me, using stage 2, doesn’t seem like it would cause any problems. Yes the difference is huge as a whole but I think it’s only little improvements that add up to make it this way.
  13. iReaper1157

    E61 gearbox. . . . . .

    I don’t know where this idea that in D it sets off in 2nd. I had the dash set to show what gear I was in when in D. It never stayed in 2nd when at a standstill.
  14. iReaper1157

    E61 gearbox. . . . . .

    I wouldn’t recommend anything else other than ZF oil. That stuff might be great but I couldn’t comment. People tend to tread very carefully around these boxes so if I were you I’d stick to ZF stuff. mot doesn’t sound like you have a problem, but if a garage is willing to service it for £120 then jump on that because that’s very cheap. as a bare minimum you really should be looking at, ZF oil, New pan and filter, new mechatronic sleeve, the block seal and the bridge seals (can’t remember there actual names). in regards to running temps, try and look into that as soon as, stats on these are awful, even the BMW ones. So £32 sounds like a cheap one and they have been known to last weeks before they let go. Always worth checking.
  15. iReaper1157

    E61 gearbox. . . . . .

    The standard mapping for these gearbox’s is absolutely terrible. the reason why BMW decided that a manual mode wouldn’t be manual and it would be overridden at times when it wasn’t important shows me that they had no idea what they were doing. Most of the choices made were changed when the 8 speed box was released. the absolute best anyone can do is flash it XHP. stage 2 is the most common. It’s the middle ground of sportiness and economy. It’ll lock gears really early, manual is actual manual. my advice, get the box serviced. Have as much done to it as you are willing to spend. Then flash it. It’ll feel like a much more modern car, the engine revving won’t piss you off.