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  1. Greenfingers


    Sounds like warped brake discs to me. Should be easy to check by taking off a wheel and clamping a metal rod or something (assuming you don't have a dial test indicator) to the suspension so that it just touches the side of the disc and then rotate the wheel.
  2. Greenfingers

    530D N57 ticking noise on shutdown

    Good man Munzy. Sorry I missed your question on the other thread, but glad you sorted it out ok. Interesting to see that yours failed at around the same mileage as mine; I reckon that oil and soot contamination is partially responsible - damned EGRs again! Out of interest, did you note which way round the 'C' profile rubber seal was fitted in the groove in the intake pipe? I foolishly took mine out to check it's condition and was then unsure which way to put it back. My experience in hydraulics taught me that the open side of a cup seal always points to the pressure side, but of course this should be reversed in a vacuum situation, so I faced the closed side towards the vacuum.
  3. Greenfingers

    Throttle actuator gone bad

    Spot on Deano, which explains the aftermarket Chinese brass parts on eBay. Anyway, just an update to say that the used part from Germany has been working fine for a few weeks now, so maybe this is a rare failure on a BMW.
  4. Greenfingers

    Throttle actuator gone bad

    I couldn't bring myself to buy new and managed to find a used unit for under £50 on German Ebay, which should be here this week. I'll take it apart before fitting it and if there is significant wear, then it should work as a stop gap until the £15 repair parts arrive from from China.
  5. Greenfingers

    F11 Wheel Offset

    One of the important things to consider when fitting wider wheels is whether the outside edge of the tyres will foul the wheel arches. The fronts are probably the ones to worry about most on a BMW (if the original spec allows for a staggered set up). You also need to be sure that the inside edges will clear the suspension components. An 8.5j rim is 12.5mm wider than an 8j rim, so if you keep the same offset, then the outside edge of the wider rim will sit 12.5mm further out towards the wheel arch. I would imagine an extra 5mm of offset would work better for the steering geometry, maintaining the centre of the tyre in almost the same position. This would result in the outer rim sitting just 7.5mm further out and the inner rim 5mm further in than the original set up.
  6. Greenfingers

    Throttle actuator gone bad

    By the way, I have a history in Engineering product design.
  7. Greenfingers

    Throttle actuator gone bad

    I know, but that's exactly my point. Look at the picture and count the number of teeth on the gears, then decide if it is actually the same part. That part will probably work as a replacement for hundreds of different model numbers. It's all about economy of scale for the producers and car companies. Why would you design a new part specially for 1 model of car, when there are already millions of products already available that would work?
  8. Greenfingers

    Throttle actuator gone bad

    It's almost funny when you realise that almost all of these parts are made cheaply in China, but some of us unwittingly end up paying many times the price for the same components, because they are supposedly produced by a bona fide company in Europe! I never ever subscribed to the old addage 'you get what you pay for'. OEM BMW parts are more like 'fools gold'!
  9. Greenfingers

    Throttle actuator gone bad

    Thank you Marko, I did see that kit and believe it would work. It's not super cheap and it would be easier to buy a new unit, but I started wondering when I found this :- https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Throttle-Body-Spacer-Auto-Car-Throttle-Body-Repair-Kit-With-Gear-Gear-Part-Screw/393069872475 I know I'm a cheapskate, but only when it makes sense!
  10. Greenfingers

    Throttle actuator gone bad

    Thanks for all the information! That part number is exactly correct and the cheapest aftermarket part I can find is about £200 - it's probably what one would expect, but poor value for a diy fixer like myself. I've already found a brass gearwheel in china with the same number of teeth and am very tempted to give it a try for £15, but it would take a few weeks to get here and no guarantee it will work. I would buy a used part if it was fit for purpose, but if mine failed after 120k miles, that seems like a bad idea. I'm surprised to see so few reports of similar failures. There must be plenty of higher mileage cars than mine around, so why haven't more people had the same problem?
  11. Greenfingers

    Throttle actuator gone bad

    Yes, the two worn gears are obviously the problem and in particular, the wear on the small driving gear. It looks like the throttle hasn't been closing properly for some time, so I think it's time to find a replacement ASAP. If I had a 3D printer, I would try to reproduce the white gearwheel instead of having to fork out £100s. You would have thought that if the gear on the motor is made of brass (and showing no signs of wear), the others should be too. Old school BMWs wouldn't have used soft plastic like that and it's a shame to see such built in obsolescence on these modern cars. It's only done 123k miles Percha. The shutdown doesn't seem affected, other than the racket it makes, but my concern is the inability to restrict airflow, which helps increase combustion temperature to assist DPF regens. The crescent gear does show more wear at a partially open position, so there must be a reason for this. Anyway, it's back together and running again now, so wasn't too tricky to get to. Matthew, do you know if a replacement will need coding or not? I'm hoping that the foot pedal trick will set the position sensor and that is all that's needed, but don't want to have a non runner if I replace it myself on the drive!
  12. Greenfingers

    Throttle actuator gone bad

    So having just dismantled the throttle, this is what I found:-
  13. Greenfingers

    Throttle actuator gone bad

    Okay, so I've just done my first ever Youtube video! Two actually. The first one is with the electrical plug disconnected from the throttle body and shows what I understand to be a normal engine shutdown:- The second one is with the throttle plug connected and demonstrates the issue:-
  14. Greenfingers

    Throttle actuator gone bad

  15. Greenfingers

    Throttle actuator gone bad

    Thanks dj - my cheapo 'Autel' diagnostic tool doesn't detect anything and yes, I'm also aware that restricting the air supply is an important factor in raising the temperature to facilitate DPF regenerations.