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  1. ZaKaS

    EGR delete/remap

    Thanks for advice. Many people saying get good remap and everything will be ok.
  2. ZaKaS

    EGR delete/remap

    So these 2 garages, who told that dpf stops regen, have bad mapping or low experience in mapping e60 and they dont know what are doing? Interesting thing that garage wich can make remap+egr delete and dpf working offering lowest price to with dyno run. I little lost because these all tuning garages has big recommendations but maybe thats how I need to choose which one is for me
  3. ZaKaS

    EGR delete/remap

    Guys I need to get on boat! Today asked 3 tuning garages about remap+EGR delete but keep DPF in car and keep it working. 2 garages told that if EGR is deleted then DPF regen stops, for regeneration needs working egr.... another garage told that DPF still regenerates even if egr is deleted! So who is right who is not? Where is the true :D?
  4. ZaKaS

    Error code 4667 (too frequent regen)

    What about if blanking EGR valve? Does it makes more dpf regens?
  5. ZaKaS

    Light faults

    First check is your bulbs are normal filament bulbs or led bulbs, leds can trow errors sometimes even if these have canbus system.
  6. ZaKaS

    Py21w indicator led bulbs

    No one installed led bulbs in front indicators?
  7. ZaKaS

    EGR delete/remap

    I read a lot about egr and swirl flap blanking and decided definitely turn off egr in system. Im thinking to clean egr map it out but leave it in place dont see the point why I have to take it out. About swirl flaps I want to check them clean intake manifold and if swirl flaps looking good Im thinking to leave them like it was becouse I read many stories that after swirl flap blank they get loss of power on low revs...
  8. ZaKaS

    EGR delete/remap

    Ok, dont want to make new topic so Ill ask here. What happens if I delete EGR and blank swirl flaps? I know that these two things are for emissions and to lower soot and if I remove them does DPF will be ok? It will not start regen twice more or even blocks dpf?
  9. ZaKaS

    EGR delete/remap

    Hi, Im thinking doing egr delete and remap but I dont want cut off dpf. Do you still have dpf in your car?
  10. ZaKaS

    Super bright DRL bulbs for halos?

    I tested with xenon bulb 6000k and still same crap... Inner ring too bright outer barely seen. I think these optic tubes can transfer only yellow light.
  11. Hi, can someone recommend good really bright Py21w LED amber indicator bulbs? I bought 44 smd led bulbs, you can see picture, and one of them not working at all, I tried another and my normal filament bulb is much brighter then this LED but I really like how these LED bulbs flashing. Thanks
  12. ZaKaS

    Super bright DRL bulbs for halos?

    Hi, I had same question month ago. E60 LCI adaptive headlight angel eyes structure is bad. What year car you have and what type bulbs you have in your angel eyes? Mine is lci 2007 and original h8 filament bulb makes bright both angel rings but yellow colour, my new h8 led cree bulb making only inner ring bright and outer ring is visible only from different angles but colour matches my xenons and it looks nice. Still sometimes Im thinking to put back normal filament H8 bulbs back becouse its so bright in daylight
  13. ZaKaS

    Weird ABS/DSC error from nowhere?

    Exactly and best is when you find problem like this wich can cause many other problems then you spend a lot of money and don't have a clue what's going on
  14. ZaKaS

    Weird ABS/DSC error from nowhere?

    End of story guys! after 3 days of driving without cruise control abs/dtc full of other yellow lights on dash, came back after work and decided to check where is problem... Few days ago I did diagnostics with carly and I was getting error Wheels speed front left: Sensor line etc... Bla bla error code 006D9B Today did diagnostics and I got different message Wheel speed front left Pressure sensor 1 implausible... Error code 005E24 where I started to worry becouse I read about this error where it can be many problems and some expensive... So took front left wheel off, unscrewed abs sensor, cleaned, connected back, started engine and same sh1t same errors. Decided to put everything back becouse I didn't have time and didn't know where to check next. Before reinstalled wheel decided to check wires going from abs connector box to car over sharp plastic edge and was able to see little green wire through tape. I cut tape and bingo!!!!! Abs sensor wire cut in half!!! Connected back together, engine start----dashboard clear and no faults happy days, 0 expenses I imagine how much it would cost if garage will be fixing my car... I read storrys when garage changed abs units, pumps, sensors and faults still appears maybe it was same problem with wire. Really happy that I found problem wasn't expecting such a easy fix attacked photos where wire was cut off, maybe someone needs them. Thanks for help everyone
  15. ZaKaS

    Weird ABS/DSC error from nowhere?

    Im at work now, did already almost 40 miles motorway and errors still here... With Carly as JasonH said I tried clearing them but it worked only for few minutes then it shows again. What next I will do is disconnecting battery for around half an hour. What a pain in ass just for lifting car with jack and spinning wheels!!! Now Im scared to open cars hood maybe engine will broke down